Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Nook

Oooh, I love a good 'Kitchen Office Nook'. This one is very stylish.. and obviously not used as a paper/letter/mail/'pocket-junk' dumping ground ... which most kitchen office nooks risk becoming.

I love the black and white contrast, the rustic table, the deep transoms and the high ceilings.... and look at all that glorious storage! Those drawers look like they might even be filing cabinet drawers... now there's an idea!

I am seriously incorporating an 'Office Nook' in my next kitchen. Do you have a 'Kitchen Office Nook'? Does it work for you? Is it easy to keep tidy? ... or does it accumulate 'stuff'?
Would love to know if it works.... or if it just looks glamorous in the mags and is not really practical.

Another rainy day here. Showering on and off. Everyone is whinging about the weather.... and waffling on about how can we not be having our usual unbearable, stinking hot, humid, early December days? 
I seriously love it. It's so nice and cool! The storms are great too. Love them. I accidentally rode through one yesterday. Thank goodness there was no lightning. #stormgirl

Happy Monday!


  1. In the spirit of Separation of Church and State, I vote no nook in the kitchen. However I love the idea of a capacious kitchen table, good for homework and all sorts of lovely activities, including mum and her laptop if she feels like it.

    I am feeling nostalgic for our kitchen in the house where the children grew up. The cooking part of the kitchen was at one end, and at the other was a black woodstove (converted to gas) for local heat, with cupboards either side for craft supplies and wrapping paper, and a solid kitchen table in front of french doors to the garden. Scullery was separate, which helped keep the mess down. No nook.

  2. Love the look, love the idea, but there would be a constant pile of papers on the desktop - which, when I could stand it no longer, would get shoved out of sight into those drawers and cupboards.

    Then I'd be tearing my hair out trying to find THAT particular bill, letter, reminder, school notice or whatever.

    If only I was tidier...

  3. I’ve never had an office nook in a kitchen, though my father regularly takes over my mother’s dining room with his papers and computer (much to her chagrin). I can image then that my Mum would never want a study nook in the kitchen. Best not to give the horders an inch! I think they’re a great idea if your house isn’t large enough for a dedicated study or you want to supervise kids on the internet and you don’t have a dining table in the kitchen or don’t want the kids’ computer at the dining table.

    And I also cannot believe how everyone is complaining that it’s not blisteringly hot! I’m in Sydney and it has been raining for days now. Just wait until it becomes hot though and everyone whinges about that :-S

  4. The nook looks awesome in photos when its all neat and tidy. Love the idea however, practically, well, in my house anyway, it will be a place where mail and papers and everything else get dumped. Struggling enough to keep the dining table clear of those let alone a dedicated dumping ground :(

  5. I toyed with the idea of incorporating a office nook or bench space in our kitchen design but figured it would look unruly and be a dumping ground for crapola 24/7.
    As it is I designed the small cupboard area and top drawer next to the stove for all that clutter that you avoid straight up and it is an effort to keep on top of what is dumped there!
    I vote for cooler temps please mr weatherman.

  6. I had an office nook in my last house and it was very practical but thank God it was tucked away where it couldn't be seen because yes, it became an awful mess! At least I knew WHERE to look though for that misplaced order form, birthday invite etc! I'm planning another in this house, in the main kitchen upstairs but will incorporate pocket doors so it can disappear when I'm messy....
    We'vehad a few major storms here lately (Copacabana, Central Coast) and I hate them if I'm out or about. At home looking out to sea is a different matter; could watch them for hours!!!
    x KL

  7. I love a kitchen nook for the laptop and filing of bills etc. I have one in my current tiny kitchen (next to the cupboard hiding the washing machine!) I took photos on my blog a few months back and will come back with a link. I love being able to check emails, blogs, google and I have used the kikki k paper files in the rack to keep paperwork under control. I have b anished the filing cabinet for lever arch files and because they are within easy reach everything gets filed. Esp school correspondance.
    I am looking into designing it in our new kitchen. I think I will opt for bench height though and a higher seat next time.

  8. I think it would be extremely difficult to keep a kitchen office nook neat and tidy. I don't think it would work for me as I love things tidy.
    I'm distracted by the candlesticks on the them. x

  9. I would love a nook like this, it would be very handy and all that storage would be very welcome here too :) It's currently bucketing down outside here too and last week we had some huge thunderstorms - love it!! There'll be plenty of hot summer days when all this passes I'm sure :)

  10. I'd love a kitchen nook - but I am a bit of an untidy hoarder, so perhaps it is best that I don't have one. Sigh. I need to be saved from myself.

  11. I love all the nooks too, but I need lots of them. What about all the bits of paper, bills, and letters and forms to be signed...mine are all over the place and never looks neat.

  12. Nice nook. I like the idea of a kitchen office nook.
    I hope your bike has mud guards. I can see you tearing through puddles then walking around with a wet stripe up your back. hee hee.

  13. love a bit of nook on a Monday!!!
    We are having glorious weather here in Tassie right now and I am loving it...we don't get the humidity, so it is just sunny and gorgeous. I do love the rain though.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  14. We have a 'study' nook in what used to be part of our kitchen, but now isn't. It's just outside my 10 month old son's bedroom and it doesn't get used much these days because what I mostly do, is sew and my sewing machine is probably a smidge too loud (as is my voice when things go wrong) to be using just outside his room. Sleep is precious around here, as I'm sure you'll remember from when your boys were wee ones :-)

    Singlets are the best. I'm a bit of a fatty, so probably shouldn't be showing my bingo wings off in public, but it's just too hot for t-shirts, so I wear 'em too!


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