Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Neighbourhood Happenings

I couldn't get into the right headspace for my run yesterday. My legs and lungs were willing but my mind was not with me so I just took it easy and enjoyed the little surprises my neighbourhood always dishes up each day. My 'less than optimal motivation' made me think about a conversation I had with my optometrist last week. She also runs for fitness and her philosophy is that you can have two out of the three elements of a run (mind, legs, lungs) and still get by, all three and you're invincible, just one and you're cactus. I was bordering on 'cactus' yesterday. 

I must admit, my run yesterday was also fraught with danger. I had 2 Magpies swoop on me and a little 'yap-yap' dog escaped his elderly owner and ferociously nibbled my ankles. 

Dangerous stuff. Character building.

So yes, there's a teepee in my neighbour's back yard.
Oh it's full on, with beds and stuff inside. A seriously functional teepee.
There was a big one in the front yard too.....but it is now lying on the ground, all squished.
I wonder if vandals got to it?

I do sense a 'theme' though.

'Ned Kelly' scares the living daylights out of me every morning. I'm like a goldfish and forget he's there every time. I see him out of my peripheral vision and turn to say hi, thinking he is a neighbour.... and then jump out of my skin. Every. Day. C'mon A-M, smarten up.

Remember this place?... where we thought they were going to keep this facade?....

... because that was all that was remaining after the demolition?

Well they sort of did. 
Raised it and tacked on some 'not of like terms' units at the back.
Depressing really.

I don't understand the dark paint on the house, with the lighter units at the back. 
Makes it stand out like a sore thumb and emphasizes the architectural disharmony. 
Nice bin.

Ahhh yes, beautiful West End. 
This vignette was accompanied by a sign that said, "we've moved out, take what you want".
Pity it rained.

At least our op shops are glamorous.

This place has been moved and done up.

Moved to make room for these.

Sort of sad.
How hard is it to whack up another simple colonial....'of like terms'??...

...especially when these 'heritage masterpieces' are directly across the road......

.... and the character home next door has been retained. 
Sold in a millisecond.

And in exciting news..... remember my neighbour Karen's place... just after the flood....all covered in flood mud, inside and out?

...well one year on, it's being raised....

... nice and high.

They're all doing it in my old street.
Here's another one. 
Raisin' them high!

One year on from the flood and life is not back to normal for many....

....but good things are happening.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. A-M, I love your photos of the Brissy street scape. Feel free to not run more often! It brings on some good shots! lol Have a great day. x Jode

  2. I really enjoyed having a little look around your neighbourhood this morning. There certainly is a lot going on. Love the sunflowers! ;)Sharyne

  3. A rather biased Brissie streetscape Jode! Knew you'd love the sunflowers Sharyne... your happy colours! A-M xx

  4. A lot going on in West End, do we need anymore unitsin Brisbane? I think Town Planning needs a bit of a shake up! Love the Sunflowers. Mimi xx

  5. Those planks of wood holding up the house that is being raised looks like a big game of Jenga! hehehe!
    I love these posts A-M, Big hugs as always,

  6. What an interesting neighbourhood you live in, something seems to be happening everywhere you turn. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on running either with so much to look at.
    BTW my reno is almost complete, check out the before and after photos:http://somethinggorgeous.blogspot.com/2011/12/loungeliving-before-and-after.html

    Have a nice day. x

  7. Beauty and Beast of West End.
    Suburb with undeniable character.

    Have a nice day A-M.

  8. Not sure why on God's earth George the 'Architect' would have plonked his sign outside those units. I reckon if he wants his business to grow he needs to race at top speed around there & rip it down (the sign & yep, probably the units as well!!). Don't worry sweetie, you'll get your running mojo back soon.
    Millie xx

  9. Love your updates about the restoration of Brisbane after the flood... Was just thinking about it the other day & wondering how things were going x

  10. At least there is never a dull moment in your Hood.

    I had a lack of motivation this morning and it was cold. Summer is yet to make an appearance in these parts!

  11. Wow lots of work going on! Great to see everything progressing along, I agree though, with the replacing of colonials, keep the heritage I say:)

  12. Has it been one year already?! My how time flies. So happy to see so much life and thriving happy people in the midst of such destruction. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts!


  13. How lovely to see the progress being made and how sensible to raise those beautiful homes. I agree with you about the units in the back how sad that they don't take into account the overall picture when they design them! I used to love walking around West End there are some truly beautiful homes tucked away there! You will get your Mojo back!!!

  14. This post reminded me of Ken. How is he going now?

  15. Oh A-M it's just beyond belief that the council approves such hideous units!!!
    Don't overdo it with the exercise- I've heard u say before you've bad lungs! Take care with Christmas coming!


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