Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Perfect Grey and Prime Shed Real Estate

Isn't this the most perfect colour for this house?!!! I couldn't imagine it any other colour. The grey just makes the white and greenery pop. If I could get it this right, I would go dark grey next time. This is a beautiful home in the Northern Hemisphere (of course) photographed by Maria Killim, from Colour Me Happy Blog. 

Now, if I could just organise Dulux to do a colour match to 'Pratt and Lambert Wendigo' grey, I have my next house exterior colour sorted. Done. 

Ok, big day today. My shed leaks.... the shed where I work from for Cape Cod Designs. Even though it is on the ground floor and there is a unit above me, it leaks. Significantly. When it rains, the water finds a course from the roof of the complex, down metal beams and straight into my shed... and the poor guy's next to me. He has swimming pool size puddles. Often. I had a bookcase with every shelf filled with water...bye-bye 15 yr old wedding frock, bye-bye photo albums.... and lots of beautiful stock that I was saving up for a Christmas shopping post over at 'Cape Cod Designs'.... all ready to go. It's happened before. Twice. I have to save all the soggy stuff for the insurance company to view. I still have the stuff from the last leak.....  once beautiful cushions and throws growing mould and fascinating fungi, much to the boys scientific delight.

Prime Shed Real Estate. Doesn't get any better than this.

So.... I'm moving sheds. I am moving from 'prime shed real estate' (I had the best, most coveted position for a small business.... under cover, huge area in front to spread out and box up my lights, easy access for the forklift for my pallets, natural light) ... to a shed in a dark alleyway of sheds. Sigh. I'll have to get a super duper light. No more beautiful daylight to work by. Small blessing...this new shed is 0.5m wider though. That might not mean much to you but to someone with stock, it's luxury! .. and I have demanded the same price for it. 

Ok, so little one and I are going to make a start today. Big one is on a sleep over and was delighted to hear he would not be around to start the move! The blessings? I get to do a stocktake as I go......and I get to the back of the shed (where no person has gone before... well at least for a couple of years).....and I'll find my teacups!

Happy Saturday. I will report back tomorrow!


  1. That grey is divine. Good luck with moving sheds. I hope it stays coolish for you Fx

  2. No good to be having a leaky shed. Even my old falling down rat infested fibro shed in my garden keeps everything dry! Hac a great day unearthing treasures!

  3. sounds like a big day ahead- try to look on the positive side- the teacups are waiting and you never know what else you'll discover! at least it's not 32 degrees and humid today! K x

  4. Sorry to hear about the water in your shed! I would have cried to see my stuff all wet. But after a while we learn that stuff are just stuff! And life goes on.
    Hoping the best on your new shed!
    I loved the grey house you showed us. It gives me a lot of design inspiration too.
    Have a great weekend dear A-M.

  5. I love the house, the grey is perfect for it. So sorry about the water damage, to loose photos is so sad,I hope they were digital versions & you can access copies. Good luck with all the moving, sound like you will get your weeks exercise done in one day!

  6. Good luck, Perhaps the little one could tie a rope around your waist when you venture into the deep depths, just in case......

  7. A-M, hellooo. we are getting here in Holland The Block from Australia, it started last week, but we get it everyday not once a week. Its to the point where they just got their houses and its about day 3-4. I havent watched tonites I recorded it.
    So far I like it alot.
    We have had that show here for a couple of years, but I like how this is setup.
    Im loving all the beautiful pictures you have posted lately. Have a great weekend! Julie [Holland]

  8. Wow good luck with it all so sorry about the leak but with the wet season approaching probably best so you can keep all your goodies dry!!

    Hope you find the tea cups :)

  9. Hi AM

    Good luck with the shed. Sounds like shedloads of hard work, but I know you will conquer it! What a gorgeous day. x

  10. Oh, I feel your pain. Moving is never fun but I would just keep telling myself that it will be worth it to not have to worry about wet and damaged stock again. You may find some hidden treasures! Good luck. x

  11. That paint colour is perfect. I painted my house Taubmans 'billy goat' and I love it (thought this might help you) Good luck with the shed move.

  12. Oh I sympathise with the leaky shed. Most of my life's possesions were in one when I had a pool of water through almost everything. Moving everything out, drying out all my magazines, books and furniture, then moving it all back into another shed was an horrific experience. Thankfully, most things were saved, but some books I had to part with.

    Best wishes, A-M, and I hope there isn't too much damage that can't be repaired. It's horrible. xo

  13. That grey truly is perfect! Oh how I wish I could just build a new house some days! And I'm sorry you have a leaky shed, I hope the new one is dry as a bone! I also hope you find your teacups and that your boys are enjoying their time off!

    Kat :)

  14. Hope the fact that you are reading this comment means that you made it back from the depths of the leaky shed, triumphantly cluthching those teacups and without having collapsed from some rare lung disease caused by excessive amounts of mould! We don't do leaks, floods or anything similar. And the fact that the new shed is bigger? Bliss. Imagine those gorgeous new lights you can put in. You know that as soon as I get back form my Melbourne jaunt I'm putting in a big order...And painting my hosue grey!
    Clare x

  15. You always find the silver lining A-M!

    Hope the move goes well x


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