Friday, December 2, 2011

School's Out

Well, the boys did their customary 'end of school jumping in the pool in their uniforms' thing yesterday, despite the rain.... and the fact that the water was freeeeeeezing.

The iPhone doesn't like gloomy days.. so all these photos are tragically blurred... but you get the idea.


I rode into town to run some errands. I don't need any excuse to get on that $49 bike of mine..... and to tell everyone I meet that it was $49. All the girls in 'Specsavers' are getting that bike for Christmas, after my visit this morning. They're all putting it on their Christmas list. Working in town, they are sick to death of paying $1000 per minute for parking, like I was.... before bike.

I even told Bill all about my bike... as I ride past him each day and scare the living daylights out of him when I yell out. I stopped today and he showed me the artwork he had just finished. It's the Toowong reach of the river. I love it to bits. His latest works are divine. So colourful. He is so clever.

That's the ferry terminal, in front. I told him his groovy cars look like something out of 'The Jetson's'.
He told me I looked like Jackie O in my sunglasses. We could've bantered for hours.... but I had errands to run.

It was dark and stormy so my planned stunning picture of 'the red tree with the Kurilpa Bridge in the background' was a disappointment. It was a lovely view in real life.

It's a killer to ride up as it is ALL uphill into town. The legs burn. 
It's great to speed down on the way back though!

Speaking of disappointment, the city Christmas tree is up. 
Seriously underwhelming.

The whole square has gone to pot. 
It used to be grassy with fountains and trees and shade. 
Now it is concrete and 50 degrees celsius on an average day. 

At least they kept the lions.

It was seriously dark and stormy by the end of the day.
I sat on my deck with my feet in the rain.
It was a good day :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Must feel great for the boys!

    I agree it´s sad when they make a city uglier; we had a lovely, sort of forgotten little place in my city where everything grew wild - but they removed it and replaced it with parking spaces. Disappointing!

  2. That tree is tragic. Do they really feel it needs protecting with the fence? Hopefully today the sun will come out. Have a great day. x

  3. I wonder what's with the concrete overkill? Cities need big green spaces... :(

    Enjoy the school break! I have another week of doing the school run detour on my way to work. Cannot WAIT for that to be over!

  4. Love Bill's new work. I seriously think that's where his market is - Brisbane streetscapes in his colourful, quirky style. The tourists would love them! ;)Sharyne

  5. What a great little tradition to do with the boys...they must be so excited. Hmmm Brisbane is a little on the lacking atmosphere side, but it has been through a lot over the past year!

  6. Hi A-M! Yes...another school year out! My boy finishes up today, then onto the 'big' school for year six. Loved the rain..that smell...just can't beat it! Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Love the shot by shot of the boys 'end of school jumping in the pool.' Classic! What a tradition. x Jode

  8. OMG! I can't believe Mr. AM's are big ones now?

    It's like yesterday, I saw both just a todlers. §:-( missed the time they're both running up & down to pool in The House.

    Hope you guys have a great & blessed w/end. Enjoy every minute together.

    Warm hugs to my fave mates,
    /chie 4evah

  9. hee what fun A.M the boys must so look forward to that another mile stone climbed, thanks for sharing picks of the city I miss Brisbane :(

    Enjoy the start of the christmas festivity's & happy cycling x :)

  10. Great to see you getting on the bike, A-M. My husband rides to work in the Brisbane CBD and he loves it. Rain. Hail. Or shine. It's also THE most efficient mode of transport. You've got the right idea, and good on you for inspiring others :-)

    I agree, King George Square is awful. The place just needed better turf, and Sir Walter would have done the job beautifully. Am a big fan of my Sir Walter lawn.

    Does Bill do requests, A-M? I'm keen to buy something with a bike? Happy to give cash, or if he needs supplies or something?

  11. Oh those boys are growing so fast, quite the young men now! Hope the holidays are wonderful and filled with great joy for you all.

  12. Wow I didn't even recognize the square there A-M, they've done some significant changes there since I last set foot in it. Kind of sad :(

    Hope you and the lads have a lovely weekend (rain or shine)!


  13. I agree the tree is pretty underwhelming. I did walk past last night though, and lit up, with the lights along the ground in the Square, with people milling around and the Hall lit up behind, it did look a bit magical.

  14. I love these kinda end-of-year traditions with the kids. You are all making special memories xxx

  15. Love their end of school ritual! Hope you all have a lovely break x


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