Saturday, December 24, 2011

Signing Off For A Few Days

Just popping in again tonight to wish all my wonderful readers a Happy, Happy Christmas.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my daily waffle. Your emails, comments, tweets, letters and rendezvous in my shed enrich my life. You have helped me through a challenging year just by being there for me. My blog is the reason I wake early. It's a joy in my life. You give so much back. 

Thank you. 

Holiday update: 
It's rather wild down here at the beach. All the beaches were closed today.
Our frisbee went everywhere but where it was thrown!

I love this sort of weather. It's beautiful and moody and dramatic.
Although it does remind me a bit of the weather we had after Christmas last year, just before the floods.

Windswept from the beach, I spent the afternoon being 'pool lifeguard'.
Tough job.

I'm taking a few days off from the bloggy. 
Will catch up with you all at the end of next week.
 Miss you already.
A-M xx


  1. Enjoy your Christmas A-M. Hope you and the boys get a few more swims in. :) Or even just the boys with you on lifeguard duties. I will look forward to your bloggy return.

  2. Have a nice break A-M. I think we all deserve one this year!

  3. Happy Christmas to you and the boys. I am sad the beach is so rough. Hope it calms before I get there with le bebe xxx

  4. Take time off to enjoy life with friends and family for Christmas....we'll miss you while you're gone...but, most of us will be off air too....we'll catch up later in 2012 while we're nestled in our homes watching the cold weather of winter....Mel's Designs

  5. Merry christmas A-M!!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself everyday! You are a gem!

  6. Merry christmas A-M!!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself everyday! You are a gem!

  7. Merry Christmas!! Thanks for sharing this year! You are an inspiration!

  8. Best wishes to you all for a lovely Christmas and I hope 2012 is kind to you.

  9. Merry Christmas A-M. Look forward to more of your gorgeous homes/interiors, beaches, Brisbane and your boys after

  10. I grew up right on the beach so, yes, those warnings are *very* valid. That being said, I too love those crazy weather days that remind us of our fairly insignificant role in the greater scheme of things. It's comfortingly reassuring a perverse kind of way! ... Bit like seeing the Grand Canyon...

    Stay safe, stay snug and have a great Christmas.


  11. I wish you a merry christmas //Marie

  12. That looks like the beach in North Carolina this summer, before we were evacuated due to a hurricane. Still, lovely to be at the beach for Christmas.

  13. Love that you always make the best of things A-M. I trust you had a lovely Christmas and I hope you truly enjoy your family break. xx

  14. Have a fabulous and well-deserved break, Sweetheart. My, you've had a year and a half in 2011. Rest up, Lovely. J x

  15. Merry★Christmas dear AM and many happy days to you

  16. Enjoy your holiday break I hope the seas calm down a bit for you and the rain stays away for awhile. xxx

  17. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Of course I am jelous seeing you beach side and pool side with your feet up. Happy New Year good friend. Love, Heidi

  18. Hope you & the boys enjoyed your Christmas. Ive just sat down to catch up after a week of not having time to read a single blog. I love your week of posts , thankyou for sharing.
    Karyn x
    We have been saying for years since it became fashionable not to have eaves "who decided that was a good idea for Queensland homes ? "

  19. I LOVE what you do with Instagram A-M. Where can I follow you dear? (I'm just plain old alauder). Take good care of you and those lovely boys :)



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