Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sundays...... In Paris

Good morning! 
Today, let's pop down to Rue Cler market, marvel at the flower shops and 
nibble on some fresh strawberries while we wander.

We plan to get some strawberries .... as they were so sweet and succulent yesterday
.... but the raspberries look particularly scrumptious today. 
We settle on the raspberries.

Oh the flowers!

We wander to the end of Rue Cler and get lost in the surrounding streets.....
.......seriously distracted by Parisian parking skills.

Like seriously distracted.



No REALLY..... how?

We wander. We're lost. 

We're delighted that we are lost because that's when you stumble upon wonderful things these beautiful art deco buildings...

.... and doors. 

We hyperventilate and carry on like no-one's business about our discoveries...
...because that's what you do in Paris....hyperventilate, sigh, exaggerate, sing, skip, 'carry on'...
you just can't help being an extreme version of 'alive'.

We find the little details in everything we see....even the little number above the door!
Those Parisians.

Our meandering leads us to Ave De Breteuil.....

.... and we sit in the sun and watch some little French boys play soccer. 
We giggle at the fact that all their commands are in French... with cute little French accents.
We sit for ages and then look at our watches.....
it's not yet morning tea time yet... but we could squeeze in a 'pre morning tea coffee'...
..... before we head off again to explore some more.

Here looks nice. 
Busy. Bustling. Coffee must be good.
It's warm in the sun too!
Where to next? 
That's the delight with Paris.... who knows?

Happy Sunday!



  1. What a delightful read! Reminds me of times we strolled through the streets of Paris...marveling at the beautiful sights...and the parking skills! I'm a New Yorker...and I think if I lived in Paris and had a car it would have to be a Smart Car! Seriously...they are skilled! Can't wait to see where you are off to next!

  2. Oh thank YOU. What a way to start my Sunday morning. Delightful. What a city it is! You are SO are alive there. Everything is just so beautiful. I think it's the constant catching of breath and heart skipping beats that does it.

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Thx A-M for ur effort in putting that together a real delight to start my Sunday! Enjoy ur shed work!

  4. I also wonder how do they get out of the car park??

    TDM xx

  5. Your blog is such a delight. I've loved your last few posts - the boys look so funny all wet. I remember the pics of them jumping in at The House. Sorry about the shed, you seem to have a problem with water wherever you go! The bike sounds great, it's such a great feeling riding a bike. And what can I say about these Paris pictures? Exquisite - and the parking is incredible. I can't believe I didn't go to Paris when I had the chance. Just couldn't drag two tired little girls there..Have a lovely Sunday. Rachaelxx

  6. Thanks for the tour, what a lovely way to start the day! ;-)

  7. You just can't beat Paris for its beauty can you ! What a lovely post. And you take very good photos. ps : on the car front, I was once told that they leave their cars parked in neutral so you can give the one in front and the one at the back a nudge to allow your car to fit. Not sure how much truth is in it.

  8. Ohhhh brings back so many lovely memories of Paris!
    Thanks for the morning stroll :)

  9. That's it, I'm hiding in your suitcase next time you go.

  10. oh A-M you're killing me. Rue Cler was only a few blocks from apartment on the corner of Ave Rapp and Rue Saint Dominique!

    Seriously, killing me!!!


  11. Oh do Stop!
    You are making me want to pack my suitcase.

  12. Deep sigh.

    The parking made me giggle though.
    When I was in Buenos Aires I had an insight into this type of parking. They are the master of angles getting in and then when the car's parked they leave the handbrake off so that when they have to manoeuvre out they gently nudge the cars in front and behind backwards and forwards until they have enough wiggle room to turn and get out....incredible!

    Am thinking that your trusty steel steed with a woven basket would be a much more expedient way to see any city, though the cobblestones may play havoc with le bot!

    Happy Sunday!

  13. Love. I want to go back so much. And all over Europe really. Sniff... :(

    I have also heard that the cars are in neutral with the handbrake off, and they nudge forward and back. The cars on the end of the row park properly though, so the whole row of cars don't roll away. Insane.

  14. Such a lovely reminder of our trip in Paris last April. Thanks for sharing this lovely post .xx

  15. That's how we used to park in London - we called it 'parking by ear'.

  16. OMG A-M!! You are seriously whetting my appetite - BIG-TIME!

    I look forward to your "Sundays..In Paris" .
    I can't wait to be going....

  17. Funny! I need a carpark the size of a Mack truck to fit my SUV in...parking like that wouldn't do me at all, I would need serious lessons!

    Love the I wash my dishes I gaze out at my own and patiently wait for them to rippen.

  18. Loved the raspberries, adored the glorious doors and buildings, wonder how those cars will get out (hope they are not in a hurry!) enjoyed watching the kids and that pre morning coffee was superb. Thank you A-M I really enjoy discovering Paris with you.
    On a side note has now made it's appearance in the blogospere and I am back for good so expect to see lots of me in the future!! xx

  19. oh my, are you really there!!! jealous me!! anyways, have a great time, btw, you park your car well! haha

  20. Oh, those gorgeous terraces! *sigh*

    2013..... I'm there!

  21. You have just reminded me that my daughter has another 52 days in France as an exchange student. So unfair that she got to see it before me! I cannot believe the carparking either!

  22. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I have pics just like yours :) We stayed in Paris for a week in an apartment right round the corner from Rue Cler. Such a gorgeous part of the city. I miss Paris so much!!

  23. W.T.? I just can not get over the parking.... Lovely post A.M as usual; but that parking....

  24. What a pretty blog! :) Very inspiring and colorful, just the way I like it ;) XO

  25. Wow, what a beautiful morning in Paris! Thank you for being my tour guide A-M. Selling me on my next vacation, one photo at time.


  26. We stayed in a hotel on Rue Cler. It had an amazing one person lift! Our daughter loved going to all the different bakeries and managed to try as much as possible. Yum, yum


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