Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tech Talk

I am thinking about my next house. I am thinking and planning and visualising. I have files and files of images that I am using for inspiration in planning my next project. This image is a favourite as I like the idea of eave returns on gables. An 'eave return' is the extension of the roof eave at the gable end of the building. I do love the boxy chunkiness of the eave return on this dormer gable. It all works for me.. the roof pitch of the dormer, the eave return... and the exterior colour that contrasts so beautifully with white trims, the shingles. Sigh. The cupola stops my heart too. Gotta have a cupola.... somewhere. 

If you have a penchant for technical drawings, here is what I would consider the perfect eave return, drawn up by Travis Kinney of Gulfshore Design . I like how the little roof on the return has quite a low pitch and I love the molding under the return. 

Look at the eave return on his latest project. Perfect.

I am going to see if Mr Kinney consults from afar, like over the sea and down into my hemisphere. I love his work. Wouldn't that be exciting... working from one of his drawings.

In other non technical, motherly news... school is out as of 3pm this afternoon. Looking forward to hanging out with my boys for weeks and weeks on end.

Hoorah! What. A. Year. We made it!

Happy Thursday! Happy 1st of December!


  1. They are gorgeous A-M. Simply gorgeous!!! hve a great day and weeks with the kidlets...great days indeed!

  2. You have given me a thought , Im running outside now to take a look at my garage gable we have been trying to decide what to do with it at the end of the reno.
    Karyn x

  3. I can see why you love those houses, gorgeous! Schools out for my kids next week....can't wait. x

  4. It looks like we are at the same place in life right now, both are dreaming of our next home! Yes I have files and files, pictures saved, drawings and all. Even have my lot in mind and everyday I walk by it imagining the sun coming through the windows... It's necessary to dream first, so wishes can come true!
    Wishing you a happy day with your boys!

  5. And they provide much needed shade for the house in our hot climate, too. So much more sensible than no eaves.

    You have finished your school term already? We do not finish in Victoria till the Friday before Christmas. Lucky you guys. Virginia xx

  6. Hi, Have been lurking your blog for ages so today I thought would be the day I come out of the closet lol!
    Love your blog A-M so many scrummy's to see.

  7. Hi A-M, You always find the prettiest pictures! My one-stop shop for my Pinterest boards! Have a great time with your boys. xx

  8. A-M, like everything you show on your blog, these gables are gorgeous, but as a tall person (184cm), I view at them as something pretty to look at but infuriating to live with. I just can't handle the idea of a roof sloping in on me, and my head touching it in parts. In the meantime, congratulations on making it through the year. How was that for expanding your comfort zone ! Good on you. Good on your boys. All the best for good fortune in 2012.

  9. i love how you know all the technical words - i'd be saying things like 'i love those roof thingys'.... Happy Holidays to you and the boys. xxx

  10. loving the look carn't wait to see it all start coming together you must be bursting hope it all comes together :) x


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