Saturday, December 17, 2011


I woke up to a gorgeous day. Look at our beautiful river at 5am. I sit on my deck and contemplate it's beauty every morning. It's a millpond until the first rowers carve it up. Just as I took this photo a rattly old dragon boat with loud clunky oars made it's way down the river and disturbed the glassy surface. 

My lease is up soon. I'm going to miss this view.

Adding to the perfection of the morning was this sole remaining cupcake that had my name written on it. The batch lasted one day. Boys!

We took off into town and chained up our bikes in the 'underwhelming square'.

We made a donation to 'Children's Cancer Research' which ensured that we got heavily into the Christmas spirit.

Self conscious teenager soon ditched his....

... but little one bounced around like a flea in his...

... revelling in the delicious "9 days 'til Christmas" feeling...

... garnering support from other 'reindeer antler wearing folk'.... and there were many.

There were no fights over the customary Maltesers purchase this time, as their Mum brought along 2 sandwich bags and divied them up precisely. I was a girl guide you know. 'Be Prepared'.

Ran into Bill on the way home. Little one had a few questions for him, that he had been pondering for a while. Does Bill have somewhere to go when it rains? Does Bill have someone to spend Christmas Day with? What would he like most for Christmas? 

We're getting him what he would like most....fresh fruit... and "those tins of pineapple juice that taste really nice chilled". Do you have an esky Bill? No. Do you want one? "No. It's just stuff to carry around. The fish shop gives me ice and I just chill things in my trolley." 

We got home and little one said, "I am going to make a nice Christmas card for Bill".
That's my boy.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day from beginning to end. I love the way you have acknowledged the sick and needy today as this is what Advent is all about. x

  2. I too was a Girl Guide and that is exactly what I would have done with the Malteasers - nice work!

    It is indeed a beautiful morning - enjoy this magical day!


  3. Oh what a fabulous day out with your gorgeous boys. Have a lovely weekend AM.x

  4. I missed hearing from you yesterday. I check twice for you and hoped you were okay. Reading today's blog I realise you have been a busy mum on school holidays! I took my 4 into the underwhelming square on Tuesday and there was a petting zoo under the Christmas tree!!!

  5. Can't think of a lovelier day A-M, in better company: they grow up so fast!

    I was a cub leader, 'Chil the Kite', or as one innocent little boy would have it, 'Chil the Kyke'. Loved those boys!

  6. What a lovely time you had! Keepin' it real...keepin' it's the real secret to life don't you think, A-M? I'm constantly striving for keeping things simple in our family life.
    Son number one was very generous letting you post that picture of him with the antlers on!!!
    We are off down 'home' to Victoria for Christmas. I'll miss my daily 'check-ins with A-M'.
    wishing you and your two sons a peaceful, blessed Christmas and wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year (with somewhere to live by the sound of things!)

  7. Little tacker looks delightful in his reindeer garb and so does Bill resting his hot tooties on his shoes, such an Australian thing to do when the heat ramps up.
    Little known fact..old red roses for several years was a cub scout camp cook. Let me tell you that was hard yakka!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful day. A shame about the lease finishing. I'm sure you'll find somewhere lovely to move to where the boys will be more welcomed by caretakers, etc. A shame to lose the view and pool but nice to lose the stress of the boys trying to keep quiet all the time and being locked down by so many silly rules.

  9. Things sound lovely in your world. I really love that your little one is so thoughtful and empathetic, they're qualities not often seen in children these days. (My God I sound old, I'm not that old, promise). I'm trying in my own ways to instil empathy in my children. I'm encouraging them to donate some of their toys to "the less fortunate children". It's sparked numerous conversations between me and my 3 year old big girl about the "less fortunate children".

  10. I think I would have polished off that batch of cakes in a day...they look utterly delicious. I always think your boys are completely adorable. Merry Christmas, lovely.


  11. Gotta love the Malteaser fairness :)))))


  12. Did you find out what Bill is doing for Christmas??

  13. Wendy, Bill was rather vague about Christmas. He said he had a couple of local invites but he said that he would make his mind up closer to the day and that he might even spend it alone, in his usual spot. I hope he decides to spend Christmas with company. A-M xx

  14. What a lovely way to spend a day with your boys. All this bike riding is fantastic!

    The reindeer antlers are cool.

    My youngest turned three today so we had a little party and I have a sugar headache for sure. Perfect weather though.

    I know Christmas is different for everyone but I hope Bill gets his wish, whatever that may be. Your boys have a good grasp of what Christmas Spirit is.

  15. Your little man knows how to attract the pretty girls already!! Was wondering how many photos you'd get of your high schooler in antlers!! Love Posie

  16. Sigh your boys grow bigger every time I read about them. Sounds like you three had the best weekend and are fully prepared for Christmas. Have a fantastic week A-M!


  17. Loving the antlers looks like you had a fun day!! :)


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