Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Every Little Bit Helps

Let's help this beautiful blogger who has just lost her husband, after also losing her son last year.
Her story is HERE.
You can donate HERE.


Blue Skies

The sun is shining here today, after what seems like an eternity of rain. Blue skies - yay! I hope my little boy stayed dry on camp last night. I have been stuck in bed with a bug of some sorts the last few days, with my big son hovering, indulging my every whim..... when he hasn't been at school, that is! He makes the best cup of tea!

I worked from bed yesterday and kept up with all the goings on on Twitter. Jodie, from 'Muddled Up Mumma', retweeted this wonderful list of '55 Gentle Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You're Busy, Busy, Busy', from over at 'The Freedom Experiment'. Take a look HERE. I like the 'wear your pretty clothes' one .... I need to do more of that.... and possibly the other 54 as well!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Nook

This lovely little kitchen nook was sent in by 'Jenny'.

Jenny says, "I have a study nook between my kitchen and laundry and I must say I love it! The main advantage is observing little people's internet use while cooking dinner. I have filing drawers to organise paper flow and a butler's pantry to store any build up, with door closed, until I can get to it."

Jenny says my kitchen was inspiration for her kitchen. Jenny your kitchen nook is inspiration for my next kitchen! We could go on like this forever!

Happy Monday! ... my little tacker is off on school camp.... in the rain. Venue has been changed already. I was having a bit of a whinge on twitter about the $580 school camp levy, for 2 x one night camps. I had a giggle at some of the responses referring to lobster and 1000 thread count sheets. Poor mites are going to be cold and wet. The 'making of men', they say! It's only one night. I'll cope. He's beyond excited.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays......In Paris

Ok, let's take a wander through Ralph Lauren, in Paris, this morning.

We can either take the beautiful old lift......

....or the stairs. 
Let's take the stairs....

... and enjoy the artwork.

I sense a theme!

Here's Ladies Wear.

Oh that mirror... and those vases.....and the sconces
......and the chairs!

I am rather taken with the light fittings......

... and the view out the window down to the pretty little tea room!
Oh my, look at THOSE lights!!!

Up more stairs, and past pretty paintings...and wall sconces...

...to Menswear.

How do you say, "I'm sorry Sir, I'm not really here for the clothes, I'm here for the decor"... in French?

Like a comfy old home.

I could have put my feet up and stayed all day.

Nice tie...
....but I spy a beautiful desk!

Those ties are nice.

More gorgeous lights.

So many little nooks and crannies to explore.

Up some more stairs, past some more fabulous artwork...

... to the Young Men's section.

"Bonjour Monsieur"
We had a chat and I tested all those men's perfumes.
I practised my French on everyone. No one was spared.
Didn't he pose nicely for my photo? He was pretending to be busy.

Don't they do it well! So much to see... and then there's the clothes!

They have funkier lighting up here.....

... and more beautiful art....

...even outside the restrooms.

Had to have a peek!

Well, that was fun.
What a way to spend a morning!

I'm starving, let's find somewhere for le dejeuner!

Bon dimanche mes amis!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Week Back At School Report

It's been a great week. My boys are joyous to be back at school. They are very happy with their teachers, their electives, their new 'belt shorts' (little one) and we are all back into the whole post school routine of snack, play, homework, music (oh that piano seriously needs a tune.... after the move).

We were lucky enough to soften the blow, of the first week back at school, with a public holiday on Thursday. We took advantage of a break in the rain and headed out for a BBQ picnic by a stream. We searched for frogs and bugs. The bugs were fed to Brian and Nigella, our lizards. I know. I couldn't watch either. 

I spent the week catching up on paperwork.... anywhere that wasn't home. I know.... and here I was rabbiting on about healthy eating a few posts back. "Do as I say boys, not as I do". Home is a mess of semi packed boxes. I needed the hustle and bustle of life to sit amongst as I planned my year and caught up on emails. I am also mourning the fact that Justine's coffee shop will be so much further away when I move. I have promised Bill and James that I will visit regularly so I will make my 'visit day' a 'Justine Brownie/Haloumi Special Day' as well.

I'm gonna miss you guys!

Justine's new menu. 
The Haloumi Special is now called 'Lucky Lucky'.
Posto, Boundary Street, West End.
"Run, don't walk". Ref: FF, 2010

Dear Ian, the apartment complex maintenance man, has been foraging for boxes for me for months. He slips them under my garage door as he finds them for me. What a treasure. Has made it all so easy this time around! I am awash with boxes... even glamorous overseas ones with little pictures that you tick to show which room the contents belong to. I know they are international ones as they have the word 'attic' on them. We just don't do 'attics' here.

Today, I am off for a run with my big son. Look, he comes running with me on weekends! I had to take a photo to commemorate our first proper run together. He didn't even get puffed.... or stop... or need to stop at the top of the hills when I did. Youth! I keep forgetting he is 31 years younger than me.... or as he said, when I whinged about how I'd been running for a year and he'd been running for 5 minutes and yet he runs rings around me...... "I can't help it that I was born after you Mum".

After our run, we're doing an 'Emergency Nespresso Run' into town, on our bikes!

Happy Saturday! What are you up to today?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Kitchen

The latest issue of 'House Of Fifty' is out and it features this sweet little kitchen, in a one bedroom condo in San Francisco. The sink area was designed to resemble a hutch. Doesn't it?!... with it's glass fronted doors giving it a real furniture feel. I LOVE the grey tiles and the elegant bench top. Will I ever tire of grey and white? Ever?

High ceilings, vintage chandelier, transoms and lots of light. Who says you need lots of space for glamour? Some wonderful inspiration for my next project. 

Take a peek at the bathroom. Cabinetry, tiles, fixtures? ... perfection.

You can find more of this beautiful space HERE.

Oh and there are heaps more beautiful kitchens to drool over in that issue as well!

Happy Friday!

We had our Australia Day holiday here yesterday. We made the most of the break in the rain and headed out to our nearest National Park for a BBQ picnic... and to look for bugs. The streams were roaring due to the recent rains so the boys were in their element.... but boy, was it humid! The rain is back today, with the forecast of a cyclone developing up north. Hmmm....my little lad heads off on school camp next week. I will be biting my nails if this weather keeps up. :(