Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Week Back At School Report

It's been a great week. My boys are joyous to be back at school. They are very happy with their teachers, their electives, their new 'belt shorts' (little one) and we are all back into the whole post school routine of snack, play, homework, music (oh that piano seriously needs a tune.... after the move).

We were lucky enough to soften the blow, of the first week back at school, with a public holiday on Thursday. We took advantage of a break in the rain and headed out for a BBQ picnic by a stream. We searched for frogs and bugs. The bugs were fed to Brian and Nigella, our lizards. I know. I couldn't watch either. 

I spent the week catching up on paperwork.... anywhere that wasn't home. I know.... and here I was rabbiting on about healthy eating a few posts back. "Do as I say boys, not as I do". Home is a mess of semi packed boxes. I needed the hustle and bustle of life to sit amongst as I planned my year and caught up on emails. I am also mourning the fact that Justine's coffee shop will be so much further away when I move. I have promised Bill and James that I will visit regularly so I will make my 'visit day' a 'Justine Brownie/Haloumi Special Day' as well.

I'm gonna miss you guys!

Justine's new menu. 
The Haloumi Special is now called 'Lucky Lucky'.
Posto, Boundary Street, West End.
"Run, don't walk". Ref: FF, 2010

Dear Ian, the apartment complex maintenance man, has been foraging for boxes for me for months. He slips them under my garage door as he finds them for me. What a treasure. Has made it all so easy this time around! I am awash with boxes... even glamorous overseas ones with little pictures that you tick to show which room the contents belong to. I know they are international ones as they have the word 'attic' on them. We just don't do 'attics' here.

Today, I am off for a run with my big son. Look, he comes running with me on weekends! I had to take a photo to commemorate our first proper run together. He didn't even get puffed.... or stop... or need to stop at the top of the hills when I did. Youth! I keep forgetting he is 31 years younger than me.... or as he said, when I whinged about how I'd been running for a year and he'd been running for 5 minutes and yet he runs rings around me...... "I can't help it that I was born after you Mum".

After our run, we're doing an 'Emergency Nespresso Run' into town, on our bikes!

Happy Saturday! What are you up to today?



  1. Dera A-M

    Good luck with your move. I loathe packing and moving but it is lovely to start afresh and to have a new beginning too. I feel a bit emotional seeing how big your kids are and remembering how small they were when I started reading your blog.

    I wish we could freeze them in time and just stare and stare and stare at them sometimes!

    Last weekend before I return to work.

    Talk about conflicted emotions!

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. Wow, I can't go past that amazing haloumi sandwich, very lucky lucky! How I love haloumi!
    It's hard moving home and not having those great spots nearby, but hopefully there'll be some nice new places to visit in your new neighborhood.

  3. Hey AM, my big son has been away all week on a holiday with mates, I miss him. It is fun enjoying shared hobbies, like your jogging, with our sons. Hope u have a good day ....I am hoping to clean muddy dog prints off my floors, fun fun xx Katherine

  4. I was hoping to get my hair cut & coloured today but my lovely Kim is fully booked! So, if the rain stops long enough we r off for a family bike ride too

  5. Hi A-M! Daughter returning later after a 4-week holiday in South Africa. And she's coming back a teen! better get all that ironing off her bed ;-)
    BTW we still have all our international boxes with "attic" on them when we moved over in 2010. If you were local, wld have been happy to lend them out!

  6. The Haloumi sandwich looks wonderful. Husband is cooking me poached eggs with bacon, roasted cherry tomato and asparagus for breakfast. Today is my birthday :)

    V x

  7. The sandwich looks so inviting. glad the boys are happy back at school. Isnt Austalia day such a fabulous celebration? Do you have fireworks too? Fiona

  8. Hi A-M, apparently lungs of a male are more efficient than a female, so your dear son has that advantage over you too! Don't you hate that!
    Loved reading the menu and I love haloumi.

  9. Enjoy the weekend A-M, it looks like the weather is nice for you and you've got all sorts of adventures planned. Look forward to our next chat :)


  10. Gosh that sanga looks good. I'm extremely hungover and tired here. Bout to go grab some hot chips xx

  11. I plan on doing the coffee thing when my kids get back to school next week (NSW). There might even be magazines involved...oooohhh!!!
    I empathise with you on the move. The memories are slow to fade. I hope you get settled in super quick.
    Tania Maree xx

  12. I was certainly stopped in my tracks when I spied that sandwich. Definitely worth a special trip for that baby!

    Love that you are running with #1 son. I just read that runners live about 15yrs longer so I am def trying it this year!

  13. Oh the joys and pains of moving! The school routine is back here too with some happy school children. I wish I had more time to spend at West End myself.

  14. This year i am going to start running with my eldest too, i might have to start on a bike or in the car, there is running & running with a cross country champion. I love it, should iron out a lot of mother-daughter teen tension, we'll sort it out on the track!! Love Posie

  15. Ooh I so need to start getting my stamina back I think I would just walk to the coffee & met you there at the moment tee hee. Monday is my day to start getting my fitness program back on track I have to.
    It must be fun thought to run with your son always good to have a buddy to help push each other on, happy running!! :))) & enjoy the Nespresso after x


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