Sunday, January 1, 2012

Forget Resolutions, I'm Whispering Mantras

Wow, it's 2012... a beautiful, fresh new year.... the next chapter in our lives. Happy New Year!

I reckon resolutions lose their gloss by the time February rolls around.... so this year, it's going to be a list of little mantras, that I can mutter under my breath, that will keep me on the straight and narrow as the year unfolds. With a teenager in the house, I will be muttering 'pick your battles' a lot (BTW, someone has taken my big son and replaced him with someone I do not know. Who is he?).

My 2012 'Mantra List':

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What 'mantras' are you going to be whispering, in this lovely new year? 

I wish you a wonderful, safe, healthy, happy and productive year!
2012....let's do this!


  1. A very HAPPY New Year to you A-M! Yes - mantras sounds good to me. Considering the MASSIVE job of pruning and taming the invading rain forest I have to do - I kind of think "A Year from now you will wish you had started today" is very appropriate. Off now to pull on my boots and gardening gloves. Have a great day! ;)Sharyne

  2. They're really great. I especially liked the one about starting a new chapter. I just read that out to the man and he admits he rereads his last chapter a lot. Something to think about.
    I don't do resolutions either but I think I might think up some goals. I need this year to be a big improvement on the last.
    Here's to a great 2012!
    Ps I hope you find your teenager :)

  3. I love your mantra list!! Best wishes for a wonderful 2012...Happy New Year!!

  4. Fantastic list, I particularly liked the first one! These are on my moodboard...focus more on things you CAN control; aspire not to have more, but to be more.

  5. Happy New Year old friend _ I may not post a lot but hope you and the boys have a great 2012. And yes pick your battles with teens is definitely spot on. My 16 yo was replaced by some alien at about 13 and is just starting to come back to her old self ! Yikes , good luck but I figure we gave the good foundations and everyone tells me this is normal but it is not easy!! Have a great day today too, Mel xxx

  6. Happy New Year A-M!
    We still have 7 more hours over here.
    Mantras are much better than resolutions.
    I have some that I live by and will continue to softly whisper.
    "I'm going to be ok"
    "Life is too short to let it pass you by"
    "Mistakes are ok"
    And my favorite is: "I can do this"

    May this new year be filled with more chocolate, more flowers, more sunshine and many more smiles.


  7. Happy 2012 AM. I hope this one is a good one. Wishing you good health and happiness and improved running times and distance. Deb

  8. Happy New Year! I love the mantras you shared and I'll be adopting some of those myself. Thanks so much for sharing them. Very inspirational! Ange

  9. Happy 2012 A-M ! Im going to borrow your mantras , if thats ok. They have already knocked off a few remaining negative niggles that had come over with me in this new year. Can I ever thank you enough for your home advice & musings that let me see life in a different light.
    Karyn x

  10. Happy New Year A-M! My resolution is to stay glad. xx

  11. Love them all, and have pinned the one about not re-reading past chapters.

    Here's to a wonderful new chapter in 2012! x

    P.S. Teenagers are a challenge, but they end up as lovely young men as long as they know they're loved and have boundaries firmly in place. Yours will be FINE.

  12. Thank you A-M...thank you for being you and sharing your life and inspiration with us all. I love the idea of Mantras rather than resolutions...makes so much sense. As for your big boy....he will come and go over the next few years. My youngest is 17 and she has changed and come back again many times...The values instilled at an early age always win out in the end! Good luck XOX

  13. Happy New Year AM. I love your quote above"You can't start the chapter of your new life if you keep re-reading the old one". Love it. Sounds like Big Son is entering adolescence. Good Luck. They are come through fine the other end -so I am told. Looking forward to many more blogs and laughs in 2012. Love always Nataliexx

  14. Ah, the joy of teenage hormonal changes. I'm thinking I need to dream up some sort of tribal rite of passage for my kids as they start their journey to adulthood - that don't involve body piercings!
    Like your mantra choices. Mine would need to be one to three words in length so I'd be able to remember them, such as 'Breathe' or 'Just do it!'
    I just need to take action to make that long-overdue trip home to Canada in 2012 and finally build a house on our farm. I'm looking to your lovely blog and to other bloggers for inspiration and advice.
    Wishing you a magical year.

  15. Oh I love those mantras, I'm excited already. Happy New Year.x

  16. Love the list A.M I am starting my New Year with getting my work space organised so it will inspire me to start creating more.

    I will use some of your chosen words to keep me on the straight & narrow.

    I have a teenager daughter so I am with you on that one the hormones are flying in my house tee hee.

    Wishing you all the best for 2012 xxxxx

  17. Happy New Year A-M! I love your list of mantras, and I plan to do the same instead of making resolutions. I'll be borrowing a few of these if you don't mind?!

    Kat :)

  18. 2011 - good riddance to ya!!

    I love all these mantras and I think I'll be muttering quite a few of them as we head further into 2012.
    Take care A-M and remember, we were all teenagers once...

  19. Your mantras are brilliant A-M and I'll be snaffling some for my everyday 'Reflection Journal'.

    Your post has special resonance as it ties in with my own welcoming of the fresh start that is 2012.

    This morning Captain and V and I sat on Mt Tinbeerwah watching the first sunrise break over the ocean - a gorgeous way to usher in the new year.

    We shared the space with a handful of people, amongst them a lady who stood up once the sun had well & truly risen then started to do a moving meditation, softly uttering her own gentle mantra.

    It made me wonder what she was saying and inspired me to seek out my own mantra for this year...then I read your post = wowsers!

    My 'living/guiding' word for 2012 is going to be fearless so I'm now going in search of simple yet beautiful mantra to reinforce it.

    Waving from my hammock!

  20. Coming out of lurkdome, to say I have been enjoying reading your blog.
    You strike me as a strong woman who has been through a lot this past year.
    I hope 2012 brings you wonderful things.
    I love your mantra idea!
    Lots here to inspire.

  21. I have come to adore reading your blog daily. Thank you for sharing your journey! I find the notion of mantras much more calming than resolutions, and am going to join you with these.

    All the best wishes for this coming year!

  22. Great reminders indeed!
    Cheers to a fab 2012!!

  23. Brilliant, Gorgeous. I'm with you on every one (except the last as I can't stand coffee!). Here's to a much brighter 2012 for us both. J x

  24. Ditto, agree, just live better, happier & calmer is the best resolution package!! Oh those high schoolers, thing is, they don't even know why they are so weird!!
    Happy New Year A-M & boys. Deep breaths, we can do it - i'll be building a house, gosh, if only there was a gorgeous blog to follow for inspiration?? Giggles, love Posie

  25. All great long as I can replace the word 'coffee' with 'tea' on the last one. :) No, I've never done resolutions - if you want to instigate change it's best to do it when you are prepared for it, rather than following the crowd on a calendar date. I've got a few mantras that I follow but what I keep coming back to is the simple statement of Buddha: 'What we think, we become'. I know this to be true.

    Your older lad - I'll give you the wisdom of my mother-in-law here: 'they have to leave you for a while before they come back.' Yes, teens need space (actual and emotional) - I remember this from being a teen! You've laid a good foundation and to a certain extent you now need to go with the flow.

    Wishing you all the very best in 2012.

  26. All of these and more A-M. I'll keep telling myself the mantra that has gotten me through my darkest times ~ I believe I've shared it with you:
    I am smart
    I am successful
    I am beautiful, and
    I will survive.

    Happy New Year friend, I look forward to your journeys in 2012!


  27. My 2012 mantra is 'Geez MOTH finish our reno NOW!' repeat loudly at least 100 times/day!! I know this year will be kinder to you dear A-M, & don't worry about some new boy overtaking B's body. Teenage boys are actually a lot of fun if you just chill, never ever go into their bedroom & triple your alcohol intake!
    Millie xx

  28. Your big boy has started the teenage moods already? Is he grunting? Keep persisting on talking to him as normal. Sometimes it can take an hour but most forget their barriers & act normal after awhile.
    I love your mantras. I hope they bring you and the boys a peaceful year.
    My NY resolution is so huge this year it is not going to be forgotten by February. My resolution is to respect Mr18's independence as he moves to Canberra. It is going to be such a challenge but necessary. Let's hope I can do it:).


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