Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Started

Thank you for all your wonderful play date recipes! So many shy, self confessed 'lurkers' also emailed me recipes too.... so I have enough to even compile an e-book of them all... "The Idiots 'Non Bakers' Guide To Play Date Catering"... or something like that.

I hopped on my bike and hightailed it to the local store for ingredients and had some pinwheels, melting moments and banana muffins whipped up in no time. Problem with baking is that you eat the stuff though. Thank goodness the first batch is gone.

Came across this dear little place on my ride. I know. West End. Full of surprises. 

Ok, now seriously, I've got to get back to work. My shed is beckoning. So is my inbox. 
I am not at peace when my inbox gets to over 100 'to action' emails. Ridiculous that it has even gotten to that. 

I have lots of these to send out (aren't they beautiful?... I digress for a minute of gratitude for my lovely stock). My 'I can't start work yet excuse' is tied in with the fact that my couriers are on holidays and I need more courier coupons... so therefore I can't work. Pathetic really. Arghh my inbox.... I could start there. And those who read my blog and have 'in-boxed' me, I am sorry, I am starting this week.

Any minute now.

Even though I just want to do this for just a teeny bit longer. Why is it you just start to relax when you have to get back to work?

I'll start small. Isn't that the technique? Just start? January 3rd. Or should I start next Monday? Just one more week? The problem with working for yourself is if you don't work, no-one else pays the bills.... and I have a teenager to feed! 

I need to go back and reread my mantras. How do you get fired up for the new work year? 

I'll go for a run, clear out the cobwebs, have a coffee, then I'll start...after the school holiday morning activities... or maybe after lunch... or tomorrow while the boys are amused with their play dates. 

...or maybe I'll just tidy my desk today. One thing's for sure, I will be baking! Thank. You.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, P.S.... I have an offer in on a block of land/knock-down dog-box house. Haven't heard anything yet. It's been hard getting these real estate agents out of bed. Why advertise the place when you are not going to answer your phone or even get back to a phone message? There are some people/me out there who only have time to look over the holidays. Anyway not excessively hopeful though as I'm not budging one inch from my offer. "Make your profit when you buy" is my mantra... does that make sense? .... as I made it up for me. It's all about the land. xx


  1. A-M, it's always about the land because they're not making any more of it! Good luck. Hope you get it.
    But if you don't, it just wasn't meant to be because there'll be a better one just around the corner
    Have a good break, whenever you get back to work...or just relax


  2. Hey A-M. I have started the NY by taking part in a writing challenge - Small Stones where you take a moment to focus on something in your day that resonates and you write a small 'stone' about it. It could be good to get you fired up into the year? Is working for me!

  3. Getting started is so hard. I struggle with it every day, no matter what I am working on. It is much easier to make excuses.
    I also find that without encouraging support it is even easier to put things off. No one there to push you along or give you a tug. No one to motivate you.
    Wish I had the answer, because I sure would love to conquer the procrastination villan.

  4. Goodluck with the block of land, wouldn't that be a great way to start the year for you. I will have my fingers crossed. ;-)

  5. Happy NY to you & Mr.Lil AM's.

    Wishing you all the best and blessed 2012.

    New life begins and ending with a victory.


    Greetings from D´Box.

  6. Its always so hard to get back into it especially when you work from home, I seem to always get distracted, I do my morning exercise, get dressed and then go out for coffee rather than have it at home, I then seem to get stuck into my day.Hope this year brings you lots of love, luck and happiness xx

  7. Good luck with your offer, and I feel your paint with the real estate agents. Sometimes it feels like they don't even want to sell a house! Loving all your new stock - gorgeous as always :)

  8. It all made sense when I read, "Why is it you just start to relax when you have to get back to work?" In fact I worked through the holidays, just in different ways, and didn't fool Mother Nature a jot.

    Fingers crossed for your land A-M - starting a new house is as good as falling in love.

  9. Fingers AND toes crossed! I hope your offer is accepted.

  10. Fingers and toes crossed for you A-M!! We just sold our house and have an offer on an acre in our area!!! We moved furniture yesterday and Im back at the old house cleaning today!! Goodluck with your offer xxxxx

  11. A-M - is your shed flood proof? Shouldn't you pick up some pallets to get those boxes up off the floor...? (just wondering)

  12. BK, flood proof yes but not water proof. Water leaks through the roof when it rains. I have an insurance claim in at the moment. It is on the lowest floor with another floor above but water from the roof still finds it's way into my shed and my neighbours. He has an electrical business! Have stacked stuff on pallets since the last leak! A-M xx

  13. Thanks for the well wishes. No go on the block. Real estate agent not prepared to do any work!... just take orders! Not prepared to negotiate between vendor and buyer! Market is too good at the moment....no agents want to do any work! I'm not budging off my offer so I'm walking away. More fool the agent, I am the most motivated buyer with no contract clauses and short settlement. A-M xx

  14. More fool them A-M. They'll end up with a chain if they aren't careful. Hope you find something soon.

  15. yeah we've dealt with a few agents last year, and one this year. There is def different types of agents out there. Bet the vendor doesn't realise what they did to you, or they'd sack em!

  16. my friend Sam who is a wheeler dealer from way back, his mantra is ' you make your money when you buy' he has drummed that into my head :) Great to hear you say it too! xx

  17. Good luck with the offer...and another ten minutes won't matter!!!!

  18. Oh good luck with the property. We're selling our first investment property (from 12 years ago) sigh, exciting times, we've never sold one before, only bought them.
    As for work, putting everything on hold while we build, don't care if it takes 2 years, then i'll have 3 in high school!!
    Right now, have physically removed myself from my home/ city/ life & taking 5 weeks to de-stress & relax, get fit & love my children. Love Posie


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