Friday, January 13, 2012

Ken, One Year On

Remember Ken?

His home went under in the floods.. up to the windows on the second floor.

He lost all his possessions... salvaged a few.

Well, Ken is in good spirits these days.
He has a new front door, thanks to the Body Corporate.
Still no floors downstairs.

.. and that hot water system we got connected for him is motoring along fine.
He has little piles of flood damaged stuff everywhere... that he is "working on".

January 2010. 
The flood waters got up to where the walls are missing.... on the second floor.
Flood mud in the wall cavities as you can see.

January 2012.
Ken's got a new kitchen, complete with walls.... and artwork.
Still needs to move the fridge upstairs from near the front door!
No rush.

Flood mud.

Ken chose plush ruby red carpet for the stairs and the living room upstairs.
Oh how he loves his red carpet!

There are lovely new tiles on the floor in the second bedroom..
which Ken uses as a dining room, so he doesn't spill food on his beautiful new carpet.

Progress throughout the year.

Flood line on the second floor

Ken got all these groovy new gadgets from Lifeline ...which have all been mounted high up on the wall...  almost above the flood line. The water got up to approx the level of the second shelf....this is on the second floor.

Ken's very proud of his new organising system. 
I spy a couple of salvaged photos :)

There are still reminders...

My little one was very quiet during the tour. He was really spooked by the flood....still asks me if it will flood when the river is high, as it washes over the footpath in front of our place at real high tide.
He perked up when Ken started discussing stick insects.

Still a bit to do... downstairs, non living spaces have not been touched... but they are free of mud and have walls! Ken is in good spirits and is enjoying his new things. He has tried to wash the mud off his CD collection... "but they don't work".
He says that his home is "much better than it was before". 
It's been a long year for Ken.


  1. What a long road, but I'm glad things are much better for Ken now x

  2. What a lovely post A-M. It made me realise how lucky I am. What a positive person Ken must be. Thanks so much for sharing this update. Ange

  3. Oh my goodness. So hard on people who have to go through something of this nature when in their elder years. So glad to see he is doing well though. It put a smile in my heart.

  4. I am so happy to see Ken getting better this last year. I have been very worried about him. I hope things only improve. Thanks for the update. MB

  5. he seems such a beautiful man.

  6. You've got to love his resiliency to start from scratch again. He's clearly made of the tough stuff. xx

  7. I'm glad of your update A-M, I had been wondering about him from time to time, but I see how tough he is! Love that he loves his new carpet - and reality is the process.

  8. It's been a long year for you all! Here's to a bright and prosperous 2012:-)

  9. It's lovely to see someone so happy with so little. Ken could be sitting around complaining about all the things he still doesn't have, but instead he just seems to be grateful for what he does have.

    There's a lot to be said for living simply. :)

  10. Wow, hope continues on a year later. Thank you for continuing to follow up and share these stories a year later A-M.

    :) Andrea

  11. He seems happier than ever which is all that matters and good on you for helping him get there. The little things we take for granted, like hot water... ;-)

  12. Loved this update A-M. So nice to see progress and some gorgeous plush red carpet!!
    alicia :)

  13. you are an inspiration A-M it warms my heart :) Vanya xx

  14. I often wonder how he is getting on. Thanks for the update. And his organisation wall is very "on trend" I feel. Well done Ken, hope things continue to improve for you.

  15. Ken certainly does appear to have less worry lines these days. Good on him.
    I like that he is 'working on' his piles of possessions..tinkering away is good therapy.

  16. Thanks A-M for the update, it bought tears to my eyes. I am four months in to a renovation that has come to a standstill and sick and tired of living in a dirty building site. Your story of Ken makes me realise how lucky I am. I need to stop whingeing and feeling sorry for myself and get on with it!

  17. So good to see the progress. You made a difference here A-M, a wonderful difference.

  18. What a kind and patient man he is! He must get some comfort from knowing you care.

  19. What a gorgeous man! Look at that great big smile on his face... Love his socks-and-sandals combo too. Handsome, stylish AND handy! Why doesn't he have a gorgeous wife?
    Thanks for this lovely story. Such an inspiring tale.
    Give him our love from Melbourne. (Does he need anything else? More whitegoods? Linen? A cushion or five? Even books to read? We can send them up.
    Janelle McCulloch | Library of Design

  20. Oh A-M. Bless you for giving dear Ken such a hand up. Thanks for the update. J x

  21. It must have been a long patient wait for Ken to get his house back to some normality. It's hard to comprehend such a disaster unless you are affected yourself. Really lovely to see positive through it all.

  22. Ohh A.M what an amazing man he must be made from strong stock I am so pleased every thing is coming together fro Ken, Love is red carpet :) & great notice board he is certainly with it on the styling ;)
    Let me know one of his CD's that got damaged & I will pop one in the post to you for him x


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