Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magic At Home

These school holidays are just flying by.
We are packing in as much as we can before they end.

It's been a big week.

We've found frogs...

... and long legged, green things...

....which we searched high and low for...

... everywhere. 

Pretty much every day.

We've investigated the properties of bark......really close up...

...and bushwalked in the searing midday heat... in thongs.
All part of the search.

We've ridden our bikes everywhere....

... and cooled off with milkshakes in coffee shops.

We've lain on the grass by the pool and discussed the sky...

.. and watched the sunset over the river.

It's been a beautiful week. 

I'm off to Daryl's Footpath Sale with a friend this morning.... early! No run today... just chatter and coffee. The sun is coming up so I'd best get moving!

Happy Saturday!


  1. You are amazing A-M. Such an inspiration both as a parent and as a wonderful woman.

  2. Ah, holidays....aren't they great? :)

  3. Nice times, and lovely photos to accompany them. Your 'long-legged green thing' is of course, a praying mantis, although he looks like he's not praying, but taking matters into his own hands and getting out of the container by himself. Enjoy your sunshine - raining here in Sydney :-(

  4. How lovely for your boys for you all to have quality time together & it just goes to prove you don't have to spend heaps of money to enjoy time with your family, sometimes the simple things are the most memorable .

  5. Yay, i can comment, thanks Anne-Maree. That big boy of yours, so handsome. Oh we should meet up, in a park, my children love bugs too + running & riding free. Love finding my 4 all together, but reading, in their own little worlds.
    You're such a wonderful & dedicated mum, enjoying (genuinely) their excitement at the world. Love Posie

  6. What a perfectly lovely day. I used to love those sorts of days with my brood. Hope you find something grand in the sale!

  7. Hi A-m
    Enjoyed your blog today. It brought back memories of happy school holidays. My son is 24 now Boy time flys
    kind Regards

  8. Oooo, I love those black thongs you're wearing A-M! Can I ask where they are from?

  9. Oh Jess, I have had them for so long, I can't even remember buying them! I do remember they were like $5 at the time. They have fabric flowers on them that will not fall off. They have been through oceans, the bush, moving house, everything. Toughest thongs I have ever owned!... and they're comfy. I will be devastated when/if they fall apart! A-M xx

  10. Oh, well never mind, they are gorgeous and what a bonus they are so comfy!

    I know what you mean about being devastated when they fall apart - that's happened to me before, and it makes you wish you had purchased a dozen pairs to replace the old ones!

    Thanks A-M! :-)

  11. gee look at the book your DS is reading - how awesome is that!! what a legend! (future prime minister!)

  12. I love the holidays too! My boys are so relaxed and having fun chilling out. My five year old caught his first fish yesterday (three in succession actually) so he was thrilled.

  13. Thank you for the best day in Brisbane I never had A-M. I can feel that scorching heat while you're hunting for creatures with the boys. And I can imagine what the gorgeous sky looked like as you lay there and talked about it. I am thoroughly satisfied (for now). So appreciated!


  14. I love your younger son's expression in that second photo - it sums up the simple pleasures and wonderment of childhood.

    Looking at your latest post ... I *missed* my girls when they headed back to school. I never understood those (the majority, unfortunately) who revelled in time *away* from 'the blighters'. I see that you're a kindred spirit of mine ... another reason why I like you so much. :) x


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