Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Nook

How about a little nook from my place this morning?

I know it looks messy but I know where everything is! This is my little dressing table, where I keep my treasures. It's where I create the 'mood of the day'.....with my perfume (certain perfumes make me stronger and braver, and others make me feel creative and inspired) and 'embellishments'. I keep all my little love notes from my boys on a pin board at the back. Well actually some of them are 'I'm sorry' notes that I will keep forever and bring out at their 21st birthday parties! 

Despite once having a little online accessories store, I tend to wear the same things all the time....things that are special to me and mean something. My boys gave me a little necklace that they called 'The Circle Of Hope' (their words) that I have not taken off for months. It's working.

 They also gave me this gorgeous watch for Christmas. I love it to bits. 
It's one of those wrap around jobbies.

These go way back. I am revisiting gold. It's been a while.

So yes, a few of my little treasures. Do you have a little 'mood of the day' nook?... a place where you finish up getting ready for the day?.. where you put on your scents and pretties? I'll be packing up mine soon and creating a new one in my next place!

Heading out to the shed this morning. No jewellery. Very non glamorous. Will be wearing a perfume that gives me energy and strength!

Happy Monday!


  1. A-M I really like this because it puts your treasures front and centre! Not tucked away in a drawer where they're never seen and seldom worn.
    It's a good idea to put our lovelies "out there" so they aren't forgotten and neglected, otherwise, what's the point of having them?
    Have a good one

  2. I THINK I love scent, but my bottles tend to hang around for a long, long time, so I can't be using it that often...

    And I forget to wear jewelry too - but I do have a wonderful dressing table A-M, an old school desk with plenty of room for brushes and hairdryers inside, and over it a shallow mirrored triple cupboard for my makeup, and an extra Frack mirror on the side, so I guess I still care!

  3. I don't think it looks messy at all. I wish I had a space like this because it looks so pretty and must be a lovely place to get ready.

  4. Hi A-M! I see Jádore, Miss Dior Chèrie, Bastille(?),Chanel number 5, and I love it! The same that I use! I love you more!
    Kisses from Brasil

  5. mmm I am more a concrete and DIY girl hehehe First visit in the new year .. on to many more ;)

    Check out my new concept blog tomorrow with a new series of beautiful giveaways

    Here is some Paris for you xxx

  6. Off to the shed for you my dear and I am diving into my pantry to do some serious sorting.
    Should I place my silver stand in the bedroom and decorate with pretties? I think I will. Looks divine in this arrangement.
    Have a good day sweets.

  7. Perhaps if I had a lovely "nook" like yours, I'd remember to wear my jewellery and perfume...

  8. Ooh I love all your perfumes like that. And all the jewellery. So decadent. In a good way of course. Love it! xx

  9. Love your nook. Mine is similar, but not as tidy as yours ~ now where's my duster! Mx

  10. Oh my ... that will be hot work at the shed today with 35 degrees predicted.

  11. I'm with KEK!!!!! I have it I just don't use it!!!!

  12. I'm having gold flashbacks at the moment too. After not wearing gold for years, I'm now wearing it everyday. Is this a trend? Amber PS. You're dressing table is gorgeous, so girly.


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