Thursday, January 5, 2012

Notes From The Universe

Look what landed in my inbox last night:

"If you were able to look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing catches, and smokin' ideas, A-M, and you were to find that virtually all of them seemed to materialize out of thin air, when you least expected them, and that they had exceeded even your greatest expectations at the time, how excited would you be about the new year and whatever else I've got up my sleeve? 

Hubba, hubba -
    The Universe"

So true. I have often muttered the old phrase, "if someone would have told me 5 years ago that I'd be ..... I would have never believed them". Good things happen... out of thin air! I am going to hold this little 'Tut-ism' close to my heart. Tut has the greatest timing! What a great way to start the year. You can subscribe to Tut's daily notes HERE

Happy Thursday! Looks like we might have a nice place to live in. Still finalising the paperwork. Tell you more tomorrow. 


  1. I read that TUT over and over too last night. I'm saving them all. Awesome news about the house!

  2. I love the way the right message arrives on the right day!!!!
    So pleased for you that you have found something.

  3. It's something I say often too: "If someone had told me...." Life is full of surprises. :)

  4. I need to print that one out! Seriously though, I am always amazed at where life take me and what pops up!

    Crossing fingers about the house.


  5. Brilliant, A-M! I'm off to sign up - with him and the Brave Girls Club, I'll be sorted ☺. And yippee about the house! J x

  6. I love it when pleasant happenings pop out of thin air when I least expect it.
    2012 already feels like it's got the potential to be great..we have to believe it.
    So happy about the house, sounds perfect.

  7. I subscribed to Tut the last time you mention it. It is lovely to receive something sweet in your inbox every day, instead of invoices! Good to hear your house hunting went well A-M. Have a great day. x Jode

  8. A-M I "KNOW" that your going to accomplish something amazing. Have a Beautiful day xx

  9. Yay, a roof over your head. Must be a relief. I must check out Tut.

  10. I believe the Hand of Destiny is involved in where we live - it will be great!

  11. Tricia - A-M xx

  12. sensational! positive thinking 101 - house, inevitable ;-)

    btw I got a copy of your tweeting daily paper = you are such a cluey lady - whoowhoo!!!

  13. The Universe just gave you a big warm hug! What a lovely way to start the day. You're right A-M, hold it close, believe in it and enjoy what happens this next year.



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