Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Kitchen Thoughts Whilst On Holiday

I seriously would love a skylight of some sort in my next kitchen. I love this. I love how the lights are a part of the skylight. Jury is still out on the choice of lights though. 

The problem is, with this set up, I wouldn't be able to have a second floor above the kitchen... and knowing that my next block is not going to be much more than 600sqm, I am going to need as much floorspace on the second level as I can. I might do an L shaped 'back of the house' and have the kitchen sticking out the back, ending the second floor above just before the kitchen. What do you reckon? Love it? Hate it? I suppose I would have to consider how hot the thing would get and if I would get sunburnt peeling the veges.... seeing as we live in the skin cancer capital of the world. 

Despite the first few days of wild weather (which is par for the course whenever we holiday), we are whooping it up down here at the beach. My boys are calling this place, where we are staying, 'DON'T'... as we are not allowed to do anything, according to all the signs. It's hilarious. Certainly memorable. We rebelled yesterday and boogie boarded in the pool. We also moved the pool furniture around slightly and didn't put it back. 

This is the beautiful day we have been given today.
I'm just about to strap on my soggy shoes (from yesterday's run in the rain) and run along that path!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I LOVE that kitchem AM! I'm with you on the skylights which is why I'm getting two in our meals/kitchen area in the house we're building. We have a tiny block (smaller than 600sqm) and our second story, because of council regs where you can't build a "box" anymore, stops just short of the kitchen. Whilst we wanted to maximise our upstairs space, we're glad to have the opportunity for a beautiful raked ceiling and skylights downstairs. Also good to know is that the Velux skylights we're getting block 95% UV rays and for a couple of hundred dollars more, we could have chosen ones that block 98-99%. So I get to see sky while I cook and not get burnt! ...very important for a household with two redheads ;)

  2. IF you do a skylight make sure it won't leak! That would be the main reason we would strike that from our list of wants!!

  3. Excellent, nothing like a bit of mini rebellion to add spice to your holiday.

  4. Do it! A skylight in a kitchen is so right. Before we moved to Aus we had plans to extend our kitchen and it would have included two skylights (not flat like this photo though) and it was the bit of the new kitchen that I loved the most. Granted it was in dreary north england but I'm sure there are fabulous glass options now to protect from too much heat and light?

  5. Hello Am, agree with you- love sky lights. it is not impossible to have in a doublestory. in our previous home, we had a sky light in our kitchen that was actually running right through from the story above where it was part of a "collumn" on the floor was a double volume ceiling as well and no light was lost, in fact it made a huge difference to the the besach house we have three smaller ones in the kitchen area, but have to admit the pigeons can be quite messy up there!! - just saying...
    have a lovely day Col xx

  6. Viva le Rebellion! Or should it be "la"? Whatever, have fun.

    I like the skylight - you can get blinds fitted with remote controls, I'm sure, so keeping the heat out in summer would be possible.

  7. I have fond memories of a basement kitchen with a glasshouse roof over the outside 'area', plenty of light in HALF of the room...

    I do admire your daring - next you are going IN the exit, aren't you, and who knows what tomorrow?!

  8. I love the idea of skylights and have got one planned for above the staircase in our renovation. But, I'm also thinking about how to insulate it, as my Mum has a skylight in her kitchen and it really does increase the heat in the kitchen. Amber

  9. I vote YES for a skylight in the kitchen, and for breaking all sorts of rules...glad to hear you are throwing caution to the wind and fighting the powers that be!

    Kat :)

  10. Hi AM, nothing like a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing.

    Classy skylight and yes you could always use different lights - you wont have a problem getting access to some good ones.

    Enjoy the rest of your break.

    ; ) Lou

  11. My only experience with a skylight was in our first home and we had such issues with leaking! It drove me nuts.....not a big fan and then you throw in the leak factor and needless to say just not my thing, however the picture you showed IS a beauty!

  12. Hi A-M,

    Hope you enjoyed your run along the beach. Wish I was there!

    Skylights in kitchens.....mmmmm. We put a skylight in our kitchen when we renovated. Our kitchen faces south and the original was so dark. There was a lot of hassles 'cause we wanted to run the skylight the same way as the island bench and when you do that it changes the flashing (I think). Hubby took care of the details for that one, so I'm a bit rusty.....I do know that the company insisted on using on of their installation guys and to cut a long story short we ended up having to pull it out and get OUR guy (who we wanted to install it in the first place) to do everything again. It was a lot of heartache and a few tears but now that I have it I am so glad we stuck to our guns and insisted on it. Maybe it will be different for you up there as some view us as too far away to worry about helping us down here.

    If things had gone better I would have loved to put a skylight in the passage....To state the blinding obvious, as long as you get a good installer you should be right. I don't find mine to be too hot and I love how the summer sun comes in. Ours doesn't open up, as we live on a farm and it would be a nightmare with the dust and mozzies. Between two sheets of the glass is a gas layer and that stops condensation in the winter, worth it's weight in gold. Hope that helps!

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Take care

  13. Just make sure you can get to it easily for cleaning on the outside and in!!! (They do get filthy!)
    I hadn't realised before that you were such a troublemaker!! Love it! xx

  14. call it living on the edge.
    the sun should be shining for the next few days.
    oh the thought of having to be organized again when school is back.
    i love the holidays.
    i love the sky lights i wanted to put one in the hall way of the kids end of our new place. but i kept going back to the builder to many times and my hubby was like "NO MORE"
    so maybe next house for sure.
    Pen x

  15. The kitchen pictured is just gorgeous...lights and all. It's not a photo of where you're staying is it? Because, if it were, I would happily put up with all the "don'ts" if it meant staying there!

  16. You go Girl!!! and Guys!!!! "
    Lurrv the sunny kitchen.

  17. We have 2 skylights in our kitchen in our 2-story house; the skylights are in a bumped out section that used to be an open porch. They're wonderful.

    That kitchen picture is from here:
    It's part of a gorgeous house in Beverly Hills, CA (USA)

  18. Thank you for the link Miranda!... and thank you all for your feedback... so now my concern is a leaking skylight! Maybe there needs to be a clause in the installation contract about leaks! A-M xx

  19. Oh that is a gorgeous picture! I remember going to a friend's house back in high school, and their kitchen had a huge window that also went partly overhead...hard to explain but sort of like a conservatory - the overhead windows were probably about a metre wide and ran the length of the room, and the vertical window went down to about counter height. This big window let in the most amazing amount of light and that image is still stuck in my head even though I only saw it once over 10 years ago! Perhaps that would be less of an issue it terms of leaks?

  20. Ha! "Don't". Your sons are quite clever, I like it. Enjoy some sunshine for me please friend ~ it's currently in the minus 30s with the windchill here.


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