Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Somewhere To Live

We are now seriously looking for somewhere to live. 

I went further afield for my morning run yesterday... up into Highgate Hill.... to investigate the terrain... and to sniff out any 'for lease' signs I might have missed online. 

Very hilly.
Good for the legs.

I found a million streets I could live in...

... and houses that are not for rent! Anything decent is over $1000/week! Easy.
Brisbane, we are like the frog being slowly boiled.
This town is expensive.

Seriously gorgeous.

A super huge block in the city. Like acres. Who knew?

Sympathetic renovations. Love them.

Unfortunately most of the 'For Lease' properties are more like this.

At least they have car accommodation.

This is interesting. 
A recent 'unsympathetic' renovation of a sweet little cottage that did have a front verandah... once.

....and with this place, they just joined two houses together.....

.. and boarded up the front door to the second house! As you do.

I'd be happy with something like this.... without the old lounge suite, mop and buckets and rubbish bags on the front porch. I strategically positioned the greenery in the centre of the shot to pretty it up a bit.

I so want to stay in West End. I love my life here. I love the people and the community. There are no airs and one-upmanship. Diversity is embraced. If I chose to ride down the street on a unicycle, playing a pan flute, no-one would bat an eyelid.....

... and the roads are relatively flat so I can ride my bike everywhere. I love that. I love riding to the little 'Billy Tea' corner store to get the milk... and having a chat with the owner about local goings on. I love riding into town to run my errands, stopping to chat to Bill on the way. I love not having to pay $50/minute parking anywhere in this damn expensive town.

So, we're off to see some places this morning.
Wish me luck! Fingers xxxxx
Life can change in an instant... let's hope it's today!

A-M xx


  1. Oh my goodness - 1000/week?! Sure sounds expensive but I hope you'll find a hidden gem with a reasonable price. I'll cross my fingers! :-)

  2. ~ mewl ~ (photo 5)...I just see that as a heavenly design 'nod' to your close proximity to Indonesia. In contrast, everything here tends towards the 'Germanically' simple - a joy in many ways, but sometimes it's heavenly to see the polar opposite: A flamboyant flourish, just because...

  3. Oh yes Jayne, I see it. So glad you pointed it out. I would never have picked up on 'the nod'. It's beautiful isn't it! A-M xx

  4. West End would be hard to leave. I hope you find somewhere close. I lived in Highgate Hill in my early 20s and I have such fond memories of the old house we rented there. xx

  5. Good luck AM - I can remember my adventures in the competitive Brisbane rental market...and I'm sure it is much worse now!! Hope you have some success

  6. Fingers & Toes xxxxxx'ed for you and the boys. Good Luck with your search today. Hope you find your match? x Jode

  7. You'll find something today. I can feel it.

  8. Like a frog boiling slowly? I love it. I would look like a boiled frog if I had to run on those hills. The only hills we have in these here parts are manmade! It is going to happen today, I am with katrina. May the bloggy force be with you.

  9. Good luck A-M, I too think today is the day your find somewhere to lay your hay.

    My parents lived in Hawthorne before Hawthorne was cool for those very reason, my grandfather who lived in Toowong- couldn't understand why they 'wanted' to live there. Gotta love Brisbane born families.

    I love visiting West End for soup, something granddad and I did when he was alive. I just so love the beauty of a city that you capture that has great memories for me

  10. I know the two houses joined together is a bit different but I still think I'd prefer that next to me rather than a McMansion. I'll have to take a photo of a very interesting new build (I think) house near me which is a modern day take on the Qld workers cottage. It's grown on me. Good luck with your search. Having rented many times, I know the frustration you'll be experiencing. btw ... house up a very steep hill for rent near me ;-)

  11. You can do it! Something fabulous will turn up. West End would defs be hard to leave.

    TDM xx

  12. rent is insane, I wish you luck on your quest. i lived in Highgate Hill for years and luffed it I

  13. Some people should not be allowed near any renovation tools at all!!
    "Love" the garage LOL. It is just such a great picture.
    Good luck with house hunting today!
    Anette :-)

  14. I shall ditto the others and bet on today being a winner!

  15. We're moving to bris to escape the high rent in canberra!
    hope you find the perfect nest,

  16. Oh gosh A-M, just bite the bullet & head to Hamilton or Chelmer & show them how they should be living their lives! Brings back memories of trying to find a house to rent in one day in BrisVegas in 1995....crazy stuff. We were so lucky to find a cutsie tootsie baby Queenslander in Indooroopilly with a lovely Landlord who cried & gave us a bottle of Billecart Salmon when we left. Good luck sweetie, I'm with Katrina, today's the day.
    Millie xx

  17. good luck with the search. things are getting so expensive its getting ridiculous! i wish you would come and buy/renovate the sweet beach cottage across and up the road for me. it is dying for your touch!

  18. Oh good luck. I hope today went well and you found the perfect place.

  19. Good luck with the house hunting. I hope it goes well. Ange


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