Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stopping In The Moment

Despite the sunshine this week, these are photos from our first couple of days here. I love a wild and moody beach!

Oh it's been good to sit and ponder the ocean. Stare out into the ocean long enough and you find the answers and solutions to all sorts of things. It puts everything in your life into perspective.

It was great to have some contemplative time before the hectic school year begins. The boys frolicked and I pondered. I frolicked, the boys pondered..... they had to....I took their computer games off them for the they had to engage in old fashioned pursuits such as reading, swimming, looking for pippies.... and sitting on the beach looking slightly bored at times. Good. Boredom breeds creativity.

So today is our last day of our 'forever' holidays. I used to call them the 'forever' holidays when I was a tike... because at the beginning, before Christmas, it feels like you have forever. They go so fast though these days, at today's pace. They never did when I was a kid... they dragged on forever... maybe because we didn't have much... and you really had to make your own fun....without technology, TV and computers.... things that steal time from you.

Knowing that our holidays are coming to an end, I know I am going to be doing the whole 'stop time and freeze frame every last moment' thing today. I am a 'sentimental fool' on 'last days'.

Do you ever have those moments?.. when you stop and think, "right now, in this moment, I am grateful. I have everything I want and everything I need".

Right now, right at this very moment, most likely you do.

Those are the moments in life where you find true happiness I reckon!

Happy Weekend! Lots to do... so I will see you Monday!


  1. Great photos, A-M!

    I remember how the summer holidays used to go on forever too. We'd be up in the morning, have breakfast and get dressed and run out the door to play with the neighbourhood kids. Mum wouldn't see us again till we got hungry. We'd be in someone's back yard, at the park or walking for miles through the paddocks surrounding our little piece of suburbia.

    There was always something to see, do or discover. And if the weather was bad? Books....


  2. I live in Sydney but for many years have been going up to the GC - since I was younger than your boys & have just turned 30. We own an older unit between burleigh & broadbeach - I will be there in just over a week & can't wait, especially after seeing those pics. All the best for getting the boys back to school

  3. Yup, and I perhaps have sat on that very same beach and thought of how content I was with life.

    Have a lovely weekend A-M!

  4. Having those moments every day, walking the dog with the children running or riding in front of me, by the pool thinking how lucky & free we are this Summer (while my husband is in a snowy war zone) & best of all, we still have over 2 weeks school holiday left!!
    My eldest goes into year 8 & that time has flown, truly, so glad i've been able to see it all.
    My 4 don't have any hand held electronic gadgets, they HAVE to talk, play, hang out with each other & this includes 1300km car trips, no DVD player in sight, the window is their movie. Love Posie

  5. That is exactly how I feel this morning...grateful and blessed, it is a wonderful feeling. Hope the boys have a great week back at school next week.

  6. i certainly know what you mean darl. i think it is super important to have the skill to recognise and acknowledge the good. helps counter balance the inane boring stuff that likes to settle in the frontal lobe and distort your perspective.

    hope the holiday keeps bringing good things xxx

  7. What a great place to be AM; physically, mentally & figuratively!
    I was wondering if I could ask for a copy of your pantry dimentions used in 'The House'? I read a discussion on Penny's blog Design by Penny, Paid by Jason about it and I think it may work really well in my proposed new kitchen too. I hope you don't mind this request. My email is: if you are able to assist.
    x Kerrie-Lee

  8. We had a house at Palm Beach and the minute the holidays started off we would go and you are right the holidays did seem forever just playing on the sand and swimming, they got shorter though when we began to notice boys!!!!
    Love the photos. xx

  9. Fabulous photos A-M. The beach looks so mysterious and lovely. Yes I too am savoring the last moments of having Junior home for the holidays - I agree it all goes too quickly. Ange

  10. I love the photos - and the ocean! :-)

  11. I love this post A-M! Going to the beach is meditation for me too. Breathing slows down, thoughts stop tumbling in my head. Bliss.

  12. Yes all went particularly fast this time. I Agee about the happiness glad you are having a good time xxx

  13. Sounds as though your forever holiday has been a lovely one. And I love a stormy beach too! We all need to stop and capture those moments more, it would do us all a world of good.

    Kat :)

  14. Holidays may not last forever, but sounds like you made the most of them!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

    p.s. I have a giveaway going on over at the blog that I think you'd REALLY like!

  15. Love those moments A-M ...priceless...Have a beautiful day xx


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