Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundays In Paris - A Little Bit Of Paris At Home

Up the 'Paris End Of Latrobe Terrace', here in Brisbane, is Daryl's gorgeous shop, 'Du Monde'.
Daryl held his fabulous, bi-annual 'Footpath Sale' yesterday, so my friend and I got there early.
Before I waffle, I need to say that I am eyeing off that gorgeous chair in his store window. 
Daryl has his furniture custom made you know. Deep sigh.

Let's start with the important stuff... our nail polish matched.

No really, if you live in or near Brisbane and seriously miss Paris... hang out with Daryl.
He goes to Paris all the time and sources the most exquisite and unusual things.
Everything has a story.

These beautiful monogrammed pillowcases have been traced back to a convent in Ireland.

These were made from a roll of mangle cloth from almost a century ago. 
They felt so beautiful.... and still had that lovely 'as new' luster.  

Look!.... Paris books and stuff.

... and true blue, dinky di Parisian perfumes.. which smelt heavenly. 
I wore every one of them all at once.

I pounced on some little 'French Bee' salt and pepper shakers amongst these treasures.

Beautiful faux flowers and urns....and Daryl's hand to the right. 
He was in his 'shed clothes' so was not ready for his 'closeup'. 
I know all about 'shed clothes' I understood completely.

Some local artists thrown in for good measure.

Some baskets I snapped up.
One can never have too many baskets, I say....

..."or cushions", my friend said...
... taking advice from Faux Fuchsia, Brisbane's 'cult blogger'...
...... who "never knowingly undercushions". Ref: FF, 2010
NB. My friend bought all of those... too much of a bargain to pass up... so she took the lot.

We stopped for a brief 4 hour coffee after our shopping...

.. and enjoyed the view.
That tall building on the horizon, to the left is my suburb...
... so I'm not far from Brisbane's 'little bit of Paris' at all.

If you need a regular dose of Daryl's exquisite taste... his blog can be found HERE.

Happy Sunday!


  1. yes please I'll take the chair in the window .. arrr if only!

  2. Lol that's the best photo of me in a long time, must cover my face with cushions more often. Like any sale I come home and think about the items I didn't purchase and kick myself. Daryl's lovely and his shop is divine, lots of treasures.
    Wonderful morning sweets

  3. Cushions, baskets, Parisienne snippets....I can go back to bed now, my day is complete.


  4. Oh I love that chair too! What a great store but how sad that it's too far away from me to visit. Sounds like you had a fantastic day :)

  5. I am so jealous! Wished I was there!! xo

  6. I'll check him out when I visit Brisbane soon and if you haven't already whipped away the chair...who know!!!!!

  7. A divine day...the only way to describe it. You can't see my house, but you can see my 'burb! I was kitchen-stalking, otherwise I'd have hot-footed it up to the terrace for the sale.

  8. Thanks AM, now I feel like I have shopped by proxy! A great day and I did not spend a cent......

  9. Shopping AND a brief 4 hour coffee?! Sounds like my kind of day! Now, how to get that chair shipped to the States for a song...hmmm!

    Kat :)

  10. I love that shop, bummed I didn't know about the sale.
    Does he still have that devine blue sofa in the shop?

  11. Blue sofa? didn't see it... Daryl can source more though. A-M xx

  12. I used to love wandering around the shops in Paddington when I lived there. Wonderful!

  13. Bugger! I drove past there yesterday, looking for something to do to kill time and I saw a crowd on the footpath but because I'd only been there a few days ago, again killing time, I didn't stop. Bugger! Bugger! Bugger ... or whatever the French equivalent is.

  14. No photos of your new French Bees? Napoleonic?

  15. blimey - lucky he's not in Melb, I would have spent a fortune there!!! (4 hr coffee - LOL)

  16. I went to that sale too and loved it! I have a soft spot for that strip of shoppes because it's where I hop off the bus and when I turn the corner, I know I am almost home- BLISS! We must've just missed each other. I bought a few pretty things too.

    I love Paddington so much.xx

  17. the cushions...the cloche with the ceramic base...the baskets...the coffee. When I get up there, I really need to go here. You will have to give me directions!!
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  18. Great little corner of Paddington isn't it? I love the shop where you had your coffee stop too.

  19. Loved the blue chair too! Just catching up on your blog been away in Busselton/Margaret River on holidays. Had lovely coffee everyday and you have inspired me to take food and drink photos, never did it before, so many great times shared with the most important people in my life - family and friends -Bliss! Thanks A-M for your blog

  20. What a great way to spend the morning. I love shops like that, they make me want to have a shop of my own.

    Are those your feet in the white sandals with flowers? More info please, I am looking for sandals like that...

  21. Robin, if you lived in Brisbane, I'd tell you to hightail it to the 2 little, obscure clothing shops opposite LR Sushi in Adelaide St, Brisbane to find shoes like those. They were on sale for a ridiculous price. I can't remember which shop it was. They sit side by side and always compete with each other for the cheapest sale rack.
    A-M xx

  22. Bah! Well then I had better get to work on that teleporter!

  23. Ah what a glorious day you must have had in one of my favourite parts of brissy. I so so would have been their had I known and then coffee at one of my favourite shops...well that sounds like bliss...gosh I must get their soon, that whole street is just devine and I think I would follow that coffee with lunch at James street ahhhh!Have a Beautiful day xx

  24. What a fab day you must have had :))


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