Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sundays..... In Paris

How about we just wander this morning.
Pop into a bookstore....

.....and do some window shopping...

Frocks aside, I am loving those lights.

Hi puss!

... and pigeon?
We pay Monsieur for his authentic Parisian music. 

Well, look where we have ended up!

When in Paris.....

Let's have breakfast.

I'll have the hot chocolate with mine.

We read while we wait... and learn something.

Goodness, you could stand a spoon up in it.

No really.
Pure liquid chocolate.
Serious damage.

It's not too busy. 
Good time to be in Paris... before the summer.

They're setting up for the summer dining crowds outside.

Quick, let's check out the powder room before we leave....
....I've heard it's posh....

...and grab some take-away macaroons.... that we can scoff while we wander.

"I'll never get over the flowers", I mutter, with a mouth full of macaroon.

Ok, let's do Ralph Lauren some justice.
This is gonna take a while.
Will share next week!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh how I wish I was there this morning! Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Ange

  2. Loving the stacked hand towlettes in the's the little touches that count.
    Beautiful pics A-Me

  3. I loved browsing through the book store and the hot chocolate was divine. I am so glad I needed to visit the ladies room to see how beautiful a powder room could be. Can't wait till we go to Ralph Lauren next week AM. Love your Paris Posts. Hope all is well and happy with you and your lovely boys. Love Nataliexx

  4. Sure beats stripping beds and watching more Star Wars Clone Wars. Sigh, I might go back a couple of times today. #justsaying

  5. It's back to back episodes of 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Dr Who' here Deb. A-M xx

  6. I know, isn't the hot chocolate divine! So rich. A-M xx

  7. Thanks A-M, brings back memories of our week spent in that gorgeous city, just wandering daily, although need some carousels and playgrounds to add to the shopping, eating and drinking!!

    Happy Sunday to you and your dear boys,
    Christine xo

    P.S congrats on organizing your new home too.

  8. Ahh...just Beautiful A-M have a Gorgeous day xx

  9. Thank you for sharing, is all I have to say. x

  10. ok, drinking two coffee's before going to bed isn't a great's 2.40 am here and I already commented on the post before, and I see now this new post about Paris, aaah, how lovely! Had to comment, it's always nice to see pictures of Paris and thanks for the Laduree tip, next time I will look for it, never been to a French one (we have one here but it's not the same right? although the macaroons are yummy!) anyhoo, I will close the computer now and try to find some sheeps to count....
    have a good Sunday A-M!
    Maureen x

  11. Almost as good as being there A-M. I emailed the image of the hot chocolate to my daughter who has been in France for a few months and will be in Paris on a 3 day excursion on the 21st Jan.

  12. I'm going to go to bed dreaming of a lovely morning in Paris, instead of the thought of heading back to work tomorrow. Thanks for making Sunday night bearable.

    Julie Q

  13. What dreams are made of ... Amazing pics - what a special trip it must have been.

    Looks as though the flowers would be hard to forget!

    Lou ; )

  14. If I am ever fortunate enough to get to Paris, I reckon I would have to take you along with me A-M. You'd make a fabulous traveling partner, not to mention tour guide. :)
    Julie x

  15. 8 hours driving, changing cars halfway and all I could think about was bed until....!!! A-M the bookshop was calling my name, the window shopping was blissful and what can I say about Laduree, The whole place is posh, in the nicest possible way. Now I can go to bed with lovely thoughts in my head of a day spent in Paris, thank you!!

  16. Fabulous images A-M, detail is what the French know a lot about and spend hours getting it right.

    Hope that 2012 is a year filled with love, happiness and success.

    Leeann x

  17. Swooning in Hobart, of course, A-M. Keep them coming, please - I need that magic carpet ride! J x

  18. Sigh! More colour and adventure for my starved heart. Thank you for another breath-taking Sunday in Paris A-M. It does me good :).



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