Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundays......In Paris

Ok, let's take a wander through Ralph Lauren, in Paris, this morning.

We can either take the beautiful old lift......

....or the stairs. 
Let's take the stairs....

... and enjoy the artwork.

I sense a theme!

Here's Ladies Wear.

Oh that mirror... and those vases.....and the sconces
......and the chairs!

I am rather taken with the light fittings......

... and the view out the window down to the pretty little tea room!
Oh my, look at THOSE lights!!!

Up more stairs, and past pretty paintings...and wall sconces... Menswear.

How do you say, "I'm sorry Sir, I'm not really here for the clothes, I'm here for the decor"... in French?

Like a comfy old home.

I could have put my feet up and stayed all day.

Nice tie...
....but I spy a beautiful desk!

Those ties are nice.

More gorgeous lights.

So many little nooks and crannies to explore.

Up some more stairs, past some more fabulous artwork...

... to the Young Men's section.

"Bonjour Monsieur"
We had a chat and I tested all those men's perfumes.
I practised my French on everyone. No one was spared.
Didn't he pose nicely for my photo? He was pretending to be busy.

Don't they do it well! So much to see... and then there's the clothes!

They have funkier lighting up here.....

... and more beautiful art....

...even outside the restrooms.

Had to have a peek!

Well, that was fun.
What a way to spend a morning!

I'm starving, let's find somewhere for le dejeuner!

Bon dimanche mes amis!


  1. Even a stroll through Ralph Lauren is full of grandeur. They really do things on a different level in Paris don't they? Again I absolutely loved the tour....thank you A-M! :)

    Andrea (growing Paris addict)

  2. Thank you for the tour, it's all so beautiful. Set up in a very relaxed manner but there's also so much to see. J'adore!

  3. What a beautiful start to a Sunday morning - thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness, you had me at the first sentence. Just beautiful and I was only just saying yesterday that I wanted to visit there to my husband. Thanks for the tour A-M! Enjoy the rainy day here in Bris. ;-)

  5. Tres Jolie! Next time I am in Paris (oh how I wish that was soon), I will have to stop by!

    Kat :)

  6. Oh A.M. that was devine I loved the furniture I have a desk like that which I have been thinking of painting white but it may have to be black it looks so luxurious:)
    Enjoy the last day of the weekend x

  7. Oh my! How devine! I think I would want to live here! x

  8. Fabulous. Love these posts. I can live vicariously through you.

    TDM xx

  9. Totally exhausted now, think it was the stairs! Definitely time for a coffee at least!!!!
    Then I am going to sneak back as there were just a couple of things I needed to have a second look at! xx

  10. OH Just Devine! Can't wait to see where we will visit next. Have a Beautiful day xx

  11. You have been busy...moving house and squeezing in some international travel...
    Happy Sunday to you too!!!
    I think I will settle for a chick flick and a good magazine, although I enjoyed reading your post immensely. Vous etes tres energetique! Does that make sense?
    Tania Maree xx

  12. I loved all the artwork in this store! I was surprised there was no Home department, but it was a wonderful space nonetheless. I think Ralph surprised even the Parisians with his architectural finesse! Janelle xx

  13. =O This post was great... Loved those pictures from Ralph Lauren! The store looks really stunning, I love the lighting in there, too. Thanks for sharing! =)

  14. whats goin on - you over in france!!! Blimey, I didn't get that! - well kudos to you lady! and how bout that store, I see what you mean by you are there for the decor, not the shirts! lol

  15. No Annie, I am not in Paris! I am publishing my Paris photos every Sunday in a series... for posterity! A-M xx


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