Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Time Last Year

Our street

Our park

Waters receding

The clean up

Our neighbourhood

The street I am currently living in... one year ago.

We fared well. 
All we lost were our basement belongings. 
If the river had peaked where it was supposed to have peaked, it would have been over my bed.

Our pets were safe...

... and all we had to worry about was the inconvenience of no power or hot water for 3 weeks. 
All our utilities went under in the basement... and they took ages to fix. 
Even after power was restored, it was limited. 
It was summer, so it was hot....
.....but we had no mud so we were so, so grateful.

Orleigh Park West End - before.
Images Courtesy


Riverfront homes, West End - before


The arrow marks where I was living in West End.
West End was the first inner city suburb to be evacuated.


This is a pretty amazing documentary on 'The Flood of 2011'.
This is just Part One.
Parts Two to Seven are available on the Part One YouTube Side Bar.

Come back on Friday to see how Ken is faring, one year on.



  1. It's almost surreal looking back, hard to believe it was a year ago.

  2. Gosh how time fly...just this weekend we were talking to friends living near Brisbane ,visiting South Africa at the moment, about the floods a year ago..
    hugs and XXX Colette

  3. So heartbreaking to see these images...I was at the State Library that day and will never forget seeing the raging force of the Brisbane River. Mother Nature can be so cruel. xx

  4. I find no words, its horrible! We are so blessed in Sweden, we do have storms, but not like this. Take care!

  5. It's just incredible to look back at those photos and then see how much has been achieved in a year. Having lived through a number of floods over the years, I will never forget the "smell" of that mud! We're keeping our fingers crossed up this way that we don't get another Yasi this cyclone season. ;)Sharyne

  6. Where has time gone, it doesn't seem that long ago and it seems forever ago! Gosh you were lucky not to lose it all A-M, so close to the river, I guess it pays to build a high set in Brisbane.
    Love the idea for lighting I am of to buy a head lamp to put in the pantry for our constant blackouts!!!!!

  7. Good morning A-M. Our area just went through a devastating flood as well this past fall. It was heart wrenching to watch the pictures come in as it was happening. I was fortunate to be high and dry where I live, but just 2 miles down from me was under 10 feet of water. In fact I was trapped for 2 days with all streets leading out being closed. Then to drive through the neighborhoods hit the hardest when the roads were finally opened just made my heart ache. Seeing the 6 foot piles in front of the homes. Everything they have ever owned out on the street. Houses gutted to the studs, with insulation and lathing and plaster on the street. We are still digging out, many homes will be torn down, some already have been. People displaced and not sure where they will go next. You can see pictures on the television and feel sadness for those affected. But, until you live it and drive through it, you will never fully feel the impact. To see with your eye, hear with your ears, smell the fuel in the rivers and the sewage all around. And to taste the dust in the air. It was a life changing event for me. I went into a small depression for a little while. I will never look at any disaster the same.
    It is refreshing to see how far you all came after that destruction A-M. And to see all the people come together to make it happen. I remember the picture you posted with the sign on the fence stating that they had water for showers and electricity. That all were welcome. Inspiring.

  8. Golly time goes so quickly. My Bro & SIL live in the Lochyer valley and I was out there in Sep - many places still look affected. Guess it takes a while to deal with such consequences. Is your street back to normal - and how is the feeling in Bris this year. Are people still raw - or have they moved on yet?

  9. That was so horrible. Can't believe it's been a year already. So glad you fared so well. Still chuckle over the story of your chair:)

  10. They are all amazing photos A-M, It is amazing what people can endure and then come back even stronger. I am pleased that being so close to the river that you faired so well. Who would believe that this year, one year on the weather could be so different. Hope your new home is high and dry? Have a great day. x Jode

  11. Wow it's amazing what can change in a year and what perspective it gives you. I am sure you feel stronger, safer and more alive now looking at back what you've lived through. Amazing, amazing people.....


  12. It certainly is a time for reflection.

  13. Ah yes memories of "the mud"!
    It was a truly cataclysmic experience, however the rallying of community was inspiring.
    My heart goes out to the silent sufferers who are still finding their feet 12 months on. It's been a long, hard year for some.
    Thanks A-M for reminding us how grateful we should be.

  14. It really doesn't seem so long ago. I know it was heartbreaking for many people, but it was uplifting to see so many good samaritans helping afterwards - with the clean-up, with donations of goods and services and with simple things like offering the use of power for phones and laptops, or hot showers for those who were in need.

  15. It makes me teary seeing all the people lined up ready to help. The generosity and spirit of mateship is just overwhelming.
    I was looking at our river the other day and remembering our awful January too.

  16. It is so hard to believe where you and your beautiful city were just a year ago, but so inspiring to see how the human spirit rose above the tragedy of it all.


  17. As one who fared badly in the flood I can tell you it is not the damage that brings tears to my eyes. It is the recollections and the photos and pictures of all those who turned out to help in the immediate clean up and again in the following weeks. People I hardly knew came to my rescue with offers of furniture and assistance. I still can't bear to look at an army truck without 'seeing' it drive up my street loaded with debris and the young driver stopping and asking a shell shocked me 'You ok Mam?" All I could blubber out was "Thank you". Such an emmotional memory for me. Like so many I have not been able to go home yet but hopefully will in April/May. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and kind words.that mud in photo one clung to everything, I can smell it if I close my eyes.

  18. It was quite an unbelievable time... to say the least. I was mesmerised by the news for days and days. We drove from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast just two hours before the torrent hit the Lockyer Valley... covering that very road. Our return trip was very somber. I just hope those whose homes were flooded have recovered not only materially but emotionally as well... gxo

  19. Heartbreaking to see the images!
    I'm still traumatized by the flood, I personally experienced it 2 years ago!

  20. Gosh cannot belive how quick the year has gone all the tears that were shed makes me teary thinking about it, & seeing all the people of Queensland how they gathered together to help they should all be so proud I just hope the tears are not being lost any more & all those homes have been fixed for people to be safe again :) x


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