Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're On Holiday...

.... that's if we're allowed!

Glad we brought the ball, frisbee and boogie boards!

Hmmm, lots of rules.
Hopefully we're allowed to have fun!

Love 'em!

A bit late posting this morning. Took advantage of the overcast skies and the cool breeze and did my run a little bit later than I usually do. It was glorious. The seas are that beautiful emerald green.... when the dark rain clouds hover low over it. I ran for an hour through on and off rain showers. Nothing like a run in the rain to feel really alive.

We're off to give these boogie boards a bash. The waves are good. Please go slow 'Mr Last Week of School Holidays'.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Must have cost the 'fun police' a fortune to print all those signs for the pool! ( for Pete sake!)

  2. Reminds me of an old Leunig cartoon, where a guy with a pram was looking sadly at a sign in the park that said "No wheeling of baby nephews on the grass". Or something like that.

    Party poopers.

  3. I wonder who is watching to enforce all those rules!? I'm sure you will enjoy yourselves anyway. Have a great day! Ange

  4. You'll be glad you escaped the city - it's bucketing it down here! Hope you have a good week (rules and all) and if you find out how to slow down time please share!

  5. Have a Gorgeous last week of school holidays xx

  6. enjoy your last week of holiday-down here we are dragging our feet through a serious heat wave, living on water mellon and best part of the day is in the pool when the sun sets...Colx

  7. This is a sad reflection on society. Fancy having to put up signs and make rules because the idiots in our society do the wrong things spoiling it for everyone else.
    Having fun bobbing in the pool..are you allowed to do laps?

  8. Health and safety has a lot to answer for! I wonder how we all managed to survive without it!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful week and lots of 'safe' fun.

  9. This reminds me of a resort we stayed at once (the colour of the render suggests it might be the same place, but the pool makes me think it isn't). We vowed NEVER to go back, lest we put our left foot in front of our right, instead of the other way around.

    Funnily enough, they ALWAYS have cheap deals going.

    I hope you manage to enjoy yourselves in spite of all the rules!


  10. I hope you have loads of fun, despite all of the rules! And I hope the week drags on and on. I remember those days of not wanting school to start back up!

    Kat :)

  11. Hmmm, Like a red rag to a Bull, rules screaming out to be broken!! LOL, maybe a sign saying what you can do, rather than can't.! Enjoy your holiday with your boys!

  12. My boys are jokingly calling the place "DON'T"..... and have taken great joy in using the boogie board in the pool. They are also taking delight in finding more and more 'don't' signs. Who knew sitting in a spa could be so dangerous! #rebels We're the only ones here anyway. #lowseason. A-M xx

  13. Wow! I just broke out into a terrible version of "Signs" after all of those pictures. Glad to see it didn't dampen the mood for you and the boys at all! :) Enjoy the beach.


  14. hee hee how can you have fun with all those rules I would just have to break some of the rules :))
    Hope you still all get to have fun :))

  15. So unfriendly... do they even realise?
    Hope you have a lovely time. we're driving to Brisbane tomorrow (just me and the kids) and then the weekend at maroochydore and the following week at Sunshine beach. very nice! hopefully the weather is ok. lovely and sunny in sydney today so fingers crossed.
    enjoy the time with your boys!
    cheers Fiona

  16. Enjoy! We came home today - back to work tomorrow.

    TDM xx

  17. Oh dear! Poor boys. We are off on a holiday next week, hope we are allowed to have fun. xx

  18. Haha - that´s a lot of "no-no´s"! :-)

  19. I hope you managed to follow all the rules!! xv

  20. Our primary school in Auckland had a pool (amazing I know) and the kids made a deal with the principal that there would be no rules. And you know what? I know you know what... they've had no problems since the deal was done three years ago... !! A x

  21. Hi A-M and dear boys,

    I totally "second" you on the go slow last weeks of holidays - my precious "Baby" starts school in 2 weeks, so keen to be going tp Pre-Primary "5 days Mummy!", - I am trying to treasure these last days of somewhat no routine, amongst unpacking boxes from our 3rd move in 2 years since relocating to the lovely city of Perth!

    Enjoy the beach, whilst surviving "the rules"!!!

    Christine xo

  22. Maybe they got a bulk deal on all those signs lol??? I think someone has got a little carried away.
    Enjoy the holidays lovely:)

  23. Yeesh. Looks like those signs were drawn up by an attorney!
    Reminds me of a hand-lettered sign I spotted in an olive grove on a Greek island decades ago:
    "No Camping Aloud"
    Still wondering whether it was fractured English or a noble pun!


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