Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Goodies For Cape Cod Designs

Have been shopping up a storm.

All these (and more) will be available from Cape Cod Designs over the next few months.

As you know, photos are prohibited at these dos.
I risked my life for these.

This beauty is over at my Cape Cod Bloggy already.
Click HERE for details.

I have heaps more coming. Couldn't get everything photographed as my iPhone camera died. I fixed it via a "my iPhone screen is black" online forum last night. Phew. 

After my big shop up, I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with my buddy, Linda, from 'The Gong'.

We have been friends since the late 80's, ever since I moved into the nurses quarters in Murwillumbah Hospital, after taking my first job out of Uni as the sole Dietitan at Tweed Heads Hospital. Linda was at one end of the nurses quarters, I was at the other. Boy, we had fun. We both confessed to going back there over the years, to see if was still the same, to catch a glimpse of the verandah, where we had all our French nights....to remember the fun. 

Linda has called me 'Holly' for 24 years, as my room back then was rather floral (Holly Hobby). To Linda, and all her friends and family, I am 'Holly'. It was so nice to be 'Holly' again for one special night.

We hadn't seen each other in over 4 years so our reunion was rather loud outside Hall 1. We moved our noise to a gorgeous harbour-side restaurant and spent hours catching up, photographing each other, texting our friends with photos of us, sharing photos of our boys, friends and family, giggling, crying, philosophising. It was good for my soul. What would we do without real friends? Friends who are 'effortless' (stolen your word Loopy)... and loyal, who fiercely protect you, rally your cause and set you on the right course. Miss you in my daily life Linda. You give such great advice.

She'll be reading this saying, "enough, Holly"... and laughing at that very last sentence. 

I'm off home today, to my gorgeous boys, who have been texting me saying that they've been good and that they've been doing all their jobs. Bless.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Nook

Just delicious! 
Images Courtesy Kat Warren Photography

Have a look at Kat's little 'nook' of the world, over at her website 'Kat Warren Photography', 
Her photos are just beautiful. 

I love the promise of snow, and cosy winter fires, in these photos. 
If I am correct, this is Kat's back yard?

Sorry to always be focused on food .... but this cupcake story had to be told.


Kat also has a beautiful blog HERE.
 Scroll through some of her older posts....her photographs will stop your heart.
Big statement... but true.

My best girlfriend is driving up from Wollongong to see me today, in Sydney. We haven't seen each other in ages. There was a bit of screaming on the phone last night and I'm sure there will be a few screams in the halls of the Exhibition Centre today.

I've found a few little lighting beauties that I am off to order now. 
Happy Monday!
P.S. Say hi to Kat when you visit!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Local Beauty

This gorgeous old place is up for sale in my neighbourhood. 
Let's have a stickybeak......

Love a good hall.
I spy a pressed metal ceiling in the living room.

Great use of the sleep-out. 
I like the full wall of glass.

Beautiful grounds.
Love the exterior colour too.

Oh, the verandahs!

It's on the river too.
You can see more HERE.

I'm off to Sydney for a few days. Posting early today as I am on the 6am flight... sitting here at 4.54am at the airport. I was a Girl Guide... I am always early for everything.

Catch ya tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Love.....

He always makes sure they can all see. Eyes to the front.

..... how my little one makes his bed!

It's a rainy day here today. We were going to ride down to the patisserie but the rain got really heavy so we're going to play with the Nerf guns in the garage and test out our new flippers and goggles in the pool.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Stuff

Haven't felt like blogging much this week. I've been really unproductive workwise actually and have spent most of my time nurturing my boys and 'houseworking'. 

I did hang out at shed a bit though. I had deliveries to do up, new stock to unpack and socialising to do with Scott, the fabric representative, two sheds down. He's a hoot! Hi Scott! We're well connected down at the sheds....although the flower guys never seem to smile (actually they always frown)... which seems strange... as I reckon delivering flowers would have to be the happiest job in the world. You'd certainly be well received by the customer.

This is one of my latest. I love it to bits. 
I think this is the one for my next kitchen.
Big statement... but true.

I love my New England wall sconces...

..and I check each and every one to make sure they're perfect.

As well as the traditional shaped shades, I have these beautiful oatmeal coloured linen, oval shades to go with the sconces. Great Room material I reckon....or with the off white traditional shade, perfect for an ensuite or a bedside.

It's my big boy's birthday today.
Some joy at the end of a shocking week.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sorry I didn't blog this morning. Still so devastated about Mr Lees. 
I have been reflective all day.
15 years ago, today, I was a bride. 
It was a good day.
Life is good.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mr Lees

Image Via Pinterest

Our school community is grieving today. We lost one of our teachers yesterday in tragic, tragic circumstances. 

He was Brynley's favourite Prep School teacher..... you know the teacher you remember way into your adult years as the one who changed you, moulded you, inspired you. 

One year with Mr Lees and you're on the right track for life. Mr Lees believed only in positive reinforcement and had all the boys striving for the ultimate weekly 'Yellow Effort Award', through achieving mini awards throughout the week... on uniform care, punctuality, manners, class effort, Spelling, Maths and 'The Friday Tests'. He was fair too. If you missed a couple of marks in the spelling test, you got a chance to earn them back by scoring a hole-in-one in the classroom putt-putt Mr Lees had set up. He loved golf. He was an international Rugby Sevens Referee. He was so fit and taught the boys a lot about fitness. Mr Lees had our boys lined up every morning under the flagpole for uniform inspection. The boys straightened each others socks and belts before Mr Lees came out with his clipboard each morning. You know, your belt buckle has to line up with your shirt buttons and your sock stripes can't be all 'wonky'. The boys loved it. They loved him. They loved his discipline and his standards. 

My son has an amazing work ethic which all started because of Mr Lees. My boy also has not looked shabby since, thanks to Mr Lees. He wears his uniform with pride. Mr Lees lead by example... he was always organised, always punctual, always happy, always interesting. Mr Lees believed in facing your fears head on. He had fake snakes hanging from the ceiling of the classroom, as snakes were his biggest fear. It was a 'Boy's Own Adventure' being in his classroom.

Just last Friday we waved to Mr Lees crossing the road after school. He had his dear little boy on his hip. He was kissing him and giving him a cuddle after kindy pickup. They were smiling and happy and healthy and vibrant and now they are gone. Life changes in an instant. Devastating.

Mr Lees, I need to tell everyone through my blog that you made a difference, you really did. Things won't be the same without you around. Kristian could not wait to have you as a teacher. We had our fingers crossed for Year 6. 

Our hearts are so heavy for your family.
We respected you very much. We will miss you.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our New Neighbourhood

We went exploring our new neighbourhood on the weekend. We hopped on the bikes and headed to Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, our nearest shopping centre. We had some computer games to trade in at EB Games (gathered during our 'pre-move decluttering') ... and we were long overdue for some Omega-3 Fatty Acids (sushi).

It was very hot, so we stopped under shady trees..... lots.....

... and frolicked under drinking fountains... to keep cool.

We found some lovely shady parks. 
My boys practised all their 'parkour' moves in this one. 
Their clothes are still soaking in Napisan 24 hours later.

The bike tracks are fabulous and go for miles... through lovely parks.

There are so many beautiful heritage homes in our area too.

Graceville, January, 2011

Hard to believe it was all under water 12 months ago. There is still so much construction work going on. 
Some houses have been raised so high on stilts that they look quite disproportionate. If you look closely you can still see the water marks on many homes....mostly just below the roofline. Makes you feel sick to think of how much damage there was. 

I'd love to build a house here....would just have to peruse the flood maps very carefully though. My style of home would fit in beautifully with all the graceful old Queenslanders here.

Went past an absolute beauty on our ride to the patisserie yesterday. Will take a photo when I run past tomorrow.

Happy Monday, have a great day!
PS. Little one has made friends with just about every kid in our street.... and there are many. They are now running in packs.... .. didn't take long. He just walked up to every kid he saw and said "Hi, I'm Kristian, do you want to be my friend?" I call him in when it's dark. He's joyous...he has been holding court showing off his lizards and stick insects...... and the nerf guns are also getting a serious workout.... enough for the whole neighbourhood. My old cranky property manager would have a fit now.... seeing my boy being a little boy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Went To See Bill

I went to see Bill yesterday. With all the rain we have been having lately, he's been a bit like the Scarlet Pimpernel and very hard to find! I had some goodies from my readers to deliver.

Leah sent Bill some beautiful pencils, textas and crayons...

..... and Elaine made Bill a personalised case for his pastels.

Bill was delighted and so touched by your generosity and said to say thank you. 

We sat for ages in the shade of the trees, looking out at the river, discussing life. The birds, that are Bill's friends, were so tame, they sat on my feet. He feeds them well. He has a deal with the local nut supplier...cereal for Bill and seeds for the birds. I said I would try to pop by each week, every Friday if I can. He's going to have a folio of photos for me to look at next week. A local photographer put it together and won first prize for it in something or other. They're all photos of how Bill lives.... with commentary.... a sort of story of his current life. I hope the iPhone captures the photos, as I would like to share the folio with you. I have seen it before. It's very moving.

After Bill, I went and commiserated with the locals that I wasn't a local anymore. Justine's was full of all my favourites. Fridays seem to be the day. I didn't get much work done until they all left. 

The day ended on a happy note... my shed flood insurance payout came through so I can now replace my stock and finish my online facility thingy. I am not into selling things I don't have on hand. Learnt the hard way. This industry is not for the fainted hearted when it comes to supply. My philosophy now is, 'if it's in stock, buy all of it'. Hence the shed.

We're off to explore our new surroundings on our bikes today. There's a bike track starting right at the end of our street. We're going to try to make it to our nearest shopping centre for some sushi. Then we're off to the soccer at Suncorp stadium tonight. Big day.

Happy Saturday!

PS. A big thank you to 'French and English' who saw my post about my tragic sofa yesterday and offered to replace my sofa covers. #greatcustomerservice

PPS. If you have any spare art paper or art materials lying around, that Bill could use, please send it my way. Artists churn through materials and he has pretty much nothing left. When he can't draw, he's sad.