Friday, February 17, 2012

Catch Up

Well, it's been a big week. Sorry I have been out of action for a couple of days. Moving house takes it out of you. I have to have everything unpacked within a minute of the removal truck leaving... so I have been putting in some significant 'unpacking hours' while the boys have been at school. I think I made dinner last night asleep, standing up. #exhausted.

I am managing to make the place feel like home. It's a modern home. Not my cup of tea aesthetically but I reckon I can make any place we live in a home, even that caravan on the school oval I keep threatening my boys with. As you can see, I got my gorgeous Mondo Cherry artwork up on the wall pronto. What is it with people and their picture hooks? Some of the hooks here are so high! What did they hang up there? I've ripped them out, bogged them up and re-established 'correct picture hook positioning'... so all is well with the world now.

Here are my gorgeous lamps, lovingly made by Simone, from Beach Vintage. The artwork is going up in the next study I build.... over a black console.... I have it all my head. 

Look away now, if damaged furniture makes you queasy. Damage courtesy of my removalists.....hence the reason my piano gets moved by a specialist piano removalist .... who for the last 10 years I have not been able to get ANY small talk out of. I digress. 

Yes, so there is always something that gets beaten up by the removalists each move.... I ask, this time, why did it have to be one of my beautiful study chairs?

Ouch! Bit heartbreaking. 
Big's just stuff.
They'll fix it... or replace it.....or else.

My beautiful cream, Italian linen sofa (that I have managed to keep spotless for 3 years, even with two soccer booted boys) was destroyed in an instant under those festering removal truck blankets (that obviously never get washed). Beats me why they don't have plastic for light coloured fabric furniture. They sent someone out to steam clean it yesterday... never the same. Oh and the deodoriser... what? I was out of the room when that happened. Now it smells like the old school toilets of yesteryear. Sigh.

In addition to the damaged furniture, we lost a stairwell light.. and we now have numerous dints in the walls. They were hopeless this time around. The last 6 moves have been relatively uneventful.... so maybe I was due a doozy this time?! If anyone can recommend good removalists for next time, please share!

In more glamorous news, it was also my birthday this week and my boys went all out to spoil me. As well as the most technologically advanced wireless earphones for my morning runs, my favourite perfume and a DVD on 'French Coastlines', they wrote me these beautiful words...

Damn that 'bad pen'. Interesting to note that I have been 'loving, caring and helpful' only over the 'last couple of days'. I haven't come up for air. I think he has noticed that I have been busy.

May it never end.

Got these.

Ate this.

And this.


It was a perfect day.

Now that I have settled my little family into their new nest, I am heading back to West End to shower Bill in gifts, that have arrived for him via my PO Box....from you, my readers! Might catch up on my emails in Justine's coffee shop. Gotta wean myself off West End sloooowwwwly.

Happy Friday!


  1. Your boys write sooooo beautifully...
    WoW, I'm impressed...
    Happy Birthday from me too...
    Tania Maree xx

  2. Those are some serious hearts your boys put in those letters. You are so loved! How beautiful is that. A belated Happy Birthday to you.

    We call them "movers" on this side of the world, instead of removalists. Though I'm thinking removalists is more apt. Sometimes you're plucked out of your environment and it takes a while to make things feel right again. Glad to hear your place is well on its way to becoming home (minus the damaged furniture. So sad).

  3. Happy birthday to a woman who is amazing and so very admired! Your talent astounds me.
    From one of your biggest fans,
    Jenny in Tucson, Arizona :)

  4. Happy belated birthday AM. Dont you just love the letters that your children write, so much from the heart. I hope this move into another house is good for you all . You are doing an amazing job. Love Lee.

  5. You have the most adorable amazing boys! How totally sweet and loving of them!

  6. It's things like those Birthday notes from your boys that makes everything worth it isn't it, so lovely made me all teary :)
    I hope you had a lovely Birthday even if it was spent unpacking damaged furniture!!!!

  7. OH... heart hurt beats when reading Lil AM's note.

    Such cuties. They are your treasure AM and they really adore you. Keep it UP and don't look back. YOUR bright future is just infront of you.

    BDAY? when? Didn't you sent an invitation, so I can drop by downunder? Dóh...

    Heart Yáll AM's and I mean it. HOpe to meet you one...


  8. A very HAPPY belated birthday A-M! Bundle those gorgeous letters up and put them somewhere close. As the teenage years roll on - inevitably there will come days when you will seriously question who these young men are living in your house? The letters will always be a reminder that although they may appear to go AWOL (at times) - the depth and strength of their love is there for everymore! ;)Sharyne

  9. Best wishes for your birthday A-M. How beautiful are those sentiments from your boys! xx

  10. Happy birthday A-M, may the new birth- year be filled with blessings, happy times and loads of fun! I am so impressed with your boys, I may have to send my daughter to Australia when she is marrying age! enjoy every step in your new home,
    Love Colette ~ South Africa

  11. Happy belated birthday & best wishes in your new home! May it keep you all safe, happy and developing great memories. You're doing a fantastic job with your boys A-M.

    Should Brynley find himself looking for a lovely, kind, hard working, highly intelligent girl in a few years time that I think you would approve of, I have one I am doing my best to raise in an adoring manner, over in the UK, that he might like to meet! ;-)

  12. So much to love about this post A-Me, blue chair and pretties, gorgeous lamps and the love of your two very precious lads.
    I think every move results in some damage to an item but oh dear, the chair back and upholstery..hope those get sorted and repaired.
    Have a lovely day in the new abode.

  13. You are much loved A-M! Your sons are such a blessing! Happy Birthday wishes for you on your special day the other day! Fiona

  14. You are much loved A-M! Your boys are such a blessing...Happy birthday for the other day! Fiona

  15. Happy, happy birthday! Your boys are amazing and your place is looking really intriguing. Looking forward to more shots! Fiona

  16. Happy Birthday A-M! Your sons letter to you brought a tear to my eye! Amazing! Enjoy your new home. x Jode

  17. Hi A-M,

    Happy Birthday, glad you had a fabulous day.

    I am crazy about the first two pictures (you'd have to be worried if I said picture 3 and 4). Especially love the vignette in the second picture. Am keeping my eyes open for a lantern, they seem to be everywhere in blogland but nothing nice here in the shops. Those lamps of yours are stunning, they work so well with the wicker and the tones of the books.

    You can't take off the linen cover of your lounge and wash them yourself?? I guess the removalists cloths are like painters drop cloths, after a while paint drips and sticks to them and when they are put on good furniture a scratch can happen. Why they aren't washed I guess it seems too much of a job to do!

    That food is making me hungry!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Take care

  18. A very late Happy Birthday! Love the gorgeous notes from your wonderful boys. What a bummer that you had less than careful removalists this time. Our last set weren't great either - lots of dents and dirt. It is only stuff but it is still very frustrating! Good for you repositioning the hooks. My rental has hundreds of hooks at totally random heights - eg. 5 along one wall but all out of line by at least 20cm. I would love to know what the owners had on their walls!
    Clare x

  19. Happy birthday! A new home to kick start your new year with those two lovely boys. I bet you're exhausted. I'm the same...unpack and hang the pictures the first day to make it like home.

  20. Sorry to hear about the damage the removalists have caused :(

    Your boys' cards are priceless <3 and always make me cry :(

    You are all so lucky to have each other in your lives <3


  21. Sending best wishes for your birthday! Have fun settling in to your new home...Have a beautiful weekend xx

  22. Golly gosh, tears in my eyes reading the cards and with the damage. Happy Birthday for yesterday. Darn those removalists.

  23. Happy house warming A-M. Gosh I feel your pain about removalists. We move ALOT, and everyone few moves is a shocker. Breakages and damage that would boggle your mind. I even had 6 brand new tupperware luch boxes taken??

    Happy Birthday, those boys are just beautiful!

  24. Happy birthday friend, it looks like you spoiled yourself rotten. What poetic lovely hearts your boys have ~ may they never change. Sending you love and hugs across the miles!


  25. Hi A-M, what sweet boys you have created there, I would never want them to grow up!

    Sorry to hear about the damage in your move although......I think I may be able to help you there with your sofa. I just may have a spare cover here. Think of it as a late birthday present!

    Best wishes,
    Heidi & the girls at F&E

  26. Happy birthday, A-M! Those boys of yours are just gorgeous.

  27. Your wingback chair is AMAZING! I am in love!

    Happy Birthday! Your boys are such sweethearts!

  28. Heidi, you are a darling. I tried to call you, the day the lad arrived with the steam cleaner, but you must have been busy with customers.... as the phone rang out a few times. I sort of stalked you as I was concerned about the steam cleaning on my gorgeous sofa. I will call in next week. Thank you! A-M xx

  29. Happy Birthday! Your boys have special hearts to pen such lovely thoughts. Very Blessed!!

  30. Moving sucks doesn't it - and some how I end up with one box where I can't find a home for the items that live in it. Call it the "crap box". I found that anything with fabric in it took on the body odour of the removalists. Not good.

    Hope this is a very happy new place!
    Liz N

  31. What amazingly beautiful athoughts from your boys!
    A very happy belated birthday xx Julienne

  32. Happy belated birthday! And the cards from your boys are priceless (they are such lovely boys), I hope you will feel at home soon, we also moved 7 times, luckily not with so much damage but for the next time I will keep my fingers crossed,
    hope Bill is doing ok, thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us,
    hugs, Maureen xx

  33. Happy Birthday A.M so glad it was a lovely day your boys are gems what gorgeous words :) And gorgeous furniture too I love all your styling you sure have great taste & put it together so well. So sorry about your chair I hope they get it sorted for you I would be so upset :( Enjoy your new home & enjoy your walks around the neigbourhood! x

  34. I think I lost everything I wrote then hope it dosn't double up, glad you had a great birthday A.M the boys are gems what gorgeous words they have written :)
    The furniture looks amazing I love it all styled so beautifully so sorry about the chair hope they get it sorted for you.
    Enjoy your new neighbourhood! x

  35. Oh my, those cards brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful sons you have. Happy birthday!

  36. What a lovely top picture-just perfect!!! Love it. Pity about the removal guys and the damage they caused.
    But a very belated happy birthday!!! Wow, those letters of your sons-priceless.

  37. Wow those boys know how to turn a phrase just like Mum! How sweet, loving and exquisitely articulate of their love for you. Happy Birthday A-M.

    Still chuckling at "Please have your glasses on!!".

  38. Happy Belated Birthday A-M! Am just catching up on my blog reading for the week now. I love your blue and white chair in the first picture - it's gorgeous. Such a shame about the damaged chair - make sure you chase them up for a fix or a replacement!!! So glad to hear you had a lovely birthday. The cards from your boys are so gorgeous. It's obvious they are very close to you and love you dearly. Enjoy your weekend with them. Ange

  39. Happy Belated Birthday A-M! You should be so very proud of your wonderful boys!

    Kat :)

  40. Just another quiet, boring week in the life of A-M. Geez girl, you really need to get a grip & do a few things with your life!!! Anyhoooo, I've been thinking about you & the boys all week & hoping the move went smoothly. What a blow about Dodgy Brothers Removals. You make such a good point about the grotty state of their truck blankets. Looks like they moved equipment from a heavy Engineering factory before getting to your place. Glad to know you were spoilt on your birthday, as it should have been.
    Millie xx


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