Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Happenings

We're flat out here at the moment as we get ready to move next week. We are moving into a house. More room for the boys, more room for my bits and pieces that have been stored in the shed, more room for my work stock in the shed.... now that my bits and pieces will have a home. It's all systems go for 'musical belongings'.

I'm trying not to think about how much I am going to miss living in West End. I have been hanging out at Justine's coffee shop a lot...... because I know I won't be as of next week. I have eaten my body weight in the 'Haloumi Special' and her 'to die for' Brownies. 

I'm going to miss the locals and the 2 lovely ladies who greet me most days at the coffee shop with a post mortem of my morning's blog post. I will have to come back once a week to catch up on all the local happenings.

Our new residence is close to some spectacularly long bike tracks. We can travel further afield from a bike track starting right in our new street. I have been eyeing off these beauties, in the garage next to ours. Aren't they lovely? Not that I am not 99.9% happy with my $49 bargain from Target. My brakes are just a bit questionable...... I have to use my feet to come to a complete stop. It's doable.


I am going to have a wonderful time exploring my new suburb on my morning runs. This is just a taste of what you will be seeing. I have already done a reconnaissance mission. There are some beauties to be found.

And in other news, my boys came home from school completely sunburnt yesterday.....after an unbearable 2 hours on the oval at school, in the full sun ..... listening to the School Principal list off every major event, in every year in the school's history.... since the first year of it's life 100 years ago.

At least they got a good photo. That's all 1800 students. My little tacker is where the red arrow is pointing... see him smiling? Big son was in the second zero, with all the big kids. The second zero does look taller!... they're the ones carrying the eskys to school...bigger household grocery bills in that zero. I can vouch for that.

While I was away in Melbourne, I made sure I stole as many design ideas from wherever I could.
I like the idea of a little mirror at the end of a vanity, especially when it has a light sticking out of it.
This was a hotel public toilet... as you do. Inspiration everywhere.

I am seeing a couple of gorgeous clients today. My first client bought her friend, for her birthday, 2 hours with me! I am so flattered. My second client is doing a major renovation and needs some calming advice.... and then I hope I am not too late to put in an offer on a beautiful block in a prime position on this side of town. Perfect size, good price, a knockdown house. It just came on the market last night. My clients come first so I might miss out. If it's meant to be.....

Happy Thursday!


  1. Good luck with the move and your block - very exciting stuff! My nephew started at churchie this year and is probably in your big boys year! Have a good day - fingers crossed for you! KG xx

  2. Good luck for the block! I hope it's meant to be.
    You'll love having more space in your new place. It will be like Christmas unpacking more of your things :)

  3. Hey AM love those bikes too. I wonder if they bought them from bicycle revolution on montage rd west end just near the corner of vulture st. do you know it? I used to sell those guys lots of old bikes and they redo them in fab colors etc. Check them out you will love them and it's a not for profit business so I know you will be inspired by what they do. Will be thinking of you with the move. I am trying to guess what suburb from the house you thinking maybe clay field ? Or perhaps the hilly part of coorparoo. Xxxx Katherine

  4. Oh the little block sounds intriguing. Good luck x

  5. I'm excited for your move, even though there are things I know you will miss about your old place, it's like a fresh start. And what a sweet gift, who wouldn't love a few hours of your valuable time to create their own dream space?! I hope you weren't too late to make the deal!

    Kat :)

  6. Fingers crossed for the block, but if you don't get it a better one will be around the corner.
    Happy packing.

  7. Exciting to travel along with you as you move. I'm not so brave. And, couldn't have kids so it's always fun hearing about yours.

    25 years in my house.

    Life tumult but, as the song goes, "I'm still here...."

    XO T

  8. Hi A-M
    Good luck with the block - I hope it becomes yours today :)
    Oh and love those bikes


  9. It looks like a beautiful area you are moving to.
    My cousins boy started at Churchy this year. i think in grade 7 or 8.
    We are having massive dramas with our landlords. we told the realestate that we would be ready to move out around April/May. so the owners got wind of that and as they live in melb they now what us to vacate the property so they can come up and stay in an EMPTY house for 10 days from the 6th april (easter). we have offered to put them up in a 2 bedroom apartment 4.5star in Broadbeach instead as of course with all this rain our house isnt ready. and they NEGLECTED it! WTF....
    so my hubby is so mad and says we are staying put. they can go get a court order for us to move. The issue for us is we are in publishing and work form home. we get massive amounts of large emails daily and need a quick internet connection. so any up hevel at that time of year is not going to be good. as you know Telstra never come through with any promises.
    so he is saying that 2 weeks before we r to be gone he will ring the realestate and tell them we have no place to go and wont be out by the 6th. that way the owners have to get a court order to get us out which will take minimum 6weeks. by then our house should be ready.
    we both dont want to go down this path as we NEVER cause any dramas but they r being so unreasonable.
    I HATE RENTING!!!!!!!!!!
    Pen x
    PS "now i will take a breath"

  10. Good luck! You will feel so much better for the bigger space. (after moving of course, that is the absolute pit of jobs.) Cant wait to see some fabulous pics. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. Busy Times A-M. I hope the move goes smoothly. I am sure you will be in your element decorating your new house and re connecting with old treasures.

  12. Moving causes such upheaval but I know once it is completed you will be much more comfortable. We moved over 32 times in 41 years....Don't ask me why because I have no idea!!!! In the end I swear I just whistled and everything we possessed just lined up behind us like the pied piper!!!!
    Good luck with it all and I hope the boys settle quickly. xx

  13. Wow, exciting times - good luck with it all. AS one of the recently moved, I know how exhausting it is. But you'll get there, I discovered that its amazing how much help two boys can be!!

    fingers crossed on the perfect home front, but you're right, if its meant to be it will. I came oh so close to buying a couple of perfect homes before finding the Splendour. When i think back on them now, i dont know what i was thinking!! haha

    Hope everything goes just how you want xxx

  14. Good luck with all.Have been reading your blog for a while now and although continents apart, feel very inspired by your style and attitude :)

  15. Fingers crossed for you A-M though you are right, buying land is a question of destiny and there is little point fretting - so I hope it has your name on it.

  16. Hi A-M.
    I just realised that you are moving to my side of town as i recognise that large home that you have shown in your pics. It's an award winner. I bet it's pretty spectacular inside too. Good luck with the packing.


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