Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Love.....

He always makes sure they can all see. Eyes to the front.

..... how my little one makes his bed!

It's a rainy day here today. We were going to ride down to the patisserie but the rain got really heavy so we're going to play with the Nerf guns in the garage and test out our new flippers and goggles in the pool.

Happy Saturday!


  1. It's the little things you will remember always! Happy Weekend!

    Kat :)

  2. That's a classic. My oldest has a select few on the bed (they rise up through the ranks to earn this privilege). It will be a sad day when they stop making their beds like this.

  3. How cute! My six year old daughter likes to make the bed she shares with her sister and put stuffed animals on it. Kids are so cute and fun!

  4. My son will be 15 this year and whilst now getting interested in girls, mad on cricket and the xbox he still takes the time in the morning to make sure his stuffed elephant and dog are on his bed an can "see out the window mum".....his childhood is still hanging in there:)

  5. your photo as inspired me as I have 3m of that same Cath Kidston fabric sitting in my cupboard....maybe a good afternoon to get sewing! enjoy the day with your boys. K

  6. How sweet! My eleven year old came into the loungeroom with her arms full of every doll she owns as she didn't want them in the bedroom alone as there was a storm brewing... it's the little things.


  7. Isn't he so sweet and caring!! Reminds me of Grace whose 101 stuffed toys get tucked into bed with her each night, she makes sure their heads are on her pillows and that they're lying on their backs :)

  8. so cute! I received a little nephew this week and cant wait to have lovely pics like this to look back on :)

  9. hi A-M,
    Love his bed spread.
    my mum has made me many quilts. i must do a post about them all when i move into our new place in a few months as they are all in storage at the moment.
    You will love them for sure.
    My mum is extremely cleaver
    Pen x

  10. Oh A-M, that is just divine. Joshie is extremely organised about the placement of his as well ☺. J x

  11. Cute, he and my youngest are tarred with the same brush. Bed always made, room tidy, soft toys, well loved.

  12. One of the things I loved about having young children around was how the smallest of things could transport me back to the same age or younger. This is *exactly* what I used to do! (...and probably still would..heee)! Thank you for this! :)

    Sounds like the rain ultimately did you a favour - Nerf guns, flippers, goggles and pool sounds like fantastic fun.


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