Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Local Beauty

This gorgeous old place is up for sale in my neighbourhood. 
Let's have a stickybeak......

Love a good hall.
I spy a pressed metal ceiling in the living room.

Great use of the sleep-out. 
I like the full wall of glass.

Beautiful grounds.
Love the exterior colour too.

Oh, the verandahs!

It's on the river too.
You can see more HERE.

I'm off to Sydney for a few days. Posting early today as I am on the 6am flight... sitting here at 4.54am at the airport. I was a Girl Guide... I am always early for everything.

Catch ya tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Wow, what an impressive home in a beautiful location. I'd love living by the water. Enjoy Sydney :)

  2. This home is incredibly lovely .. thank you so much for sharing with us! Safe journey.

  3. Oh be still my beating heart. Beautiful! Stunning. Gorgeous. Perfect!!
    Enjoy Sydney xxx

  4. Oh A-M What a beautiful home and right in that gorgeous river. I too was a Girl Guide and A Brownie and I absolutely loved both. Such wonderful memories. Enjoy Sydney. Love Nataliexx

  5. Beautiful home.
    Photos of Qld'ers put a lump in my throat because I think of our old place. I just need to remind myself of the upkeep!
    Wonder how close the flood waters came to the house?
    Have a great time at the fair.

  6. Lovely. Just lovely. I could move right in!

  7. Love the house. My brother and sister-in-law own a gorgeous "Queenslander" in Brisbane - it looks very similar to that one. I know they are close to the river, but don't know that they are actually on it.

  8. It would do me for sure! Love it. You are right about the full length wall of windows in the sleep out. It really makes it.
    I do wonder though how they keep the verandahs clean. Mine are always so dusty. Maybe it is just our hot and dusty weather here.
    Happy travels. Deb

  9. This home has been for sale for awhile now ... I have been convetting it for quite some time ;-) I'm not sure if it's the price, the river or both that's putting people off. It looks beautiful.

  10. A beautiful home.
    And I also was a brownie, never made it to a girl guide though.
    I hope the weather is kinder to u in Sydney town
    Pen x

  11. yeah that's lovely! The inside is lovely, so appealing!

  12. What a colonial beauty, the wide front stairs are so very welcoming.

  13. Boy I'd love to get my hands on that. Fabulous family home. I wish we had great old Queenslander style homes down here in Sydney, they really are majestic wonderful homes and so suitable to our coastal outdoor lifestyle.

  14. What a gorgeous house! just beautiful.

    I wish I was a girl guide because I am always late to everything or rushing to be on-time, though it seems to be part-and-parcel with my Fibromyalgia.

    Anyway, enjoy Sydney. The weather seems to be good for far.

  15. Love it. what do you think the exterior colour is? Is it a shade of grey?
    Oh gosh I would love to know.... we are making decisions now of exterior colours. I am loving greys and well my hubby likes more beige/brown/oyster colours ;-(

  16. My oh my I love it !!! :))
    of to dream now :)) x


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