Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Nook

Just delicious! 
Images Courtesy Kat Warren Photography

Have a look at Kat's little 'nook' of the world, over at her website 'Kat Warren Photography', 
Her photos are just beautiful. 

I love the promise of snow, and cosy winter fires, in these photos. 
If I am correct, this is Kat's back yard?

Sorry to always be focused on food .... but this cupcake story had to be told.


Kat also has a beautiful blog HERE.
 Scroll through some of her older posts....her photographs will stop your heart.
Big statement... but true.

My best girlfriend is driving up from Wollongong to see me today, in Sydney. We haven't seen each other in ages. There was a bit of screaming on the phone last night and I'm sure there will be a few screams in the halls of the Exhibition Centre today.

I've found a few little lighting beauties that I am off to order now. 
Happy Monday!
P.S. Say hi to Kat when you visit!


  1. A-M you are so sweet, though you know I've thought that for a very long time now! Thank you for your wonderful post, and for your more than kind words! That is my backyard, looking a little winter weary but lovely none the less...clearly mother nature had everything to do with it and I just get to enjoy it! I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend and thank you again!

    xoxo Kat

  2. Im a loyal reader, occasional commenter and I"m from Wollongong.. such a small world!

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  4. Thanks for the tip, the pics are lovely (and so is the cupcake)..! :-)

    Have a great day! :-)

  5. Shandy, I bet you know my friend Linda. She said to say hi. A-M xx

  6. Living in 'The Gong' I dare say i do know her A-M! It's kinda how things go down here- generally three degrees of separation!!

  7. Living in 'The Gong' I dare say I do know her A-M! It's kinda how things go down here, generally three degrees of separation!!

  8. I love Kat's blog. I've been one of her followers for years. I watch her photography closely trying to see things through her eye and practice with my own camera.


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