Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Now THAT was a big day. You forget how big a deal it is... moving house. It's exhausting.

Nothing like moving house to put everything into perspective too.... it makes you think about your life, your belongings, where you're heading, your goals and dreams. It makes you realise that nothing in life is permanent.... except for change. We're good at change... we almost embrace it now.... as my big one said yesterday, "I was ready to move again Mum". Music to a nomad's ears!

So, we're in. We've moved into our next, temporary, 'I don't know how long for' place. It's lovely.....spotlessly clean, big, close to everything.. and already my furniture has made it feel like home. Three cheers for 'stuff', hey?

I was panicking yesterday, when the removal truck was filling. How can I exhort 'decluttering' and 'only have what you need' philosophies ... and be filling a removal truck to the brim? I gave half my life away to charity last year and I can still fill the biggest removal truck?  The removal guys did tease me a bit about the number of chairs I own. What? I didn't realise! ... I count them now....big wing chair, 2 Louis chairs, 2 office wing chairs (left over from 'The House'), desk chair, desk chair, 4 kitchen dining chairs, Hampton's armchair, 2 silver robe chairs, 2 ottomans, sofa, rococo lounge... ok, so there's a few. They're hard to stack in a removal truck too.....  and yes, one got severely damaged.. but hey, it's just stuff. Just as well the big dining table and 6 chairs are still back in the shed... waiting for the next 'House'!

One of the many good things about moving... is the sorting of your belongings. It is the greatest opportunity to cull and declutter.... and as my little one just said last night, with the biggest grin on his face, "it's just like Christmas", at the unpacking end!

The boys are joyous.. they have their own rooms. Me? I'm exhausted..... and worried about my mounting inbox. If you have emailed me, I'm actioning my inbox today.... between unpacking boxes and 'domestos-ing' all surfaces... as you do.

The next chapter. Where to next? Well if someone could find me a block of land, I will build you all a house. Wish list: minimum 600sqm, sloping up from the road (high side of street), character area (where a Cape Cod-ish home would look half decent), removal home (post December, 1946, i.e., January, 1947 and beyond!). I'll think of something lovely for you if you find it for me. Promise.

Early start today as we have guitar ensemble and I have to meet the 'piano man' back at the old place. The piano has it's own removalist. It's coming today. The boys were gorgeous yesterday. They knew they wouldn't have the piano until today so they squeezed in a practice each, yesterday morning at 6.30am.... sorry neighbours... the last hurrah..... with an early morning tinkle on the ivories!

Now if I could just find the boxes marked 'pantry', I might be able to action some school lunches.... if I could just get my legs to work.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good Morning A-M! Congrats on your move! Big job...good result! Have a lovely day & RELAX!

  2. Glad you're safely moved in. I bet by the end of the week, you'll be well organised and it'll feel like home. x

    You brought back some happy memories for me this morning. My Dad was a furniture removalist and pianos were his "specialty". I spent many days in school holidays going out with him in his truck and watching him move houses full of people's stuff. The pianos were my favourite - such big, heavy things, and he and his mate picked them up like they were nothing... Little girls always think their daddy is so big and strong - well, mine WAS. :)

  3. Wait for the fallout...when the adrenaline runs out!
    You can collapse into a comfy new space. Your hard work will pay off...
    Your newest follower...
    Tania Maree xx

  4. Hi sweet A-M!! Glad to hear you survived reasonably well. Here's hoping that you settle in quickly. Hope you find that pantry box...and the one with the kettle and coffee in it ;0)

    Have a wonderful day.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  5. Glad you are all in safe and sound. Enjoy fluffing and foofing your nest to make it homely and comforting for you and the boys.

  6. Glad to hear you are in the new place...I'm sure it won't take long to make it home...

  7. Glad you got moved! And I wish you luck on the unpacking:)

  8. oh, it is difficult to move isn't it?! your new home sounds wonderful though and I wish you many happy memories there, and music! lots of music!!


  9. Oh A-M glad to hear your move went well! I have a block on 1100sqm... sloping up from the road in Adelaide.... and am having no end of trouble with getting something built on it... sigh.... I think I am almost ready to give up.... Good luck with the search for your perfect block, and happy unpacking!

  10. Don't envy you at all. I still have crap in my garage to be unpacked, or tossed.

    Hope you recover soon and the settling in process is quick and painless. Having a tuned piano is sure to help!

    TDM xx

  11. I wish you and your boys only the best in your new abode...remember the old saying...home is where the heart is...
    And carry on..Colette xx

  12. Yay!!! you did it phew I bet you are so pleased its nearly all organised, glad the boys got to have a tinkle on the ivory's made me smile :))) Well got to say good by to the neigbours tee hee. Hope you will all be happy in your new tempory home untill you find that right block of land I am sure it won't be long befroe you find something.
    Now get out your Nespresso machine make yourself a large mug & chill for 5mins (dont forget) take care A.M
    Lainey :) x

  13. well done darl, you're in!! that's the worst part over - now the fun really begins! xxx

  14. Moving is the worst. Those long tiring hours of carefully wrapping and boxing your treasures to be ready for the movers. The meticulous cleaning of the new house, making it ready for your life to move in. Then the moving day, with the careful instructions to the movers and the directing where things are to be placed. But, what a thrill to have a clean slate to decorate. A new fresh space to make a home with your new ideas. I have always said I wish I could empty the house onto the lawn and start fresh again.
    Be sure to take care of yourself A-M. Everything will fall into place. Wishing you the best in your latest new adventure.

  15. Aren't you and the boys the best - no moaning, just getting on with it and seeing the bright side of things. You go girl!

  16. So glad to hear you've made it through the other side of another move! Congrats. Now dig in and enjoy the new space :)


  17. Well done, and in good spirits! I hope it is a very happy transition for you all.

  18. I'm with the little one! I always loved the unpacking and would reorganise and reorganise until it felt right!!!! Have fun unwrapping everything and I will mention to my son what you are looking for as he is now back in the city!!!!
    Curl up with your coffee and just spend a few minutes enjoying this new space
    Julienne xxx

  19. You must be exhausted but sound settled already! Have a great time in the new place, making more memories.

  20. The act of packing and unpacking fills me with dread, but once you're settled it will be divine. Moving across continents and hemispheres was a challenge but the 'stuff' that I sorted through was fabulous. I love how your boy sees it as Christmas - that's heart lifting.
    Enjoy your new place.

  21. So pleased you're finally into the new house. All those chairs sound fabulous. They'll make the place look like a home in no time. Hope there's a bath so you can have a long soak! And don't worry about all the boxes. There will be plenty of time to unpack. Janelle

  22. Good luck with the unpacking. I'll keep an eye out for the block too!!

  23. A.M., Just wondering if you watched the first episode of Revenge on channel 7. It's set in the Hamptons and is inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. It will be worth watching for the gorgeous houses alone. I am a long time reader of your blog but could never comment as I didn't have a blog? I am not very computer literate so maybe I could but didn't know how. When I saw those beautiful houses I thought of you and knew I had to make sure you knew too! Now to work on setting up my very own blog. Wish me luck A.M., you inspire me!! Lou xxx

  24. you poor darlin, I hate moving, who doesn't. I swore next time I'd pay for someone else to do the whole thing, but I'm dreamin again! Hope you settle in quick, and def hope to see you get your new home asap! Cape Cod n All! xxxxxx

  25. Home sweet home!
    All the best & don't break manicured nails I hope~

  26. Love moving, it's cleansing, you really are faced with exactly what you really do need in life & that is your beautiful family. Love Posie


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