Friday, February 10, 2012

New England Elegance

Look at this heartstoppingly (is that a word?... it is now) gorgeous home! 
Brace yourself...... it's here in Brisbane. 
I know!

This beautiful home belongs to one my readers. Believe it or not, after gazing at her photos for a while, I realised that her Great Room (with fireplace) was the room that originally inspired me to do the whole 'stone fireplace with window seats on either side' thing in 'The House'. I have a wrinkled page from some magazine featuring my reader's very fireplace somewhere in my 'House Box'... at the back of the shed! 

I think the bookcases inspired me too. Oh yes they did!... I remember... the little drawers above the cupboards... yes! It was a while back. 
That fireplace... yep, right down to the hearth...this was the room that started off my Great Room.

This is the entry.
Look at the little light in the newel post! 

Now the good news is... if you desperately have to live in this beautiful can... because it's for sale! The listing is HERE. .... with heaps more photos! Run, don't walk. Ref: FF, 2010.

Don't the weeks fly? We've already had 3 weeks of Term 1. Mini-brag... my big son made the 'BJL' team (Brisbane Junior League) for soccer. It's the highest level he can play at for his age. 

Bursting. With. Pride.

Little one is also excelling at soccer as the best striker ever... and he has joined the school choir too. So we now have something on every afternoon after school.... soccer, scouts, soccer, choir, piano, soccer, guitar. Bye - bye life. I will be spending most afternoons in the car with computer on lap....and loving every minute. 

Anything for my beautiful boys.

Happy Friday!



  1. Beautiful house! I can see the influence between homes everywhere.

    Congrats to both of your busy boys and you ~ you are models of flexibility and having fun while you do it. Have a fantastic weekend A-M!


  2. That is a stunning house. There is a gorgeous one here on the Gold Coast that was featured on Grand Designs that is similar in style.

    I have been using 'The House' as my inspiration for many things since the minute I picked up HB in June 2010 :)

    Congratulations to you and your boys. Good luck with your move.


  3. Hi AM. Wow...what a find..The little post light is really lovely as well as being practical. (My kitchen is very similar!)

    Well done, boys... a busy life & doing so well!

    Just have to visit this house on the weekend...

    Have a lovely time together!


  4. Good morning A-M,
    i love the creamier bench top.
    i am in such a good mood today. we are having such an issue with our landlords, we are about to tell them where to go as we have secured accommodation in Sierra Grand Broadbeach for as long as we need. Fully furnished, gym, etc......

  5. Hi A-M, what a beautiful home, I can see where your inspiration came from for your gorgous fireplace. Congratulations on the soccer team, that is very big news.x

  6. Gosh, what a FABULOUS home. THe location on top of a hill with verdant surrounds is just perfect. I love all the pictures on the walls too!

    Congratulations on the soccer team, what a proud moment for you both!

  7. And look at that backdoor ....

  8. Beautiful A-M....but you're kitchen was far superior:-)
    Best of luck with you're move- hope you have some lovely friends or family to assist you. I love a change!
    My wee son has also joined the school choir this year! If not for our children.....
    Happy moving!

  9. Hi! This is my first visit to your lovely blog.
    I'm glad I found you, so now you have a new follower from across the globe, in Norway!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Anette Willemine

  10. You are so dedicated to those beautiful boys A-M. I love that.

    Talk about Wow of a house. If it weren't for those gum trees I would think English countryside somewhere.

    I loved your Great Room too.

  11. very lovely, very inviting - it doesn't get much better than that!

    good find old girl!! xxxxx

  12. Hi, A-M. Long time follower, but rarely ever comment. I got a little chuckle at the last part of your post because it reminded me of my life. I sometimes spend up to 3-4 hours in my car driving the kids to and from all their practices and lesson. I have what you call a "carseat-booty" now. It is flat and shaped just like my carseat. If you figure out a way to avoid it, let me know. Good luck with all the new fun adventures!!

  13. My friend just bought this home - after I started following your blog and went to sent her the link...the rest is history. Can't wait to pop in for a spot of tea!!!! Too exciting. Love this and you cape cod blog - thanks for endless inspiration!!

  14. No, no! Didn't you send the link when I was already looking at it? Lol - looking foward to that cup of tea with you when we move in. It is even more gorgeous when you walk around it - absolutely huge too, which is what we need with 4 kids. It is a beautiful example of the style, and a real credit to the owner/designer (who is a gorgeous lady too, btw). I'm going to have to get entirely new furniture to reach the same super high standard (will be trawling through your pages for some ideas and sources)! Love your blog - very inspiring.


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