Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Goodies For Cape Cod Designs

Have been shopping up a storm.

All these (and more) will be available from Cape Cod Designs over the next few months.

As you know, photos are prohibited at these dos.
I risked my life for these.

This beauty is over at my Cape Cod Bloggy already.
Click HERE for details.

I have heaps more coming. Couldn't get everything photographed as my iPhone camera died. I fixed it via a "my iPhone screen is black" online forum last night. Phew. 

After my big shop up, I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with my buddy, Linda, from 'The Gong'.

We have been friends since the late 80's, ever since I moved into the nurses quarters in Murwillumbah Hospital, after taking my first job out of Uni as the sole Dietitan at Tweed Heads Hospital. Linda was at one end of the nurses quarters, I was at the other. Boy, we had fun. We both confessed to going back there over the years, to see if was still the same, to catch a glimpse of the verandah, where we had all our French nights....to remember the fun. 

Linda has called me 'Holly' for 24 years, as my room back then was rather floral (Holly Hobby). To Linda, and all her friends and family, I am 'Holly'. It was so nice to be 'Holly' again for one special night.

We hadn't seen each other in over 4 years so our reunion was rather loud outside Hall 1. We moved our noise to a gorgeous harbour-side restaurant and spent hours catching up, photographing each other, texting our friends with photos of us, sharing photos of our boys, friends and family, giggling, crying, philosophising. It was good for my soul. What would we do without real friends? Friends who are 'effortless' (stolen your word Loopy)... and loyal, who fiercely protect you, rally your cause and set you on the right course. Miss you in my daily life Linda. You give such great advice.

She'll be reading this saying, "enough, Holly"... and laughing at that very last sentence. 

I'm off home today, to my gorgeous boys, who have been texting me saying that they've been good and that they've been doing all their jobs. Bless.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. There is nothing like 'effortless' friends is there and they are the ones that really count at the end of the day. It was so lovely to finally meet you albeit in Sydney and 'stalker like' - ha! I wish you all the best for a successful year and hope we can catch up again one day in Brissy. xx

  2. Oh my A.M I can just imagine you trying to take the pictures tee hee I have the mission impossible sound track going in my head, great shots all gorgeous lighting, will have to get you to sort out my lighting for my next home.
    Gosh havent even lived in this one for a year yet & planning already I am terrible!!!
    So glad you had a good time catching up with a great friend by the sounds of it :)))) x

  3. Thankyou for reminding me to call a friend. i havent spoken to her in a few months, so time to catch up.
    Pen x

  4. I LOVE pineapple lamps.
    Great to hear that you had such a lovely time catching up with an old friend.

  5. I love those pineapple lamps too. When will you get them in and how much?
    Sounds like a wonderful visit - shopping and friends!

  6. be still my heart........... PINEAPPLE LAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh. deep,deep love. :)

  7. A-M Love Love Love the Black lights... how much will they be? Do you know the size?

  8. Oh A-m I remember ur globe light picture taken under the same risky ventures!!! Could anyone stop u- classic:-) ur so lucky to have such an ' effortless' friend ( I'm stealing that phrase too).
    Enjoying your blog... Still hoping to hear from u about price on those lovely oatmeal oval lampshades pretty please!!! hb72@hotmail.co.uk

  9. I also went to the trade fair & as soon as I saw those lights I thought of you, I just new that they would find a home with you....
    Love your blog, thanks for sharing your life with us all....

  10. Thats funny! My Sister is Linda and she is from 'The Gong' and I call her Looch or Dizzy (as in dizzy lizzy). So lovely to hear you had a nice time.
    ...and by the way, I think I found my new workroom light!
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  11. Wonderful lights A-M. The pineapple lamps remind me of Newport. Love them!

    Pure friends who lift you up are rare and precious. We are blessed to have them.

  12. You are a better slueth than I A-M. I had my knickles severely wrapped for snapping an inocent pic for a client. (All was forgiven though when I forwarded said pic and placed an order! LOL)My fault, I forgot my manners in not asking first. I took an 'effortless' friend as my guest to the fair, their value can never me underestimated can they? Glad you enjoyed your trip on so many levels,
    x KL

  13. I love the lights - I have to move back to Brisbane so I can buy pretty house things !

    I am love love love "effortless friends" - the extra special people in our lives, where you know it doesn't matter how much time has passed since you saw them last - you can just catch up from where you left off last time, and they make your cheeks hurt from laughing and your heart beat faster just because they are there :)

  14. My husband and I lived in Mur-bah in 89 and early 90 when we were first married, before moving to Brisbane!


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