Friday, February 24, 2012

New Stuff

Haven't felt like blogging much this week. I've been really unproductive workwise actually and have spent most of my time nurturing my boys and 'houseworking'. 

I did hang out at shed a bit though. I had deliveries to do up, new stock to unpack and socialising to do with Scott, the fabric representative, two sheds down. He's a hoot! Hi Scott! We're well connected down at the sheds....although the flower guys never seem to smile (actually they always frown)... which seems strange... as I reckon delivering flowers would have to be the happiest job in the world. You'd certainly be well received by the customer.

This is one of my latest. I love it to bits. 
I think this is the one for my next kitchen.
Big statement... but true.

I love my New England wall sconces...

..and I check each and every one to make sure they're perfect.

As well as the traditional shaped shades, I have these beautiful oatmeal coloured linen, oval shades to go with the sconces. Great Room material I reckon....or with the off white traditional shade, perfect for an ensuite or a bedside.

It's my big boy's birthday today.
Some joy at the end of a shocking week.

Happy Friday!



  1. I hope he has a wonderful day!

  2. I've had a crappy week too A-M. Must be something in the air. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Looking forward to a meet up soon. x

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely boy and Happy Anniversary to you, I love the photos. Rachaelxx

  4. Love all your new stuff A-M.

    Happy Birthday to your big boy, I hope he has a fun day filled with love laughter and happiness.

    Have a wonderful day A-M.

  5. The last photo showing your boys at the beach is stunning, I love it. Hope your son enjoys his birthday and his mum has a happy day too. x

  6. Happy Birthday to your big boy, hope he has a terrific day. Acutally, my big boys birthday is coming up soon so I would love to hear what sort of gifts he liked.
    No wonder you haven't felt like blogging, you have been so busy.
    Now I am wondering about the Flower guys. You are going to have to pester them until they smile or fess up. I wonder if they have to get up too early in the morning, or maybe just simply not enough caffiene in their diet. Ps love the lights.

  7. Hope he has a brilliant day A-M. Happy Birthday!!

    Love your lights!

    Some people certainly aren't mindful of the face they show the world. If nothing else, it helps relax the facial muscles and minimises the need for injectables.

  8. Happy birthday eldest son- may u have a very special day- A-M, could u please email me the price and Height and width if that most beautiful oatmeal lampshade. I feel they would b perfect as my bedside shades. Many thanks.

  9. Happy birthday to your big boy. Hope he has a nice evening celebrating x

  10. Well happy Birthday..I hope it was a lovely day.
    It has been a very emotional week for you all I hope you all have a lovely relaxing family weekend Julienne xxx

  11. happy bday to B, hope you all have a lovely time together celebrating! xx

  12. Happy Birthday to your oldest! He's becoming such a man:) I know how proud you are of both of them - go enjoy the day!!

  13. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday celebration, you all deserve it!

    Kat :)

  14. The first time that I saw your blog, was the big one birthday and he was so beautiful!!!!! I loved the photo. He is a young man now, more beautiful and a great son! Good job, A-M!


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