Monday, February 20, 2012

Our New Neighbourhood

We went exploring our new neighbourhood on the weekend. We hopped on the bikes and headed to Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, our nearest shopping centre. We had some computer games to trade in at EB Games (gathered during our 'pre-move decluttering') ... and we were long overdue for some Omega-3 Fatty Acids (sushi).

It was very hot, so we stopped under shady trees..... lots.....

... and frolicked under drinking fountains... to keep cool.

We found some lovely shady parks. 
My boys practised all their 'parkour' moves in this one. 
Their clothes are still soaking in Napisan 24 hours later.

The bike tracks are fabulous and go for miles... through lovely parks.

There are so many beautiful heritage homes in our area too.

Graceville, January, 2011

Hard to believe it was all under water 12 months ago. There is still so much construction work going on. 
Some houses have been raised so high on stilts that they look quite disproportionate. If you look closely you can still see the water marks on many homes....mostly just below the roofline. Makes you feel sick to think of how much damage there was. 

I'd love to build a house here....would just have to peruse the flood maps very carefully though. My style of home would fit in beautifully with all the graceful old Queenslanders here.

Went past an absolute beauty on our ride to the patisserie yesterday. Will take a photo when I run past tomorrow.

Happy Monday, have a great day!
PS. Little one has made friends with just about every kid in our street.... and there are many. They are now running in packs.... .. didn't take long. He just walked up to every kid he saw and said "Hi, I'm Kristian, do you want to be my friend?" I call him in when it's dark. He's joyous...he has been holding court showing off his lizards and stick insects...... and the nerf guns are also getting a serious workout.... enough for the whole neighbourhood. My old cranky property manager would have a fit now.... seeing my boy being a little boy!


  1. It looks wonderful A-M and it's nice to see you and the boys settling in! My dad used to own a shop at Graceville many years ago and I would catch the train after school twice a week to go and help out and then on Saturdays. Luckily in those days, shops were only open until noon on a Saturday. That is a long time ago, isn't it?

  2. Great to hear you have settled in quickly and lovely to have found new friends in the street already - absolute bliss for a child.

  3. It looks like a beautiful area A-M and I'm so glad the boys are enjoying it and making lots of friends - happy memories!

  4. Hi A-M,
    We live in Graceville and it truly is the most beautiful suburb. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The little patisserie you are talking about wouldn't happen to be Miette's would it?! Hope you love living in this neighbourhood as much as we do.
    Rochelle x

  5. Wow, it all looks so lovely and a perfect place to raise your boys. I hope you will find real happiness and peace there after such a turbulant time. Wishing you the very best. Belinda x

  6. Graceville is such a lovely place to call home. Glad to hear you've settled in well. xx

  7. How do the boys get to school now? It's a lot further out. Is there a bus/train or do you have to drive? Driving in Brisbane traffic would do my head in! :-)

  8. Sounds like you've landed in a lovely place and wonderful to hear that the boys can be free to be BOYS!!

  9. Graceville is definitely a suburb I could "do" ... it's just so far away from all of our family & friends for us. I wish where we lived though had more children our children's ages plus not be a street used for short cuts. Ruins that neighbourhood feel. Enjoy your new house!

  10. Joy, joy and more joy! Lovely to read.

  11. I love Graceville there are some really beautiful homes there. I didn't realise it went under in the floods. Keep discovering and enjoying. xxx

  12. Sounds like you have made a fabulous choice of home. I love the thought of the kids riding and having lots of others to hang with. We are in EB games discussions here tonight. Big boy wants to sell the lot, but little boy is not ready. Wish me luck.

  13. oh i love Graceville! my darling uncle owns a mechanic workshop in Graceville - if you need my car serviced let me know and I'll get you his details!!! x

  14. Graceville is so beautiful, I know what you mean about all those stunning Queenslanders. Great to hear the boys are settling in, I am sure the three of you will love living there. Fx

  15. Boys being boys! How wonderful. So glad you are already so settled in.

  16. Oh - lots of lovely Brisbane memories, I grew up in Graceville and worked at Graceville Seafoods on weekends when I was in year 12 :) I then moved onto Mitre 10 Indooroopilly - which was much more fun ! Oh my boys love the boat park - will have to visit it when we are back next.


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