Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sorry I didn't blog this morning. Still so devastated about Mr Lees. 
I have been reflective all day.
15 years ago, today, I was a bride. 
It was a good day.
Life is good.



  1. I haven't got the family or the tragedy out of my mind either. A lot going on in your mind A-M, gives those boys a few extra cuddles xx

  2. Stunning photo. My bridesmaids were in ivory too, as was I. With ivory roses as well....just five months and a day ahead of you! Freaky...

    Yesterday's post was heartfelt. We, all of us, can't pretend to reason it out or understand it, but we must acknowledge the pain that is there and also the goodness that was given.

    It just doesn't bare thinking about it....

    Hope your lads are soldiering on. With you as their champion, next to them and with them every step of the way, they are safe.

    Thanks for the wedding pic! Do so LURRRRVE a wedding! Any details you wish to share will be devoured by me. :-)

  3. Such beautiful dresses! It must have been a lovely wedding. And look what you've got out of it - two gorgeous boys!

    Yes, Mr Lees' death was awful, and so senseless. It's (almost) understandable that a person could take their own life, but to take their child's too? That's just beyond comprehension. I feel for your boys. Expatsinpng is right - give them a few more hugs this week!

    Janelle xx

  4. Take care A-M - it is so so sad. Have quiet time at the moment and just be - there is a lot going on for you all and you need to just take small steps and deep breaths. Pain of this magnitude is beyond most people's experience or comprehension. I wish I could say more to make it better - but sometimes it just isn't - life can be so hard and cruel at times. We need to find ways to grieve, cope and understand.

  5. So good you can see that today A-M a big hug for you and the boys Julienne xxx
    PS the photo is beautiful.

  6. You were a lovely bride and you didn't curse your bridesmaids with dresses that aged badly. What a wonderful picture.

    I'm sorry about Mr. Lees. I had something similar happen to someone I knew through work (luckily, not involving a child) and wrapping my head around it was so difficult. xo

  7. Such joy in this moment A-M.

    So much to be thankful for. x

  8. Well you were a beautiful bride A-M. Prayers for you all tonight.xx

  9. And U were the most beautiful bride and still the most beautiful heart I ever known in bloggie world.

    Keep it up Lady? U R wonderful in every angle, remember that!


  10. What a gorgeous photo A.M. Sending big hugs to you!! :) x

  11. A beautiful bride A-M & a wonderful snapshot of happiness.
    These are the moments to be treasured.

  12. Sending you and the boys much lovexxxx

  13. Lovely wedding photo, you all look so happy and relaxed....and gorgeous!

  14. You are as beautiful now as you were 15 years go <3


  15. You all look so happy. We must all be thankful everyday, your blog helps me do that. I wish the media reported suicide better, I know they have their reasons (fears about copycats), but it makes it seem shameful somehow, which it isn't, and not very common, which, sadly, it is.

  16. Lovely photo A-M, just think of how you have grown even more beautiful in those 15 years! I am thinking of you and the boys and also Mr. Lees family, so sad!


  17. Stunning photo and what a gorgeous bride A-M!
    Big hugs to you and your boys and a sloppy kiss from Will :)

  18. My sympathies go out to you and your boys. It seems like we tend to think that some people will live forever. It makes it even harder when they are amazing human beings, the deeper you love, the deeper the hurt. What a wonderful picture of you and your bridesmaids. Isn't it INSANE how fast time is flying by (I know we talk about this a lot). Happy belated birthday, looks like your boys took good care of you. All my love, Heidi

  19. A little late but had to say.... Just a stunning pic. Timeless and joyous. Life is good, you are right x


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