Monday, February 13, 2012

The Things I Loved About Living In West End

The gorgeous old homes.

Our bike rides into the city.

 Justine's 'Haloumi Special'.
Posto, Boundary St, West End.

Something was always happening.
The flood made sure of that.



What Bill taught my boys about life.

The sunrises from my deck.

The cute little streets.

The unexpected...

... every day...

...only in West End!

Bill's artwork.

RIP... he was cut loose by vandals and floated out to sea.

The view from my bedroom.

The view from Justine's coffee shop..... my 'office'.

The western sun in my living room.

Our walks along the river.

Our groovy apartment.

The river.

The food.

My early morning runs...rain, fog and shine.

The sunsets.

This is where home is though.

Happy Monday!
We're movin'.



  1. So many good memories wherever we may be. And that so cool coz we keep them in our hearts, FOREVER.

    I can't wait to see your new habitat AM with my 2 Mr. AM's...

    Hugs for a brand new life.

    God Bless you always,

    Greetings from freezing Stockholm,

  2. Memories of West End will stay in your heart forever A-M.

    Wishing you and the boys all the best for the next stage of your journey together.

    Hope all goes well with your move.

    Love you lots. xox

  3. Congrats, I´m so glad you´ve found a place! :-) You can still visit..! :-)

  4. So many good memories, and many more new ones to come! Good luck moving and just think, this time tomorrow it'll all be over. Thinking of you today XO

  5. One chapter closes....another one opens. Hope the move goes well. ;)Sharyne

  6. Can't wait to see your new digs!

  7. Great memories of a great spot. You'll make great new memories in your new spot. We look forward seeing it x

  8. Beautiful visual way to sum up the things that brought you joy throughout your stay there (so happy that duck made a guest appearance in the pictures). Home is where you find it and make it though....soon enough you'll be snapping and blogging the new "office" and treasures you find as you settle into your new home. Best of luck, looking forward to your new home!

  9. Good luck with your move A-M. May it be problem-free and a fun adventure. xx

  10. Dear A-M, hope the move goes without a hitch. Your summary of life in West End is a real treasure but home is where the heart is and those boys of yours have lovely warm hearts:>)

  11. Can't wait to see your new place...
    Tania Maree xx

  12. hey babe - have a safe move, I can't really say have a "fun" move can I... but hang in there, you'll be settled in b4 you know it! Wish I could be there to help you a bit!!! :)

  13. An excellent photo story of your times in the West End. Hope your move goes smoothly and best wishes in your new home.
    Rebecca x

  14. How nice to reminisce, lovely shots and lovely memories.
    Good Luck with your move today, I hope it all goes very smoothly.
    You can now have more things to love in your new place. x Jode

  15. A-M, Only the best of luck with your move.
    Hope you have found a new home that inspires you as much as West End has.
    If through your move you think to yourself "why is this all so hard". Take a look at what you just posted and image what will come to you in the year ahead.
    Life is a journey full of suprises in places we least expect.
    All my best wishes,
    Daryl Wark

  16. Best of luck with the move A-M. Hope you and the boys get settled soon.

    I LOVE West End and will miss it too (which is odd since I have never set foot there) thanks to your reverie.

    What an impressive study nook you had! Hope you can make a similar space in the new place.

    Love those gorgeous, joyful faces!

  17. Best wishes for the move and a happy settling in!
    The memories will always be with you and just think now you will have a new place to explore and new friends to make! xx

  18. I could how much you were enjoying your life there, because they way you wrote and the picture you took, I felt at home too. Happy moving. All my love, Heidi

  19. Ah, West End. Full of life! I hope the move goes smoothly even though you are moving south! There are some gorgeous Northside spots! I hold out that maybe you might make your way Northside soon! I have many praises for Mitchelton myself. Roz

  20. Good luck with the move A-M - we just moved Friday - into our new home with some beautiful pendants over the island bench (yours of course!) Am looking forward to some more decorating inspiration!

  21. Good luck with the move A-M - we just moved Friday - into our new home with some beautiful pendants over the kitchen island (yours of course!) Am looking forward to some more decorating inspiration!

  22. happy Moving!
    You have such great memories. Bill will surely miss you.
    We are moving out next friday. read all about why in my latest blog
    you wont believe it
    Pen x
    oh i hope the rain stays away for the move x

  23. This must be hard to leave. Looks so beautiful what you could see out the window. Hope the next one is just as lovely. Fiona


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