Friday, March 16, 2012


Dear Courageous Girl,
It is funny how much easier things get with practice. One of the hardest things in the world to do...standing up for ourselves...really does get easier with truly does.
What is it that makes it so hard to stand up for ourselves in the first place? We all have the right to respect and freedom....why is it so hard for us to put a stop to things and relationships that are disrespectful or that take away our right to choose or to live the way that we believe deep in our hearts?
It has often been said that the fastest way that destructive things grow is not when we participate in them...but when we stand aside and do nothing to stop them. Dear friend....your life, your beliefs, your values, your dreams, your freedom is worth standing up for. Dig deep to find conviction in what you truly believe in...and when it gets threatened, stand up for it. If you don't do it, who will?
You are so brave.
Your thoughts, opinions and beliefs matter.
You are so very loved.
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  1. Read your commetns on Bullying.

    I've seen it actioned by Mothers, Work Colleagues, Managers, Junior Staff...

    It is insidious and must be stopped.

    Can you imagine what Nightmares these people must be to live with? Me either.

  2. Oh Gorgeous. We're on the same page today. Yet again. Thank goodness for the BGC! J x

  3. Wise words! I found that after I lost both of my parents and went through hell before each of them passed, that there is little anyone can say or do that is negative or hurtful that really affects me. If my family loves me and my dogs love me that's all I need. My friend once told me when I was dealing with my father, that I had turned a corner and that I now knew what righteous indignation was. Once you have that sort of awareness about who you are and how others treat you...there's no turnin' back so to speak, and that's a good thing!!

    That bully did something they never intended, they gave you power and a resolve you never knew you had, and now there's no going back. Power on my friend!

    Kat :)

  4. Spied this in my words of wisdom file - and it is so true and for you A-M ...

    Haters don' really hate you, they hate themselves cause you're a reflection of what they wish to be.

    True words but then they are weak and use vile behaviour to try and weaken you. Picked the wrong girl din't she? She must be very unhappy to be so nasty. Pretty much sums up the bully profile. The need to get out more and get lives. Have a fab weekend - last day of Sat sport for a bit here - woohooo!!!

  5. Thank you for this poignant reminder. I've never regretted finally standing up for myself but will forever be hard on myself for standing back and letting things happen to me.



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