Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Via Pinterest - original source unknown.

Over at Live Bold and Bloom blog, there is a wonderful post in which 20 top bloggers share their most life-altering, fearless actions. It's an inspiring article to read.

I found this contribution, by Farnoosh Brock, from 'Prolific Living', most inspiring, as I too have made a similar shift over the past few years....

"The one bold and fearless thing was a mindset shift when I decided to follow my own gut, my own feelings and my own decisions without the weight of everything and everyone around me. When I decided to fully trust myself and the direction I was choosing my life to go, I made the biggest boldest shift. From that change in perspective and mindset, all my other seemingly fearless decisions have followed from leaving my lucrative corporate career, to getting a boyish haircut, to feeling confident about my present and ultimate success. It may not seem like much, but if you can believe in yourself and trust your decisions and honor your feelings, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish".
...hence the reason I find myself sitting amongst professional musicians in a symphony orchestra every Monday night now, telling myself that all I need is practice. "You can do this A-M, you can do this". Doesn't help that they are all violin teachers!... and my last formal lesson was like 30 years ago in my teens. Fearless I am. Fearless. Mantra....mantra....mantra.... affirmation....affirmation....affirmation.

Do you find yourself doing more fearless things as you get older? I find that I am seeking them out now. Life is too short to be scared of anything. Anything.

Happy Tuesday! We're off to the cathedral tonight for the school Easter service. Little one is singing in the choir. Awwww!


  1. Reading this post was a wonderful way to start the day. Thank- you!
    Fearless I am........
    PS Love your blog and pinterest boards!

  2. Good Morning A-M

    Thankyou for your morning inspiration today. As you know I embarked on blogging this year and that was my fearless step, it only took 3 years of thinking about it. What was I scared of? Rejection, failure the list was endless. As it turns out I am enjoying the ride and having a wonderful time blogging. Who knew?

    Congratulations for being so true to yourself and a wonderful example to your boys. Kind Regards

    Shell - A Darlings Nest.

  3. Yep - definitely more fearless as I get older. Going to Bangladesh to teach last summer was my last (and one of my biggest) fearless acts. Good for you for practicing all week on the violin. Onward and upward!

  4. How lovely. For me, a driver who had difficulty driving into a new area unless Top took me there first, my moment came when I said I would drive the car from Hobart to Brisbane (What was I thinking?!!!) and I did it!! Until now, nothing was quite so frightening again. Now every step I take is a step into the unknown but somehow I am managing it with only a little (alright a lot!) of fear but still I am doing it!!!! xx

  5. We failed to make a splash this morning when we missed a swimming lesson after getting stuck in traffic. Should have left earlier! Arrgghh.

    Life is too short to be fearful and stuck. I have been reminded of my mortality lately and never was it more evident that if I am to make a mark, I better get started!

  6. I do believe the past few years have been living fearless for us, making monumental decisions and living with the results. In fact one of the biggest life changing events may well be just around the corner but sometimes it is left up to the Gods' for the final act to play out.

  7. I find I am becoming more fearless every day.I learn more each day through the wisdom of others.I have become more confident in who I am. I love it when you get those "ar ha" moments as oprah would say, when something just clicks and everything just makes sense and you know that you can take on the world, love it!Enjoy the beautiful singing voice of your little one tonight xx

  8. Such a wonderful post A-M, a great reminder that we are often our own worst enemy! I hope the service went well tonight, and I'm so darned excited about you playing with an orchestra again!


  9. I only do fearless when faced with a jarring situation in my real life. I cut my hair, I dye it blonde, I pierce something, I tattoo something, I raft down rapids, I do as many things as I can to remind myself that I am still a whole person, no matter what has happened to me.

    I still need to get practicing my violin (naughty naughty).


  10. Hmm, this got me thinking...
    At first my reaction was that the older I get I'm probably more cautious now than I've ever been. Fearful of consequences (usually imagined ones rather than actual) so usually shy away from new things.
    However, I did move to the other side of the world, left a beautiful country village and gave up a good career a few years ago...So I can do it! I just need reminding every now and again.
    Thank you for doing the reminding today A-M.

  11. Oh Anne-Maree, i can totally relate to this & i am finding, with each experience my children meet up with as they get older, i have flash backs to where i was at the same age, how i reacted & moved forward. I'm not kidding, this includes bras - we're not to them yet but any mention of a bra sent shudders down my spine of embarrassment, where my daughters just laugh & talk so casually about wearing bras in the future!! It just makes me feel so much more fearless as a adult, whatever made me so embarrassed at that age or stage in life, my children are flying, so job well done & time to take on some of my own adventures. Love Posie

  12. PS enjoy the Cathedral service & beaming smiles with your young man singing. My eldest had her academic prize assembly today, i was bursting with pride & even scored a fantastic photo of her receiving her awards from the principal. Second row - i learnt from the last ceremony, to be front & centre!! Love Posie

  13. "Face your fears" is one of my mantras. Stepping out of my comfort zone has only ever brought me good things.

    Love your work, A-M! :)

  14. Oh Gorgeous. You know how much I *get* this post, my fellow Brave Girl. Isn't it exhilarating? J x

  15. You are always an inspiration A-M but I too, have become fearless with age. Life is definitely too short to not try new and courageous things. And I learnt last week, that there is no guarantee of a tomorrow so just go for it!

  16. Yep, dive in! If it doesn't turn out you've only bumped your head.
    Believe in your amazing gift...that's all you need.
    Ness xx
    Marley & Lockyer

  17. seriousl heaven food - you'll need to go for a serious run after that A-M!
    Taubman's has always been my paint of choice as ir rolls on like a dream.
    I can't wait to repaint my bedroom and use 'endure' as a painter seriously sold it to me to be as good as the ad. says!
    I'm a colour girl - you should see my grren wall in the kitchen area, purple and green as requested by the chn in their playroom (with red chairs)
    Got to love some colour!


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