Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Musings

I still get to run along the river in the mornings....
....just a different bit of it....

... although at the moment I am stickybeaking at the streets...
... and marvelling how high the houses are being raised after the January, 2011 flood.
This suburb and surrounds copped it big time.

They're being raised so high!

... or being rebuilt on mounds... with waterproof frames!

Still a few telltale signs of the flood.
It's a busy suburb. Lots of building happening.

After my run, it's off to the shed.
It's not all hard work. Sometimes I put my feet up and catch up on invoices.
The glamour.
It's nice and quiet so I get lots done.

Sneak peek at my new ginger jars.
Sourced them for a customer and got extra for my shop. 

I've decided I'm rather fond of studs at the moment...

..... or 'Art Deco-ish'...

Hampton-ish....I'll take all of them. I'm not fussy. I just love them....
... well this week, anyway.

Oh and good news.....the light I featured yesterday, I am getting a prototype made up. 
Hope it's nice. 

The adventure continues.

Happy Friday!


  1. I can understand residents raising their houses so high. Aside from the flood security, I imagine there are a whole lot of insurance reasons as well. Coming from Christchurch, I know a lot about insurance issues!

    Love the studs. I have just recovered a chair and included them. I wasn't sure at first but they just finish the chair nicely.

  2. Oh my, those houses do look disproportional high but I would probably do the same if I lived along the river.. Have a great day. xx

  3. No flooding in Brisbane this time round A-M? It's hard to get a grasp from so far away.

    Loveit ginger jars...

  4. Love the chairs A-M! They are just gorgeous! I can't believe the height of some of those houses but better to be safe than sorry. It was lovely to bump into you in Sydney the other week. I hope you had a successful trip to the fairs. Ange

  5. Oh, I love that last chair..well I love them all. And how cool about the lights! Enjoy your weekend!

    Kat :)

  6. I suppose that eventually they will look right, particularly if there are a lot of them at this height but for now they look just a wee bit out of kilter!!!!! xx

  7. LOve the ginger jars, they are gorgeous. I hope this types ok I have a colour in my hair and I am not game to put my specs on. Those house look towering.
    Have a great dy. Deb

  8. Deb, you are hilarious! A-M xx PS we have stick insects eggs.... saving you the trouble this year... although they have all been given away to school friends!

  9. That yellow house looks "ridonculous" up so high! Love the 3rd last studded chair ... grown up chairs I call them. Imagine bolognese hands on those ... oh the humanity!

  10. OMG - Brisbane has started a trend - bet Sydney starts copying raising their houses - it's all about this million dollar sea views here! Love the art deco studs A-M. I found a lovely little junk shop chair (Moo was horrified when he saw it) BUT with some new fabric and studs I think we'll all be very happy with it! Have a fab weekend - i'm off to the Boutique Markets - yay have been hanging out for them to swing around!


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