Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's All In The Lighting

Doesn't the lighting make such a difference?!
I was doing some 'realestalking' yesterday and this beauty caught my eye. 
I thought it was a deep navy blue.

Images from HERE

Such a pretty place. 
Gables. Every house needs a gable..... says me.

In breaking news, I did a deal with one of my boy's friend's Mum... so my boys get picked up on Tuesday mornings at 6.30am now! I reciprocate with the after school pick up. Oh bliss, oh joy. The magic that is car-pooling!

Oh, and in other breaking news, I have an offer in on a block of land. It's a flat block. No house. Not too hopeful as the list price is ridiculous and way over everything else in the suburb (because it's a clear block). I thought I'd give it a go. Nothing to lose. Stranger things have happened. That's how I got my last place.... through 'strangeness'!!! Is that a word? I know it is in physics. 

I have already drawn out the site plan. Nothing like getting ahead of myself. Had to... it had to be feasible, as it is a small inner city block. Anyway ... I won't budge, after one offer increase, and if he doesn't budge.. end of story.... and the adventure continues!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Ooh, good luck A-M! Let's hope the owner is desperate for a quick sale. x

  2. Fingers and toes crossed big time - sending hope and luck your way!

  3. Hope the universe aligns for you and you will the proud owner of a block A-M.
    Have a lovely day. xox

  4. Good luck to you! if it's meant to be it will be! fun following your journey - can't wait to see the next house you build. You are one talented woman!

  5. Good luck A-M. Although sometimes the fun is in the looking!

  6. Exciting times A-M! Hope it all goes well. Inspiration must flow from every street you venture down? Your pics of late have reacquainted me with these lovely parts of Brisbane (Toowoomba reader). I spent much of my early teens to twenties there and being a country girl, I appreciate the beauty in charming older homes and leafy gardens. Enjoy reading your blog, makes me want to go 'stalking' inner suburbia houses - the best things in life are free remember?

  7. I am putting it out to the universe now A-M.
    It will be not only great for you but fun for all your readers to share the journey of building again.
    Karyn x

  8. Oo, how exciting! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  9. Fingers crossed for you A-M. As you said, stranger things have happened and sometimes lady luck is on your side when least expected! And, you're in it to win it rather than wistfully just dream'n! Good for you!
    x KL

  10. oh if only we could car pool. my petrol bill was $900 last month
    Pen x
    Good luck with your offer

  11. Super exciting re the block and the 6.30 am pickup.

    Re lighting, it's crucial for both houses and FACES. I know I look my best in murky candle light. So kind on my aging collapsing sun and smoke ravaged face.

    Cheerio x

  12. Oooh good luck A-M! Keep us posted. In other breaking news I've been trying to reply to your email for days now but need a good break of time to catch up with you. Wait for it, it will be coming soon!


  13. I love your attitude A-M. Good luck with it all and enjoy the car-pooling, hope it makes a big difference for you!

  14. crossin fingers and toes for you darlin! xx

  15. Yay for car-pooling and empty city blocks!

  16. Hi A-M,
    Im crossing everything, in knowledge you will get a bite.
    Sending energy your way, seeing you building another beautiful home to inspire many more people.
    best of luck,
    Warm wishes,
    Daryl x


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