Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lighting Jewels

I don't know what it is about lights.... but I am obsessed with them. 
To me, they are the jewellery of the home. 
Aren't these beautiful? Just perfect for this kitchen.

 What do you reckon, should I get some similar ones made?
 ... and add them to my growing collection in my shop? 

Busy days. Thursday is the busiest... piano lessons and then soccer practice, after school.... 2 lots. We don't get home 'til late and then there's dinner and homework! Thank goodness Friday comes next! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the lights. They kind of remind me of old fashion milking buckets.

    I know what you mean about is really hard to keep all of those balls in the air sometimes.

  2. Please A- M , lights with rods !
    Are they against the law or the law of design in Australia ?
    I was going to do a post this week on where are the rods. I love their clean straight lines.
    Every Australian magazine shows pictures of kitchens with them. But I have been unable for 2 years to buy them.
    Karyn x

  3. You've just got to, A-M. They are just sooo different !

  4. They are stunning and you are right, perfect for that kitchen.

  5. They are heavenly, as is that sink in the kitchen! Busy afternoons are an excuse for an easy tea in my books...sushi anyone?

  6. Love , love, love the lights, but how many down lights do you really need? Surely that amount can't be good for the environment.

    I'm falling out if love with 'downlighting over kill'. What are your thoughts?

    Also I think they could do with some frosted window film on the windows so they can open the blinds and let in the natural light.

    But love the cabinetry, surfaces and tiling.

    Xx C

  7. These lights are a seriously nice design A-Me.

  8. They're different........unusual.....but nice!

  9. Stunnng lights for a beautiful kitchen <3

    PS. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog if any of your followers are interested in entering. It's a $249 interiour design voucher. Details are on my blog:


  10. They are superb, haven't seen anything like them, so yes add them to your gorgeous collection!

  11. They are pretty...

    *sigh* One day I'll replace my temporary (and boring) kitchen pendants. Still so many other things to do though, so it's low on the priorities list.

  12. Oh you must A.M they are gorgeous & that kitchen is so yummy too! Hope you get to enjoy Friday I know the feeling with busy nights!! :) xxx


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