Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Nook

Isn't this a lovely little nook? .. such a pretty space, bathed in glorious natural light. Those shutters are just perfect.... privacy, but still lots of light. I love the idea of furniture in bathrooms. I might just do this next time... nook, furniture, shutters.. the lot. I'm thinking.... some fancy wallpaper above the wall tiles perhaps?... depends on the floor tiles. The desk/chair would be white and the mirror, silver. Yep, I can see it..... and there would be some grey in those floor tiles....Ann Sacks style.... like these:

or with a touch of black:

..... or the ones I keep coming back to, after years of loving them:

Sigh! Still sets my heart a flutter after all these years.

Monday! Two more weeks left of term. Where have those school fees gone? The term needs to be longer! 

I have a sick boy at the moment... but he has to be ambulatory... as he has a week of exams. It's going to be a struggle. He has inherited his mother's tragic lungs. The 'atypicals' love him... just like they love me. My Dr rolls his eyes at me when I say, "I swear a little Mycoplasma or Moraxella has taken up permanent residence in my lower lobes". As a little tike, I used to wait for the loud drums/brass in orchestra so I could hide my cough. True. That was way back. If they're out there, they find us, those bugs..... she typed, cough, coughing in the dark, hunched over her computer! 

My poor love.... lots of nurturing this week. 

I'm slinking into an orchestra tonight actually, to see if I can keep up. If so, I might stay. I miss my music. I did 19 years as the solo violin in a bush band, surely I can survive back desk second violins in a symphony orchestra.. although there's lots more semi-quavers. Bit different to 'Wild Rover', 'Knees Up Mother Brown' and 'Tenpenny Bit'! I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow. Bit nervous...but I will regret it if I don't try. 'Do something every day that scares you' right? Yep, tick! I am prepared for it to go either way! 

Have a happy day! 


  1. Good morning AM. I love the nook - perfect. Hope your boy gets better quickly and wish him all the best for his exams. I am sure he will be brillant. Lots of Mothers Love should see him bursting from his sick bed in no time. Have fun sneaking into the orchestra. I am sure you will have a blast. Enjoy your day. Nataliexx

  2. Hope tonight goes well. Good on you for taking the plunge. I do love the little nook, I wish we had some in this house.. Please tell you sickie that the stick insect lady hopes he gets better quickly.

  3. Good Luck tonight x I'll be sending you lots of positive vibes. Good on you for pushing your boundaries!

  4. Really love the last photo of the floor tiles, beautiful. Hope your little boy is feeling better and good luck tonight. x

  5. That last tile is beautiful but I think oh so hard to clean? Oh well, we can dream can't we, and in that dream there would be a maid... Hope your son feels better soon, school is hard enough at that age without illness as well, and good luck and have fun with the orchestra, I wish I had musical talent, but alas no it wasn't meant to be :)
    Have a lovely Monday A.M.

  6. I have a mini shrine to Ann Sacks in my house, with a few little samples they gave me from their NY showroom, the colours and finish are to die for. I would visit them every day if I lived in the US just to take in all that beauty.

  7. I am certain you will love playing tonight A-M, and what a blessing to be able to! You'll be fine.

    I love the last tile, so refined and subtle. There's an Ann Sachs not too far from me...

  8. Oh A-M! I think that's my favourite nook so far. That blue has me swooning and those pretty decorative tiles are divine. I'm plumping for the Ann Sacks ones! Have a fabulous time tonight. J x


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