Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Nook

This morning's kitchen nook comes all the way from a property called 'Bright Bliss' in Bright, Victoria.
Oh look, my bar stools and lights! They have such fabulous taste down there.

'Bright Bliss' is self-contained, luxury accommodation, situated at the foot of the Victorian Alps, walking distance from the Bright town centre. 

Isn't it pretty?!

Love the stone.... and the gorgeous light!

I've checked out the map.....smack bang in between Fall's Creek and Hotham ski resorts!

Check out the tub! Imagine soaking your aching 'ski legs' in that!

'Mor' body products and Sheridan towels.
I'm there.

... and look!
I'm so there.

They have a website HERE.
.... and they have deals on their Facebook page HERE.

Hmmm, maybe I need to get my act together and plan a Victorian Alps ski trip. Maybe end of term 3?..... when big son is tripping the light fantastique in Japan on his school trip? What a great base for a ski trip. Via Melbourne of course. Centre of the universe. Got to get my fix.

Busy day of clients today...then my second orchestra rehearsal tonight. Been practising all week. Not so scratchy now. Although my boys would disagree. Little one skipped past me yesterday with hands over his ears! I kid you not.

Happy Monday!


  1. when I saw the thumbnail on my blog of this Nook, i thought it was your old kitchen. Funny that I just know your stools and lights and associate them with you.
    have a good week
    cheers Fiona

  2. Yes I agree, I too thought it was your kitchen for just a sec. Little one makes me laugh, what a character you have...Loving the rock feature wall.

  3. I thought the same as Fiona! We had a week in Bright a couple of years ago and loved it. A quaint little town.
    Have a good week, A-M.

    Jennifer xx

  4. How stunning! Love it all - especially the feature stone wall/timber palings combination with the exterior light (and the kitchen lights of course!)
    What a perfect place to stay.

  5. No wonder it is called bliss. Id be blissful staying there! Fiona

  6. Bright is such a beautiful town! Actually, the whole area around them is beautiful. Gorgeous to see in the autumn with all the leaves orange & gold. A great foodies area too with so many fabulous restaurants and farm doors to visit. Still remember the seasonal tasting plate we had in a small cafe whilst on holiday. Never went skiing there but if you go, the roads are very windy. Pack some travel medicine!!!

  7. May I come too!!!!
    What a luxurious place to stay. xx

  8. Hi A-M, that place looks gorgeous! I wonder how far it is from here to go there. The bathtub just looks great and I love the kitchen! (of course) Good luck with the violin practise! PPE x

  9. Hee cheeky fella hee love that property I would love to holiday there of for a peek at there web page :)) Have a happy week of tunes!! :)

  10. Ooh A-M, this is such a tease ☺. How utterly divine. Another one for the 'one day' list. J x

  11. Gorgeous and we are planning a now trip with the boys. ill check it out. My little one puts his hands over his ears when I am singing now that's even worse! xx

  12. Pretty! It's gorgeous. Oh and that bath, I am going to sit her and day dream for a bit. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. Falls Creek is the best, we have a little place there so i am biased! its such a lovely village, i love driving through Mytleford in the autumn, its such a beautiful part of our country.

  14. Tricked me too with my fave lights and bar stools (they're iconic now A-M!) but I would LOVE this place and probably forget to step outside and enjoy those Alps.

  15. Bright it self is a really pretty town especially in autumn with all its deciduous trees that changes colours. I stayed there over Easter some years ago, loved it. You should go this time of the year :-)
    Anette :-)

  16. Hi A-M, It's Rae here from Bright Bliss. I've been so enjoying the comments from all these lovely ladies. Thankyou all so very much! I must say I had my copy of "Home Beautiful" featuring "The house" firmly in hand when completing Bright Bliss so A-M has been a huge inspiration. Thanks for sharing this A-M and for giving me the opportunity to share Bright Bliss with all your lovely blog followers xxx

  17. One day I'm going to extend my rushed trips to Australia and travel around the country more! So tantalising!

    (When a friend and I were practicing for our choir, Felix sat on his haunches in the doorway and howled like a wolf - so supportive).

  18. Do it, A-M! My in-laws are about 5km from Bright, so we're there quite often. Great restaurants, wineries and oh, the magnificent scenery!

  19. I just got these stools! They are wonderful, but REALLY tall.... hope the kitchen bench is taller in our new house or we'll be cutting the legs down so that we can fit!


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