Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New On Board

I have 2 lovely new blog sponsors..... now contributing to the 'Feed A-M's Growing Boys Fund'.

First, say hello to 'Miss French Navy', from French Navy.

She creates the most beautifully elegant stationery...

.... including wedding stationery and stylish personalised stationery ...

.... in the most fabulously happy colours.

.. and look, monograms too:

...and 'Miss French Navy' has a range that is sold in Liberty of London!
I know. Exciting.

Aaaaaannnnnd to top it all off, she has a bloggy HERE..... which just exudes style and sophistication.

Coast and Country Homewares have also joined in the fun.

Their gorgeous collection of homewares, soft furnishings, tableware and jewellery is inspired by our beautiful Australian coastline. There is also a touch of the Hampton's in there too. Their range delights me as I have found lots of blue things!

I especially love their blue and white collection. 
I am seriously in love with this plate.

...and look at their gorgeous tea lights!

... striking...
..... and robust enough to survive a Spaghetti Bolognaise session, powered by boys.

I hope you enjoy these lovely shops.
Say hi from me!

Happy Wednesday!

Oh and PS, thanks for all your encouragement yesterday. I was so 'encouraged', I practised until dark and knocked off Debussy's 'Petite Suite' in only 2 hours! Sorry neighbours.... no, it wasn't a kid, it was an over enthusiastic grown-up making that noise. Oh how my fingers hurt this morning. A deliciously nice hurt though! 



  1. Just came over from Daydream Living - your blog is very lovely. Loving that French Navy stationery - will definitely pop over and have a browse. Laughed at your Debussy story - I am also trying to re-teach myself some of the piano from my youth. I tend to do it during the day, when no-one is around - but I'll definitely blame the kids if anyone ever hears me!

  2. I love both of these sponsors! The stationary is beautiful and that tablecloth is to die for!

    Keep practicing!

    Kat :)

  3. What fab new sponsors, Lovely. Miss French Navy oozes class and those blues have me smitten, too. Over to theirs for a look-see! J x

  4. Lovely products from both sponsers :))

  5. You really know how to pick your sponsors...they are all just so lovely. I will keep my eye on that tablecloth as it is perfect for the new home...when I eventually get it!!!!

  6. OH A-M, so exciting to see Miss FN stationery over here - love it. I love my sets and it truly ensures I always write a thank you note, birthday greetings etc because I love using it. And the best bit? the gorgeous navy blue box it sits in on my desk xxx


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