Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Subject Of Tiles

You'd think the email questions, re my house build, would have dried up by now. My house was finished in early 2009.... but I think there are some old ragged copies of that Home Beautiful mag still lying around in Dr's surgeries.... as I still get at least 3 enquiries each day over something in that house.

Today I am going to slightly waffle on about the tiles I used in the house... as I need to put them down in a post..... so I don't have to keep rummaging through my specs box to find the details each time I receive an enquiry.

All my tiles were sourced from Urban Tile Company, Capalaba, Brisbane. No, I am not getting paid to promote them. I have not been paid to promote any of my suppliers or subcontractors. I did get a scratchie once from my kitchen people.... oh, and a restaurant voucher. They have gotten many, many kitchens out of me. And hey, Lloydy, pool dude... my next pool is free right? I digress.

Urban Tiles were great. I will use them again.... even though I am nowhere near Capalaba now. Nothing was a problem. When we ran out of tiles, more turned up the same day. We ran out of tiles because I was a rookie tile estimator and ended up deciding on having more tiles in places where they looked nice!.... like subway tiles as a skirting feature in the laundry.

I used the same tiles in all the wet areas... bathrooms, toilets, laundry, downstairs powder room.
The floor tile was a grey tile with rivers of white running through it.
If you are wandering past Urban Tile Company, looking for it, it's code is MB45SA001. 450 x450.

I cut this biggie up into mosaics for all the showers to give the floor a bit of grip.

I have an aversion to shower glass so I ended up adding a hob to the downstairs powder room, as the shower was used every time there was a pool run..... down the side decking, into the laundry and up into the powder room shower. The hob was handy as it contained wet togs and other pool paraphernalia whilst showering was underway.

You can see the wall tiles.. sort of... in this photo. They were white with a beautiful damask pattern in them. Their code was: KH16W240. 300 x400.

Construction photo. I confess, I had to use shower glass in the boy's bathroom. It was the only bathroom that had glass. I used the mosaic tile on the hob around the boys bath to make it all look a bit more masculine. 

I used a gloss white 200 x 100 subway tile for the kitchen, butler's pantry and laundry.

I had an email from a lovely gent this morning, who remarked, "I don't know how you could leave that house'. I look at these photos and I am glad that someone else is enjoying it and I have the opportunity now to do it all again.... can't wait to get into all this nitty gritty again!

Happy Saturday! We're off on our bikes to get the papers. I am being called as I type.... "Hurry up Mum"!


  1. We used the same tile company for our renovation and extension. We enjoyed the same amazing service that you describe. They are now called Edge Tiles and Stone and their show room is undergoing a renovation itself.

  2. Oh yes, it would have been hard to leave but i can imagine even with this glorious successful build, there were things you learned, ideas changed & you can do it again, even more fabulous. I love that we're building a house after we've lived in 6 houses along the way in our adult/ parent life - we really know what we don't want, like a cyclone shelter in the bathroom (granted that was Army housing in Darwin). By the time we build we'll have 4 children aged 10 to 15, space is the biggest priority, living space for us to all be together, personal space for them to escape to. I'll be going through your back images, that's for sure. Love Posie

  3. Oh A-M their is that wonderful pantry of yours. I am not able to fit it into my kitchen this time. but rest assured i will be having it in my next build for sure.
    Have a great week end
    Pen x

  4. Hi A.M. I never get tires of all those gorgeous house photos. Actually I'd like to know what you used for your kitchen window blinds. I adore them and have had a pic of them in my shortlist for some time.
    Min x

  5. I love your pantry A-M and all the gorgeous glassware in there. We're hoping to freshen both our bathrooms up this year so your post has given me some great ideas. Enjoy the bike ride. I just got back from a walk with the dog. It's such a lovely day to be outdoors. Ange

  6. You're lucky that you're happy with your tiles. I'm so disappointed with ours. I like the look but I would bet my life that they haven't been sealed. Tiler says they have but a Tile Sealer guy (not sure what his correct title is) says they're not, hence the fact that I can't get the #*#*#*#*s clean. It will cost $$$$ to professionally clean them then seal. I suppose we won't do this, as you do, until we decide to sell & need the house to look immaculate.
    Happy Weekend.

  7. Andrea, just rang Urban Tiles to make sure they haven't changed their name! You are referring to their competitor down the road! There area few tile people down that strip! A-M xxx

  8. I always love to see "the house" photos too! Just a quick question, I'm not sure if you have mentioned it before, but what is the profile name of your kitchen cabinets?
    And I just want to add, I love the way you deliver such a varied blog post from day to day! It's a bit of everything and such a pleasure to read! You provide some wonderful inspiration and a lovely snippet into your day for us to share! Love it.x.

  9. I have just had the absolute worst experience with mosaic tiles being laid incorrectly. It was a nightmare and we lost a lot of money. I've cried so much over it. It's nice to see mosaics here laid correctly....without crooked joins!

  10. Thanks for sharing your tile info, especially the sizing of your subway tiles. I can see why you still get questions about that house, it just has something special about it. Buuuut I have been through your whole site ( I sat up and read through the whole thing in one sitting) and I cannot find any mention of what colour you painted the exterior of your house in?? Maybe I missed it due to bleary eyes but could you put me out of my misery and share.

  11. What is a hob? Love your blog!

    Lynn in USA

  12. I have noted all of this. I will be copying. ;))

  13. AM, I have drooled and admired The House since I picked that copy of HOme Beautiful and I still have it! I also noticed in the current HB, a couple in Brisbane obviously loved your home and style too, as their kitchen and ensuite is just like yours! I still go over The House with a fine tooth comb as it is stunning and very much my style. In our local area there are strict building guidelines and a weatherboard house is favourable, a brick home would have no chance of being approved. The style of the lovely Queenslander is something we need to see more of :)

    I can't wait to see what you do next :)

    V x

  14. Nice to see shots of the old place again mate, & yes, you will get a another chance to do it all again. This will of course, afford you world dominance in bloggie wonderland, which is how it should be.
    Millie xx


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