Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Music

For your auditory pleasure this morning.... snippets of music from my boys' school music concert this past week. Apologies for the tragic quality. I sat in the front row but on the wrong side.... so all you can see of my boy is his white collar under Mr Neville's right conducting arm!

NB. You'll need to be in a quiet place/sound proof room/vacuum to be able to hear it... the magic of acoustic guitar!

Little one has just joined the Prep Choir. They sang, 'If I Only Had Brain'... which couldn't be more relevant for that age group. He's the one right on the end, on the right.

He told me he can't wait until his voice drops so he can sound like this:

I'm whipping out my violin today for a quick practice. I am sneaking into an orchestra rehearsal tomorrow night to assess their standard.... and if I am up to playing in back desk second violins! Since I gave up my bushband, after 19 years, I miss making music. These school concerts don't help with the yearning.

Happy Sunday! I am being cooked bacon and eggs... so I will just sit here, and sip my coffee with my feet up, until it is served!



  1. Morning - how wonderful to hear Sting first thing in the morning - takes me back to a concert I attended of his where it was just him and a guitar. Sooo sexy! Love hearing your boys too A-M, I like the song choices. Our music department is very good but the song choices are sooo boring. At the moment Mr 8 is learning 2 songs that as he says are "lamo". He sang them last night to me - beautiful singing but I can't help agreeing - "lamo"!

    Have a great day and enjoy your breakfast!

  2. Gave me chills when I heard the part "I'll send an SOS to the world, I'll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone gets my ... " LOVE the guitar but it's one instrument that's eluded me. It is on the "Bucket List" though.

  3. It never fails....always on the wrong side for good shots. You'd think the kids would give us a heads up!


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