Sunday, March 4, 2012


I ran past this beauty this morning.... well I walked... and then ran after I took photos.... just in case the owner started chasing me. It's for the good of nation, my 'run past' photos.

I love it. It's so different.

That's all the photos I could get, as it started raining. Despite placing my iPhone in a snap-lock sandwich bag, in my arm thingy, I am still paranoid about it getting wet.

I did manage to have a chat to a local about the flood here. Boy, almost every house was under. This gent I was chatting to said that the flood drove no-one away. They all stayed and rebuilt. There is a lot of 'suburb pride' here. I want to build a house here but I am afraid of the insurance premiums.. really. I have had quotes just for home contents insurance....from $359 pa in West End to $4000pa here..... and those companies who will exclude flood and cover everything else?.... the premium is still not much under $3000. I smell a rort. Can you imagine what a whole house would cost to insure?

I have a house full of teenage boys. We've just had pancakes whilst dissecting the school dance last night. Lots of girl talk. 

I used to go to the Churchie school dances...... back in the day, when I went to State High. They were the reason I chose my boy's school for my boys.... as the lads were such gentlemen....even at the dances. I used to catch the train home with them. I used to think they were so polite and had such nice manners. I remember saying to myself, "when I have boys, they're going to go to that school". Isn't it funny how life turns out?

Right, the days events are about to start so I'm off to be the voice of reason amongst some excited lads.

Happy Sunday!


  1. So glad they had a good night A.M. & nice to see the boys school still has the same values as when you were younger! They sound like they are turning into fine boys, you will have all your blogging followers with daughters lining up to get introduced in a few years :))))

    That house has such charm about it, feel's like it could be in a little village in England, such a shame about the Insurance cost being so high!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :) x

  2. Very nice, It looks so "solid" , & I like the circular garden out the front.

  3. I have a unit in New Farm, fortunately they were built up over the garages, which were flooded. My boy went to BBC for a few years he loved it there, except for the silly boaters they had to wear!He now lives in west end also. Have you considered wearing a bum pack to put your ph and keys in when you run ?

  4. Love the shape and the heaviness of the roof particularly over the porte-cochere! perhaps more a Melbourne style do you think?
    Not so keen on the brick, if it were mine I think I would paint it!!!!!
    Have a lovely day J xx

  5. Oh A-M i worried about how much the insurnace would cost and you have confirmed my concerns about living in this pretty suburb. Its so close to the river unfortunately. Beautiful house though and i love the fact that it is different, see even brick can be quite charming! Love Cathyx

  6. I used to go to churchie dances too although I must have known a different set of boys because I can't remember them being that gentlemanly ha. Maybe because my three older brothers went there too. They were both day boys and boarders at different times of their school life. The boarders were definetly on the larrikan side. That house is fabulous. How are you finding the longer school run?

  7. Keep showing us your favourite houses A-M. There are so many in this neck of the woods! This is a beauty...

  8. I used to go to Churchie dances too - in full rara skirts or knickerbockers - ah the best of the 80's. They were such fun day.. Soooo cool.

  9. I remember this house from my years of stalking the gorgeous houses. I'm thinking this has had the second level added in the last 10 years.
    Good find!


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