Saturday, March 17, 2012

10 Things I Am Seriously Loving At The Moment

1. The smell of my home...
...between my lilies...

... and this new fragrant stick thingy from 'Circa Home' (Jasmine and Magnolia... to die for), my home smells like a florist's shop....but sounds like a pet shop. 

We're keeping the live crickets, for the lizards, in the garage (to keep them away from the magpies). The acoustics in that garage are spectacular.... chirp, chirp. Who needs music?

2. Exploring my new suburb.
Love the batwing gates and the gable vents on this one.

3. Visiting the old...
.... every Friday.....'Bill Day'... although I couldn't find him yesterday.. left him a note.

4. Cooking for my hungry boys. Can't fill them. 
This vege lasagne does both of them, for one meal.
The secret to filling hungry boys?... pasta.

5. Catching up with family.... cousins...

... grandparents.

Some pretties on my Mum's dining table.

6. My work days. 
They're varied and full of surprises ...
.... and lovely customers and blog readers who I get to meet every day.

I'm not that lazy at work. 
Katrina and I were sending each other photos of our work clothes and having an in depth discussion about #leggingsarenotpants, in the build up to our winter wardrobes.

7. Finding obscure things for customers.
I rise to every challenge.... you want it, I'll find it... with gritted teeth determination.
Found it Olivia! I will email you!

8. Finding new beauties.... that are better than the old models!

... and of course, my boys.

He's number 9...

... and he's number 10. They deserve their own numbers.

We had a music concert at school this week. 
I will share it with you tomorrow... if I can get the downloads happening.

It's Saturday! I plan to breathe out, linger and savour.

Have a happy one!

PS. Didn't get the land. He just wouldn't give it up for under his ridiculous price. In the end, he wanted to do a joint venture with me... him provide land, me build nice house. After some sound advice from my twitter followers, I realised that I would be doing all the work... which is fine... but how do you put a price on my work and come to an equitable outcome? I know people do it all the time... but this time 'round I plan to have less catastrophes, despite catastrophes being good blog fodder!

I'll find a better block :)


  1. Enjoy your weekend and sorry about the land, something else will come along!

    Kat :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the land deal falling through, but to be honest, it's probably for the best. You don't want to get into an arrangement with someone who could turn into a nightmare. Even though you may be doing all the work, (and not minding that part of it)he could be the one causing you more hassles and headaches than it's worth. Stick to doing it "your way"

  3. Well done A-M, say "No" to business partners. A better block will be around the corner.x

  4. Sorry about the land. Sounds like he got a bit greedy and wanted to cash in on your amazing talents!

    I realised I have become addicted to seeing that haloumi sandwich on a regular basis. Makes me salivate every time, like Pavlov's dog.

  5. What a shame a-m, but it just means there is something much better waiting to come along! In the meantime, keep enjoying all those lovely things you have right now x
    ps I'm with Siobhan - that sandwich looks yummo!

  6. Love the look of that Vegie lasagne.
    Mmm i may do that tonight
    Pen x

  7. I love the house you have in mind, its gorgeous, your land will turn up, but inner city bne is not in the gfc at all, as you say. Those lillies are divine, love the Mc Cafe mug!

  8. You'll find some land, this one just wasn't meant to be! I have a candle by the same brand called 'Mango and Papaya' they it next, it's divine and makes me feel happy
    Give it a try- when I couldn't buy a second one I went straight to the source and bought three direct!

  9. It wasn't meant to be - something else will come along, it always does. Good luck!! That vegie lasagna looks absolutely divine - any chance of providing your recipe???

  10. Shame about the land A-M. Never mind - it obviously wasn't meant to be. Something bigger and better will come along soon I'm sure! Thanks for sharing things that you love at the moment. Fresh flowers are one of my favourites and scented candles as well - they make the house smell divine in this wet weather. Hope you've had a great Saturday. Ange

  11. Must remember that pasta tip!! I love lilies too but I hate that horrible yellow pollen and have to cut the stamens out.

    Happy week end xx

  12. Your ability to stop and give thanks to the positive things in your life is one of the things I enjoy about your blog A-M. I think you made the right decision in the end re the land. It may have been a good block but I think the hassle of a JV partner may be too much particularly when he lives next to the house you are building!! Is that fabric swatch in homage to the chair 'Victoria Grayson' was sitting in during last week's episode of Revenage??!! loving that show for its houses.... have a great weekend. K

  13. How fabulous is Twitter? ;) Sure, he'd be putting up a pretty decent capital investment, but uh...who pays for all the materials and the trades... not to mention the squillions of hours of work for you. Good call, love. x

    Beautiful pics!


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