Friday, March 2, 2012

Up In LIghts

Check out Letitia's beautiful kitchen! I love the hutch/cabinet. I am a sucker for free standing furniture in kitchens. And look, they're my Custom Hampton's Pendants! They've never looked so good. I must improve on my photo of them in the box. I must.

See all the pretties in Letitia's kitchen? You can purchase them through her gorgeous online store: 'The White Shed'. Letitia also has a bloggy, HERE, where there are more pictures of her beautiful kitchen.

I'm off to see Bill today. A large box full of artist's goodies has arrived for him. It's been a big week. I'm looking forward to sitting on Bill's bench and gazing at the river. 

Happy Friday!


  1. That kitchen is lovely! I'm pinning this one:)

  2. Hello A-M
    I am burning the midnight oil this side ( wonder where that saying came from?...) so popped in, and always find it so intersting when I go to bed, you are up and in a new day, diffent date than mine...having your morning coffee while I have my bedtime camomile tea....
    have a lovely weekend
    Colette xx

  3. Letitia has such stunning taste, A-M. *Sigh*. J x

  4. What a stunning kitchen <3

    And the lights are beautiful!!!


  5. Your beautiful pendants are like the lovely jewelry for that gorgeous kitchen! Please give Bill our love, and enjoy your weekend!

    Kat :)

  6. I have long admired Letitia's style and she is fortunate to have forward-thinking people such as yourself who enable her to make her dream a reality - those lights look amazing!

  7. Letitica has gorgeous style and the lights look fabulous.

  8. Gorgeous kitchen lights look fab :)


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